Trump Gives New Life To 'Big Lie' During Return To Political Stage 1

Trump Gives New Life To ‘Big Lie’ During Return To Political Stage


Republicans across the country are working to seize control of the election process in the name of Donald Trump’s “Big Lie.” Washington Post Opinion Columnist Max Boot, Democratic Strategist Juanita Tolliver, and Ben Collins, Senior Reporter for NBC News joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss Trump’s hold on the GOP as Republicans push restrictive voting bills.

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  1. Did January 6 not teach us that a crazy person talking to a bunch of crazy people 100% can lead to incitement?

    1. @Jerseythedog If it was Antifa and BLM why have the FBI not arrested one of their members out of 420 plus arrests? And why did the GQP vote against having a 1-6 investigative commission? seems like they’d want to prove once and for all that it was Antifa, no?

    2. @Angela Siegfried Seems logical that the commission would serve to exonerate The Chosen One?! It would prove that BLM and ANTIFA need to be monitored for this type of activity in the future. Not sure why the GQP is against it.

    3. @William H Music 2021 You can’t be a Trump supporter and claim to be American. That’s not how it works.

  2. This is *exactly* how democracies die.

    Critically important book on just that: “How Democracies Die” by Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky

    1. @FWDC Norac Only peaceful mass protest really works. Cf. the book reference above.

      Rarely does armed insurrection against massive states work in modern times. This is a pernicious myth and it helps bring about democracies’ destruction because too many citizens think that if it gets to a critical point then an armed uprising will fix it. Nope. The military of a modern state will crush any such attempt. At best you’d just have perpetual small scale war while the government is collapsed (sort of like Syria)…which is a state of anarchy not better (or even worse) than living under an authoritarian regime.

      The best way to stop a fascist/authoritarian system is to *legally* prevent it from coming about in the first place.

    2. @Progressive Humanist Peaceful mass protesters who are not insurrectionists like the Oath Keepers, the III Percenters, and the Proud Boys. You missed a point.

    3. @FWDC Norac we will always fight for democracy. We will do everything we can and we will never give up.

    1. I wonder if he’s just automatically saying no to everything so he can tell his constituents he’s not progressive or not “a communist.”

    2. I said it years ago it appears that the United States is for sale to Russia or China , Trump’s closest friends are definitely involved.

    3. @Ngauruhoe zodiac It’s just disgusting his encouragement to allowing racist policies to pass , He might as well be a Republican

  3. Really getting tired of the majority of the country wanting one thing that’s GOOD and the minority party being able to deny that because of rules that were determined hundreds of years ago by men who never thought corruption would be so blatantly rampant in the government they were trying to build.

    1. @Choose Freedom That is bull crap. Everyone in government knows Biden is one of the more honest politicians we have had.

    2. @Angela Siegfried The right of the Senate to set its own rules IS in the Constitution, however, and the filibuster is such a Senate rule. The Senate had the power to establish the rule, just as the Senate has the power to remove it. The Constitution has nothing to say in the matter.

    3. It amazes me to see the U.S. on a slippery slope democratically. The gop has no ideology again apart from movement towards dictatorship. Who would have thought this senario would play out there. I said sometime ago that it would be Russia’s Putin pleasure to see U.S. dismember itself and he has sowed the seeds of that objective in trump and the gop. America should watch her back seriously because the voice of democratic demise has become louder.

    4. @Michael Bray see constitution is made by men. It takes men to change it. No human law is sacrosanct that it can’t be changed to Meet the political needs of the contemporary society. But I never knew anyway that American politics could be so nasty, brutish and full of lies and bigoted. I’m scared for the less politically developed countries…we are in the era of revanchism

  4. We are a failing democracy because of 1) the electoral college 2) plurality voting 3) the Senate 4) gerrymandering 5) voter suppression 6) legalized corruption. Citizens United; money in politics; lobbyists.

    1. What’s your problem ” Every Legal American Citizen Vote” will be counted NOT ILLEGALS.

    2. @Silly Billy There were no undocumented immigrants, serving felons, or other “illegals” voting; I guess you’re just too “silly” to see that.

    3. @Silly Billy … Ah yeah, they were counted in 2016 and the candidate with 3 million more votes lost… Same with the Gore – Bush race.

    4. @Silly Billy One word show me a ballot that an illegals citizen voted and prove it! I will give you everything I own right now!

  5. Why is he still in the democratic party when he doesn’t ever support their policies ?? He should just go and join the republicans where he seems to be more comfortable ! ( true traitor) he is an embarrassment to the party … fascinated from the UK !

    1. @Margarita Rose Love how @Scahoni never explained. He just ignored the truth and kept saying stupid things.

      Funny, that.

    1. Politics is a game, its theater to divide & distract. Trump, Biden & both parties are all in on it. They are being told what to do by the Ruling Class Oligarchs who are hoarding all the wealth for themselves, starting wars and stealing our liberties while we fight about idiots like Manchin Trump Biden AOC…all theatrics. Always has been

    2. Why isn`t he kicked out of the party? OK, it might temporarily give the senate back to the GOP by a margin of 50 to 49 but that makes no difference if Manchin always votes with the GOP anyway.

  6. I’m sick of all of them doing what THEY want instead of what the majority of what WE THE PEOPLE want..

    1. @ღSwnsasyღ _ I got news for you. Just because you choose to partake in the left/right voter percentage game doesnt mean we the silent majority of “citizens” wish to do so. YOU are the problem with this country. You deliberately pick a side to be on which in turn keeps the division alive. When a house is divided it cannot stand. This is why nothing ever gets done. It’s by design. It may not have started out that way, but it certainly devolved into that. So next time you say “we the people” kindly exclude the 150 million that may not share your opinion. Try saying “we the voters” instead. You do not have my permission to speak on my behalf.

    2. I mean honestly I am somebody that has never voted and Im 52 now, I don’t believe a lot of people care about the political system, most people thing the system is broken and needs an overhaul. Look at the numbers
      328 Million people in america
      161 Million people voted
      167 million could care less or are not registered or didn’t ever bother casting a ballot.

      I find those numbers very interesting. People have lost faith in the government, and most people realize its a complete wreck. Good luck trying to get you’re vote to count when you’re in the losing battle. Democracy will be dead soon because of the voting bills. They are not even passing buy the people either they are just signing this int legislation. Sad times are coming.

    3. @Tod Brown Do they let YOU vote? You cant do 4th grade math and then use MATH to make an argument?

    4. @TK Cyberglyph thank you. Someone else who gets it. I’m 57 and never voted. We missed the days when candidates ran on their accomplishments and solid plans for the future. When honesty and integrity were valued. The times where trashing your opponent was frowned upon. This entire system is now based on greed. Where the peoples tax dollar is looked at as the “pot” in some sick poker game played by the oligarchs. At least we were fortunate enough to have had a small taste of government decency. The generations of today have no comparison in which to see what is going on. They blindly follow what they are told and have become susceptible to media manipulation. Smart phones made dumb people that are incapable of seeing the larger picture but are told that they see it just fine. They are told what to believe, what to think, what to buy, where to go, what to do, when to do it, etc,,, if Facebook gives it a blue check mark., then that’s what they go with. In 4 short years they have been convinced that white people are racist natzi white supremacists, cops are bad, minorities are disenfranchised, there are more than 2 genders, the list goes on and on. Oh well. At least I dont have to live in this sick world much longer.

    1. @Wuhan Institute Of Virology Let the chips fall where they may, but the difference between me and Republicans is that they call for investigations of Democrats only, yet in seems that all investigations end up finding nothing, as the four or more of Hillary typify. Investigations of Republicans seem to dig up a lot, as all those indictments of Trump people suggest. Fox News was talking about all the things about Biden before the election. Where is any of that now. It was all crap– just like almost everything coming out of the Republican Party today. As an independent, I’ll never vote for any Republican again. They showed their traitorous stripes too many times for me. Adios.

    2. It is not in Chinas interest to destroy America. America is the biggest market for Chinese products. Russia is different. Russia exports almost nothing to America. Putin wants to restore the empire and prestige that Russia had during the Soviet era and one of his primary objectives is the destruction of USA. Who can do that better than Trump?

    1. Trump won, watch Absolute proof movie. Trump had space force monitor the election in real time.

  7. Manchin is either extremely dumb, or he was never really a Democrat.
    Republicans have not cared about bipartisanship in at least 12 years.

    1. Manchin is a DINO (Democrat In Name Only). Democrat Party should work to get him voted out or limit his power to wreck democracy.

  8. This is what happens when their aren’t swift consequences… the autocrat resurfaces and continues on mission

    1. Exactly. They kept brushing Trump off as stupid and delusional, instead of treating him like he’s dangerous and shut him down.

    2. @Progressive Humanist you
      Yes that’s true but we can’t get complacent because of that sad fact. I still agree that the same strong swift action has to be taken, it’s long overdue, because right now it just looks like carte blanche takeover, do whatever you want with zero consequences. You have to try rather than doing nothing which is what is happening now.

  9. History books will look back with horror and amazement on this period of mass hysteria. That is, if there are any history books left in our future, after the Trump Purge. Or indeed, if there even is a future.

    1. Sounds like you are hinting at a book burning. Well I do not think that is a crazy or far fetched prediction my friend and we know where it happened before.

  10. Something is wrong when one single man can hold back voter rights and progress in the US!!

    1. Trump won in a landslide, he has the numbers. Space force was monitoring the election results in real time. Foregin interference.

    2. @Drought Tolerant
      i know you all believe whatever Trump says but in this case ALL data and proof from recounts, audits, court cases ALL say Biden won. But Trump tells you not to think, so reality cannot convince you. It’s very sad to watch tbh

    3. NOPE. At least 51 people, by my count. It’s almost as if you believe a numerical vote count never really mattered.

  11. Manchin’s ego is fueling his delusions about the potential for working with the GQP traitors. Or he simply is a traitor himself.

    1. You are so right! His ego is fueling this. He’s loving the attention, that’s for sure! He has dreams of greatness! Not going to happen.

  12. Joe Manchin: “I am not ready to destroy my government.”
    Joe Manchin: “I am ready to destroy my democracy.”

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