Trump Going Down? Here’s How You Know 45 Is Worried Amid Criminal Probe 1

Trump Going Down? Here’s How You Know 45 Is Worried Amid Criminal Probe


The Trump Organization has stripped CFO Allen Weisselberg from his leadership roles at more than 40 subsidiary companies as the criminal probe into the Organization heats up. MSNBC’s Dr. Jason Johnson is joined by NYU law professor Melissa Murray to discuss what this move may signal about the investigation. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Cory Wright Frankly, at this point, I just want to never hear his stupid rhetoric again. The word “tremendous” is forever ruined for me. As long as he goes away I don’t care how.

    2. @kikiashton Haha! “Iligal”? You don’t have spell check? I mean, most of us were fully able to spell by the age of nine. T***p admitted to loving stupid people. How sweet that you all love him back. Just don’t expect anything from him. Ask the Jan. 6th traitors. He hasn’t helped even one of them.

    3. @Kitti whieldon classic democrat full of hatred and bitterness you have to make fun of any trivial thing because you’re terrified of facts and truth, you have no meaningful arguments because you’re based only on your feelings, nothing new, totally predictable morons. Lenin was so right when he called you useful idiots, that’s all you are, there to be used for division and then disposed of, sad…but funny, you earned it

    4. @Brenda Lester – I’m not saying to just remove trump from the scene. BUT he is the rabble-rouser and the virtual “baseball bat beasting the bee’s nest”. If we get the key figures who are radicalizing his base into home-based terrorists under raps, the rest will be a lot easier to deal with. Just my opinion, though. Doing nothing will not resolve the tRump instigated mental disorder among his followers and the Q nuts.

  1. Trump going cry witch hunt, but there’s no coincidence that so many of his close ppl got charge for breaking the law.

    1. Right, and we all know who the witch is that must be hunted down and held accountable for a lifetime of atrocities.

  2. If Weiselberg was crooked . He was crooked for 40 years. Doesn’t that make Don The John the dumbest business owner ever?

    1. Mr. Weisselberg and President Trump are not crooked. Both are very honest and honorable family men who worship Almighty GOD.

  3. If Wiesselberg isn’t squealing now he should be after learning Trump let him off on all his other company positions.

    1. I think they pretty much had to. All these companies have boards and investors. I’m sure it doesn’t look good visually to have someone who was just indicted for tax fraud running things lol

  4. If Weisselberg holds out I hope he does big time in jail for being stupid for a man that doesn’t give 2 beans about him

    1. I wouldn’t doubt it if Trump has more on him and his family than the jail time he’s facing. This is looking more and more like a mob ran organization.

  5. America needs to make a federal holiday out of the date when this tangerine-colored snake oil saleman gets sentenced to prison. YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    1. You’re little pee heart is going to bee broken. You deserve that when you believe the marxist media

    2. @Larry Robbs 500+ arrests, more coming, from the events of Jan 6.
      Some of you facing at least 10 years in prison and/or a *hefty* fine from destruction of *federal* property, injuries and death.

    3. @Larry Robbs Please explain in more detail this Marxist agenda. You at least spelled the name right.

  6. That moment when Professor Murray’s eyes widen and brows lift way up She knows there’s some good tea there

    1. it’s called, the …
      “THE ROLL”….
      the toilet roll …
      actually that looks abit to flash for him …

    1. @automotive hey look man not too long ago one can be snitched on for growing a plant, cannabis/marijuana, why? because authorities deemed it to be bad and now its not like that why? because they said so lol

    2. @Ken Nguyen that’s irrelevant .
      people know when they’ve done something wrong and I don’t like to be snitched on it’s pretty simple you’re adding a legal element to it

    3. @Ken Nguyen would you deem eating someone’s lunch out of the workplace fridge illegal? but you wouldn’t like someone telling anyone that you did it

    4. @automotive snitches was created as a term in jail for that very purpose! it is in the context of legal and illegal. Look lunch room rules aren’t laws now are they? And generally its not in every work place that they have that rule, that depends on the work place just like it would depend on the countries laws that are being practiced. AND that is set by who? the boss which is what? the authority of the place

    5. @Ken Nguyen it really doesn’t matter where word came from , its what context it’s used in. And if you go by the the idea of law, the law is written down and is what it is guilt is decided after the fact so if you do something that breaks that law you wouldn’t like someone snitching on you because you would know what is illegal , but i get what you’re saying but that’s just reading to much into my first statement

    1. The Republican Party has to be abandoned, and the conservatives will have to form a new party as well. The GOP is an outright domestic terrorist organization that doesn’t acknowledge elections outcomes, sends armed terrorists to polling locations to intimidate voters and vote counters. Gets people riled up over a lie and gets them to commit terrorist acts, blames others or makes light of it and tries to stop an investigation. They continue, America does not. Gonna have to find conservatives that disavowed Trump and his actions, or they cannot be trusted in U.S. gov’t. Potential Russian spies who will potentially create a hostage crisis or get the entire side of the other aisle assassinated. Yeah, that’ll work out okay somehow. Not to mention we’re already doomed because of climate change. We’re busy fighting a lie rather than doing 0.0000000000000000000000000001% of what’s necessary to avoid catastrophe.

    2. @Billy Pardew if being a republic means everything the founding fathers fought to protect is being upended by a growing fascist faction of the Republican Party, then never. You can be a republic and lead democratically it’s called a democratic republic

    3. @Toni Wosgien okay you have to explain to Fascism you’re talkin about and you have to explain the voter suppression you’re talkin about. Please please I can’t wait to hear it or are you just running off at the mouth?

    4. @Billy Pardew the republicans are calling for voter suppression or are you too far down the fascist Trump’s rabbit hole that you don’t understand the difference anymore?

    1. He better sing like a Canary this man has removed him from all his business boards like saying I don’t know this guy he’s already under the bus just started up and roll over him now this old man would be a fool to not sing like a canary Donald Trump

    1. #45 was convinced he’d be re-elected, because the time limit to prosecute him would have expired during his second term.
      When that ended, he’d be free to cause more harm.
      His ego can’t deal with the loss, he was sure that all those who had voted against him in 2016 would vote for him in 2020.

    2. **AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH…. THE ARROGANCE OF THIS FOOL,,, WHO BROKE ALL THE RULES,,, TO ENRICH HIMSELF!!! His pathetic narcissism,,, is going to be his downfall!!!!**

    3. actually if you like live in a glass house.totally run for pres. means you probably shoot the fair one and dont throw stones like undiplomatic idiots and you are a transparent person

  7. I’m not surprised that it will be Michael Cohen and not Weiselberg that brings down The Donald!

  8. Why WOULD Weisselberg “take one for the team” he KNOWS the Trumps wouldn’t do it for him

    1. He’s a smart man. I’m sure he’s not just taking one for the team. If anything, I think there’s more to it. Maybe even family involvement and/or things that might be even worst.

    1. If he were, he’d still go down.
      A CEO / owner is responsible know exactly what is going on in his company.

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