Trump, GOP Neglect Of Housing Help Escalates Eviction Risk | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Cuomo (D) and Widmer (D) send sick people into retirement facilities. NYC has double the national average mortality rate. NYC is arguably the most advanced, richest and most modern city in the western world. NCY, MA, NJ, D.C. are so out of control that all of them have to have criminal investigations. Governors set the rules under their respective emergency powers. L.A. does not have the problems of NYC. They have different rules. Most of the country has nothing out of the ordinary, as compared to the last 6 years. Overall mortality is within the normal range.

    2. @YouRuse is A leftist org Donald Trump saved the West Coast. Out here nobody knows anybody, who knows anybody, who got sick.

    3. @Amala Kaiel I just looked in the glossary of my Political Science textbook for “unsecured election”. There’s no such thing.

    4. @jobless.bum7 Youbeen scammed. On Feb 3rd four democrat senators were still running for election and they needed to get back out to the states. If they had stayed and called 50 witnesses including Joe and Hunter Biden and Barack Obama, the Impeachment trial would still be in session today. See the difference between republicans and democrats? A democrat can only see what he can see. A republican can predict what he can’t see.

  1. *It’s very clear who is on the side of the American people. The democrats. Remember this come November and vote the GOP and Trump out!*


  2. Donals Trump is a one term, impeached, unfaithful to his spouse, 5 time bankrupt, narcissist who surrounds himself with convicted felons. A complete disaster!

    1. He is worth $250 million, most powerful man on the planet and kept that evil lying c~nt Hillary out of the White House . Disaster ? What have you accomplished? I look forward to your response.

    2. @real american 150 000 americans would not be dead under her leadership and the econemy would be booming. corperate tool or not, shes still more a real american then you will ever be.

  3. Meanwhile, he’s focused on banning Tik Tok, as it’s threat level is far greater than~over 150,000 deaths; 50 million unemployed; homelessness and starvation.

    1. @Adam Parisi -Rioting over nothing? You are a special kind of stupid and you should be really embarrassed for making comments like that.

    2. Total death count for all causes based on issued death certificates is normal. No pandemic. NYC, NJ, MA need criminal investigation. Based on official weekly CDC published numbers all the way back to 2013.

      TicTok is even banned by the BigTech Companies. Employees are not allowed to have it on their phones. It is that dangerous.

    3. @WDEMMEL -Be careful how you keep throwing disinformation. Many of the same people who keep saying there’s no pandemic end up with the “hoax virus”. LOL…

    4. @Jen Robbie You clearly don’t know the meaning of the word pandemic.

      Chances are, I wouldn’t even notice, if I was infected, and if I did I am absolutely sure I won’t have to see a doctor to take care of that.

      If I had to rely on a doctor, I would demand this treatment.
      HCQ allows zinc into infected cells. Zinc blocks virus RNA receptors, preventing dublication. End of virus.

    5. @Dj Sugarbear Have you noticed how people holding a different point of view are able to articulate their position.

    1. Jeff Gibson I guess you missed the impeachment and Mueller’s sealed indictment.BTW, it’s not up to Democrats to accuse him of crimes. It’s up to prosecutors like Mueller and the District Attorney for Manhattan County.

    2. @Jeff Gibson Democrats accuse him of everything, everyday. If it’s a tax issue, yes… an attorney would be good for anyone.

    1. @Inspector Jacques Clouseau plague ,hunger, general breakdown , corruption played a roll. Why do you think those barbarians kept moving. They had climate change, war and famine too.

    2. Rome always made great efforts to keep the mob fed and entertained. Sometimes they failed, and then riots followed.

    1. @votes- have consequences
      WASHINGTON (AP) — With aid expiring, the White House offered a short-term extension Thursday of a $600 weekly unemployment benefit that has helped keep families and the economy afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Democrats rejected it,

    2. Truno is a disaster, yet the entire Democrat leadership and its voters insist on not going back to work. WTF is wrong with you?

  4. Hey t’rump supporters!
    Y’all still think t’rump and the republicans actually care about you?

    1. @#1 tricycle mechanic Nope. That doesn’t explain then why the republicans can’t settle on what they themselves want. Also, Mitch had all of June and July to work on this. Notice how he didn’t do anything until last week. They stalled because they couldn’t be bothered to do their job.

    2. @Larry Garland I thought republicans were all about the free market. People shopping at walmart, taget, costco is now the Dems fault too? Please feel free to elaborate. 😅😂🤣

    3. @#1 tricycle mechanic Families First passed after 2 days of House negotiations and took 4 days to pass the Senate.
      CARES Act passed the Senate on Mar 25 and House Dems passed it on Mar 27.
      HEROES Act was passed 12 weeks ago by the Dems. Still waiting for Mitch to feel like working on it.
      But yes….you make an excellent fact-based point. 🙄

  5. This is crazy. In u.k free food has been delivered out to the vulnable and low paid family since lockdown in march every week and will continue until mid aug. Also 80% of wages are paid by govenment during lockdown. Im not saying there is no problems in u.k, like other countries firms are closing and it is hard, but the most needed are taken care of . Instead of Trumps admin giving money to big companies that dont need it, he should give it to those who need a little help in keeping a roof over their heads in these exceptional times . Its seems as simple as Trump is , he dont steer into the simple solutions. Now he wants delay elections because he dont like the look of the polls? But you know what they say ” you cant teach old dog new tricks” . So i hope and pray America wake’s up to this crazy man and do the right thing in november. We are all important to one another around the world , however Trump is putting a wedge bewteen America and the rest of the world,with the exception of his best mate putin 🤔. Make America great again, get rid of Trump . Please be safe and take care of eachother sending 💗 from 🇬🇧

    1. Trump is a self-serving narcissist. He is an incompetent and irresponsible leader who needs to be removed from office, going back 3.7 years ago. His enablers, the Republicans should be voted GONE! All of them are beholden to their corporate interest lobbyists/donors, for far too many years.

    2. The bill handing money to the rich was a Democrat bill, Senate added the Covid payments to the people and changed the name of the bill.

      Your blame goes against actions forced into Trump by Democrats.

      Liberals are irrational to no end.

    3. 80% of wages? You guys are so cheap! Our laid-off workers get 100% of regular pay and that’s why the slackers won’t go back to work.

    1. @pinebird Do the shelters have enough beds? No, they don’t… This is nothing more than an extreme form of gerrymandering!

    2. @Jeff Gibson The first thing they will do is ask your address… besides, going in person sort of defeats the whole purpose of a mail-in ballot, don’t ya think? Oh, wait… maybe ‘thinking’ isn’t something you are used to doing — Nevermind. ;-]

    3. @Robert Cartier No, because if one wants to vote he only has to tell them the address where he was registered in order to pick up his absentee ballot. But if that is too much work, he’s probably a person who never read a voter’s pamphlet anyway and never voted.

  6. Trump Needs america politics going Down vote out for Repubblicans america Go vote for blue 💙🙋‍♀️

    1. @American Pie Rightfully turned down a measly one week extension that solves nothing. Try harder, dickface.

    2. George Carlin was the most clinically depressed individual ever on stage, except for Robin Williams.

    3. Michael Jackson’s song where you hear that phrase “They don’t really care about us” keeps swirling around in my head lately.

  7. Trump and his party obviously don’t care who they hurt. Is it any wonder they have to cheat to win elections?

  8. The elected officials shouldn’t put together a new stimulus plan with adding things that don’t have to do with relief and stimulus.

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