40 Comments on "Trump has been impeached. This is how we got here"

  1. Those who stand with Flag were able to protect the Constitution and those corrupt colluded with Russia and stood with the party. For once Americans know the laws exist those corrupt, Mafia bosses can be held accountable.

  2. People in the comments think he got removed from office… 😁

    • Liberals 2019: “OmG hE wAs ImPeAcHeD i’M sO hApPy!!!!”

      Liberals 2020: “oMg WhY iS hE sTiLl PrEsIdEnT????”

      Liberals 2024: “oMg WhY iS hE sTiLl PrEsIdEnT hE wAs ImPeAcHeD!!!!!!”

    • Ya it kinda sucks though because the news makes it seem so biase if you don’t pay attention that’s all you gather. And since most our country is well dip shits you get the rest.

    • @Suzanne Leigh its up to us to demand change the change we need will never come unless we enforce our voice not in youtube comments they do nothing and i honestly wounder how many people think there opinion is being heard thru these channels

    • @War Daddy bruh I didn’t say he was I said it can lead to why the hell you coming at me cmon

    • @Cheeto Fingerz its not gonna go any further not because the republicans hold the senate but because hes not guilty of anything but being a dam good president

  3. Adios amigo

  4. How did you make this video in 1 hour, i mean they just voted. Damn you got a fast editor

  5. Biden something illegal, trumped looked into it and he gets in trouble? Lol morons!

  6. Impeached but not removed from office, and we all know the senate won’t convict 😂

  7. 3rd president to get impeached. Zero removed from office. Let that sink in.

  8. Y’all boys had the animation all queued ready to go

  9. How did we get here. The Democrats were sore losers in the 2016 election. Never accept the results and never accepted the will of 63 million Americans.

  10. more phony news, he is not impeached yet.

  11. Grade A Director | December 18, 2019 at 10:31 PM | Reply

    There’s a difference between impeachment and removal.. cmon guys

  12. Congrats Dems on exposing your corrupt, partisan agenda against the republic. Congrats on having to change your charge five times with zero hard facts and all assumptions. Congrats on not taking the president out of office. Congrats on getting trump re-elected in 2020. AND CONGRATS ON ANOTHER 5 YEARS OF PROSPERITY! 🇺🇸

  13. Bipartisan vote against impeachment…

  14. House didnt impeach, purely political by liberals only. Trump 2020!

  15. Still the favorite to win reelection. Just a heads up.

  16. howd he fit in a peach doe

  17. Such a desperate charade to taint his political legacy

  18. Broadcasting live from the APOCOLYPSE- Latin translation: lifting of the veil!!! We see you all lmao

  19. Snakebites23 YT | December 18, 2019 at 10:35 PM | Reply

    When you realize he won’t get removed from office

  20. When people think impeachment means he was removed from office lmao

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