1. Runne

    Rumers have already started, people saying that all this sounds like BS and that MAYBE trump is looking for a pitty vote from voters because he is losing by double digits according to poles and that this potus lies so much and is very corrupt, so I dont know what to believe.

    1. we know it wasnt a test he couldn’t pass a test, wonder who was paid to take it for him and if they are OK

    1. @HelenaMikas yes.It is my believe that all these vips who say they had covid 19,are part of the agenda…
      Then people think,oh even people in high places can get it so it must me real….
      With all the media tools these days,you can tell people any hoax and they will believe it…
      The world is in a strangehold,off a brilliant Propaganda that is gaslighting everybody…..
      Just too much synchronicity….
      Just to do

      Where are we now ?

  2. The chief of staff is lying as usual, either Trump got Crowned by Corona or the whole thing is a hoax in anycase the truth will come out.

    1. Astronomy Live it will come out if the whole wide world demands independent reliable evidence of his crap.

  3. Hilarious. Sounds like he asks you those questions first thing in the morning. Reality is “where’s my egg mcmuffin and is Melania awake yet?”

  4. How should I convey my feelings in a delicate manner to show the utmost concern for my fellow human being? “It is what it is”

    1. @Calvin P – Hey Calvin, you and Mary should get a room…
      But do use contraception – god forbid you procreated…
      …I-Camera has enough problems as it is!

    2. @1776 c I’m still baiting in here to see if anyone will challenge me to name the lies. I have half the biden lie list memorized.
      I cleared out one comment section today.
      These people have zero clue to half the truths trump brought up in that debate. Liberals are like dogs. They only hear emotional tone and not context.

    1. @1776 c As I don’t have patience for trumpist BS I’ll let you wait until professionals debunk this obvious propaganda video. I’m nowhere near wealthy and neither are the people who work with me. Our earnings remained the same and our taxes skyrocketed since trump took office. I don’t need sophisticated research to know that the info distributed in that clip is plain crap.

    2. @Anna Wagner Well are you white? In the video it says minorities benefited the most. My income shot up 4x during the Trump boom and pretty much everyone I know went through a job change which paid more than their previous job.
      And saying your taxes went up is a straight out lie. Unless its your state tax rate that went up.
      Maybe you just need to adjust your withholding, it’s literally not possible for your federal tax rate to go up without your income increasing.
      I think you might be misinformed

    3. @1776 c Your income increased 400% over the last four years? Jesus, at least try making your lies believable, Trumper.

    4. @Brian Houston 20K a year during the whole Obama Administration under Trump our income shot up close to 100k then went down a little because my wife’s job had to demote her due to eliminating the position that she was in.
      So at one point it was actually closer to 500%

  5. STOP LYING! My God, can anyone, ANYONE anywhere near the White House tell a truth? Ever? Anyone? I find it so suspicious that a person who took 8 months to admit that the virus actually exists, would give us the satisfaction of admitting that NOT ONLY is this REAL, but he AND his wife are infected with it?? He has a motive. He’s gonna tell us he took mud pills and was miraculously cured. He has an angle. OR he caught Karma. Period.

  6. It just seams sooo convenient …he’s dying in the polls so to get the sympathy vote he gets sick..of something he still calls a hoax!
    He lies! His White House lies! It’s most likely ALL lies!

    1. When will you Americans learn?! “National polls” ARE PURE PROPAGANDA! That’s including pro-Trump/conservative polls!

    2. The timing was suspicious and such info should be announce by his doctor together with his senior officials at the WH…the whole group on that plane should all be quarantined for at least 2 weeks!

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