Trump Has Put Us On Receiving End Of Virus, Says Atlanta Mayor | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Has Put Us On Receiving End Of Virus, Says Atlanta Mayor | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms weighs in on the president's remarks about how much he's done for the country's Black community. Mayor Bottoms also weighs in on Joe Biden's performance at Thursday's debate. Aired on 10/23/2020.
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Trump Has Put Us On Receiving End Of Virus, Says Atlanta Mayor | Morning Joe | MSNBC

73 Comments on "Trump Has Put Us On Receiving End Of Virus, Says Atlanta Mayor | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Donald J Trump is killing our country

    • @Fortescue does not work that way according to the progressive left. For four years now I have seen you mucks try and slander Donald Trump because his ancestor might or might not of simply went to a KKK rally.
      There are not two sets of standards slick. Biden family history are racist slave owners. Biden put many black people in prison for crack possision. His son is a crack addict.
      Therefore Joe Biden is racist and two faced corrupt politician. You mucks made this standard now live with it.

    • @Fortescue sorry you mucks made the bed now sleep in it.

    • Biden will destroy this country by raising taxes on struggling families.

    • Dan Dan, go eat your rice. You’re just a CCP bot.

    • You are killing the Country….

  2. Trump cares only about trump his actions speak for themselves

  3. Very true. The Crazy things he says everyday is exhausting and tiring. And worst it divided the people, media, organization everyday. Yes character do matters and guess what he launched the character counts week recently, him Trump? What a joke, he has the worst character. Imagine he claimed he’s a multi billionaire but paid only 750dollars in taxes and guess other than Saddam he’s the only person having a gold toilet bowl to sit on.


  5. Comparing himself to Lincoln…astounding that someone can be that dumb. What a putz.

    • @Dave Schultz -Fake news. October surprise a dud!

    • You are a putz, go look in the mirror. President Trump is the best President since Abraham Lincoln. If you were smart, you would know it.

    • My Own Private Idaho | October 23, 2020 at 6:38 PM | Reply

      @Kris C yes…poor Benny. Decapitated right in front of them. He turned to the bottle to deal with it and was usually drunk by noon. She spent her time writing letters to her dead children. I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for the Pierce’s. Other presidents suffered the deaths of children. (Calvin Coolidge lost his teenage son to a blister that got infected). But nothing like what happened to Benny. Nobody should have to witness that.

    • @C W You have a budding career as a satirist!

    • @purple rain purple rain, purple rain purple rain in stereo, you are making me a little jealous, being in Egypt, where I always want to go. The pyramid with the third eye is definitely Egyptian, so I’m convinced about you. I saw Jimi Hendrix in 1969, and even though Prince moved to Toronto, local for me, I never saw him. I was playing in a big bar in another city when the DJ said come back in the afternoon and I’ll play something new for you, Lady in the Red Corvette and other songs, hearing self-producing for the first time. If you listen to the first Gino Vanelli album, Prince used the same synth sounds and chord breaks. He had a Canadian connection I didn’t know about.

  6. 220,000 Covid deaths. Trump has *helped* the virus spread out of control from the start.

    Trump is responsible.

  7. Donald Trump is hard to watch…

  8. My goodness trump is just as unhinged when he’s trying to be calm, as he is when he’s just being trump. 🥴

  9. LOL Donald Trump is a clown Lord have mercy this is so funny do y’all see how Donald J Trump look this is too funny I’m about to pop LOL

  10. Mayor Bottoms is ✅ Trump is stuck in 2016 & has NO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE that’s how you know Trump supporters are just stubborn like the president has no plan for the future last night was evident I voted Monday 4rm Ohio! BidenHarris2020

  11. Trump worships himself so much he refers to himself in the 3rd person 🙄

  12. Trump is so stupid, he didn’t even get the Abe Lincoln joke… and he calls Biden slow?

    • Juan Hernandez | October 23, 2020 at 6:54 PM | Reply

      @another found sheep love for trump love trump same thing. I trumps mind if you are not for him you don’t love him and therefore you are not loyal to him. I will give you that maybe some Biden followers doe have a degree of hate for trump, however, the majority of us after giving the benefit of the doubt to be president he has proven us wrong. By his words and actions he has emboldened racism to once again come out in the open and he further glorifies it. His lack of action and leadership has lead to the deaths of over 200,000 plus persons and most of them could have been prevented. On the other hand, all he did was blame China and the Democrats for the virus and he even called it a hoax and stated that is will go away in April 2020 it’s now October 2020 and the virus seems to get stronger. Yet other countries that had as much or less warning have done great in control the virus because they took the necessary steps to protect their people, trump did no such thing. To this day we still have a lot of people that hove not been tested because there is not enough tests to send to the different states so they can effectively identify the virus carriers and quarantine them. Instead of supporting governors who are taking steps to protect their communities he bad mouths them and refuses funding for the needed supplies. He even invites his base to go against those governors if you ask me that is majorly pushing hate and that is all trump not Biden as you claim. Just so you know everything I am mentioning here is not from the journalist they are from videos from the media that recorded as he spoke, they are things he actually has said. On your statement love one another that is contradictory to trump’s message. I pray you don’t work for him you know what happens to those who work for him and contradict him, they find themselves on the unemployment line.

    • @Progressive Humanist Biden could barely get some sentences out. He started looking pretty tired by the end of the debate, even though had been resting in his basement since Tuesday. Trump just survived Covid and has hit the trail running, with full days campaigning, and still seemed very with it.

    • Juan Hernandez | October 23, 2020 at 6:59 PM | Reply

      @another found sheep one more thing this is not history yet, it is the present and I am on the right side of the present helping to vote trump out of office because I truly do believe on loving one another and for that to happen we need a true leader and that is not trump.

    • another found sheep | October 23, 2020 at 7:24 PM | Reply

      @Juan Hernandez ill be praying for you brother.

      i appreciate your opinion (very much), especially as a child of God

      but i just disagree with your assessment of how God operates in Satan’s domain

      Jehu was also a brass and aggressive man as well and God used him to save Israel. God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Trump has confounded the world… which is Gods Will

      Remember, God came to bring the truth not just kisses and rainbows

    • @C W
      Just read the Sermon on the Mount and the 10 commandments.
      That’s what I’m talking about.
      Respect the living and your neighbour!
      And no, I’m surely not a member of the Democratic Party.

  13. There is No Doubt in my mind the pandemic would have been handled better with Hillary or Biden.🇺🇲

  14. Failure has a name….and it’s donald trump

  15. And Trump says that Biden is losing it? He couldn’t even follow the thread of the conversation where he himself compared himself to Lincoln. Lmao

  16. 11 days to a BLUE TSUNAMI. VOTE.

  17. Kimberly Hooks | October 23, 2020 at 12:31 PM | Reply

    He’s doing nothing for the Black community 🤥🤥🤥🤥

  18. Thetruthhurts Thetruthhurts | October 23, 2020 at 12:43 PM | Reply

    1994 1 comment years ago compared to Trump saying and tweeting things every single day???? Trump has made racist comments every single day almost since 2016….

  19. As soon as The Dumpster starts Flapping his Hands He’s Lying!!!!! MICHIGAN FOR BIDEN/HARRIS 2020!!!!!!!

  20. We need to put Trump on the recieving end of a huge loss on November 3rd

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