Trump hints at 2024 presidential run in first appearance 1

Trump hints at 2024 presidential run in first appearance


Republican strategist Thomas Rath weighs in on Donald Trump's speech and what it signals.
#DonaldTrump #Republican #CPAC

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  1. Ah yes, something to distract the masses for the next 4 years while laying out absolute plutocracy.

    1. @Pat Fenis Of course, no doubt! And as long as the cabinet is so diverse, a military action in a foreign country is highly moral!

    2. @roof pizza Using google to search a term is a very respectable skill. Maybe it can help you in figuring out how brainwashed you are.

  2. I dont care about any of this. I just want to know when im getting sent to a camp for wrong think

    1. His current rate is 2 impeachments per term, so really he’s gonna get 4 goals at this rate

  3. He still has relevance and reach. He had 74 million votes. This news station is so woke that they hate I mean HATE him, so whatever they say is one sided therefore not worth listening to.

    1. @Keith Klassen There was nothing but fraud in that “election” . We all saw it on VIDEO no less.

  4. Trump doesn’t have too be a thorn in bidens side bidens dementia and the fact he went back on every promise he made is doing trumps work for him

    1. Can you provide proof of Biden’s dementia as proven by his own personal doctor please? I’d like to read that report.

    1. Who is responsible for TDS? I would suggest it is the person that the syndrome is named after.

  5. 55% for Trump and 21% for Ron De Santis you can add those up 2 in the same = 76% and the rest are at 1% so he’ll be fine 😉

  6. Yawn, boring! Please help make him go away we’ve had enough Trump coverage for the next thousand years.

  7. Nice how when the title is about trump running again the like ratio is positive, unlike every other video on the garbage “news” channels.

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