Trump, His Family, Giuliani Left Off 11th Hour Pardon List | MSNBC 1

Trump, His Family, Giuliani Left Off 11th Hour Pardon List | MSNBC


The Trump White House issued a lengthy pardon list early on Biden's inauguration day. The outgoing president pardoned Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne, Elliott Broidy, Kwame Kilpatrick and dozens of others. But he did not pardon himself or anyone from his inner circle. Katy Tur discusses with Neal Katyal. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Trump, His Family, Giuliani Left Off 11th Hour Pardon List | MSNBC


    1. @Hocker I don’t know man. It starts with the election of supreme judges. It should be an independant organ and yet selected majorly by the seating party. So being able to pardon as commander in chief, being above the law, mirrors this currupted system. Reform everything imo.

    2. @RoxXxoR I’m COMPLETELY with you on that! I’ve been saying that for years now. If Biden wants to go down in history as a “great reformer” like FDR, then he needs to be willing to make big moves like that. Gut the current court of everyone and set up a process where the candidates are pre-selected out of a body of time-tested objective independents. The president can still select the person he/she feels is most qualified, but it needs to be out of said list of qualified and objectively independent minds

    3. @Jim Wednt it could be alot better this mind set of collectivization of wealth and government programs is alot like how the old Soviet Union system worked. Big Governments are never the answer to poor and middle class problems. Why would a career politician know or care what’s going on in these communities when they themselves don’t get effected by it. There’s a major difference between the idea of being free and thinking that government will save you. We also have this victim mentality when it comes to the poor. Some people will always play the victim and point their fingers at someone else never themselves. It’s a very foreign concept compared with past generations of Americans.

    4. @Simon Diamond – Apparently, the ‘Q’ followers eagerly awaited a ‘storm at noon’…that *’bigly’ blew away.*

    1. @CreamyChoclate LobsterWarrior. something these clowns don’t understand. They see less money in the check, they see higher taxes, they see more warfare, and they are led on to believe that it’s not real or it’s somehow republicans faults. They don’t have the conscience to think “Wow, I’m making more money right now, maybe Trump is doing a good job.” Instead they refuse to admit that their lives were mostly much better in the first 3 years of Trump than in the last decade before him.

    1. @Slime in the Ice Machine yea you are WRONG! Want me to say it again your wrong… And ur wrong! Call me delusional. How come when people are something… they portray that onto others!??

    2. @Nostalgia no, the context and type of crime’s absolutely matter. Go read his list. Its public. It’s mostly people who received ridiculous life sentences over non-violent drug offenses at the height of the war on drugs. The biggest waste of taxpayer dollars, and Obama commuted many of their sentences because there were people getting life sentences for possession of small amounts of weed or cocaine.
      Meanwhile Trump pardoned “innocent” people, who he appointed, for crimes Trump supporters swear never happened.

    3. @Slime in the Ice Machine i stand by what I say, a crime is a crime, a lot of them had been caught with large quantities of classA drugs , you know the ones that destroy lives crack cocaine, heroine, meth, ecstasy. Also I was responding to the fact that you claimed Obama had none.

    4. @Nostalgia lives are destroyed by those drugs because people are imprisoned for having them. Ecstasy for example is being shown to help treat many mental illnesses. Cant say the same for the rest of those but it’s a bit ridiculous to think that some guy with cocaine, meth, heroin, etc., has a bigger impact on your life than politicians committing crimes that have a longer lasting effect on the entire population. Weed possession is is bad as murder is as bad as fraud is as bad as shoplifting? It’s all the same, right?
      I stand by Obama commuting the sentences of people who have been sitting in prison on tax payer dollars for 50 years over whatever drugs they were caught with back then. I guarantee they learned their lesson if our prison system works the way it was intended.

  1. The important thing is that by accepting a pardon you are admitting to being guilty. We the people knew they were guilty, now they are admitting it. Post the list of pardon acceptees everywhere.

    1. @Rodney Bean My comment was not in connection with the number of pardons, but that the acceptance of a pardon is an admittance of guilt.

  2. An impeached president shouldn’t be allowed to pardon anyone until he’s acquitted. This should be common sense to prevent him from pardoning any co-conspirators to what got the potus impeached in the first place.

    1. @Rodney Bean the OP wasnt making a partisan statement. Im sure they would include Clinton in their statement. Why do you people always have to make it political?? Why does it have to be, “But your guy did it too” and not “corruption is bad regardless of political lines”. Jesus.

  3. I love that trump pardoned Steve Bannon for the crimes of conning money out of trump supporters.
    “Don’t worry steve, It’s not a crime to con my base. I’ve been doing it for years!” -Dumb Donald

    1. Not just that, but god forbid Bannon goes to trial and a full investigation happens… we might find out Trump was in on it or looked the other way.
      Also, Trump doesn’t want more publicity on the corruption.

  4. And just like that… he is above the law, just like all of his friends…
    America u really screwed urself up with some ridiculous moves/no standards presidency

    1. @Your Face What about Oligarch Trump are you trying to compare to President Obama? You mean the hundreds of petty drug charges that President Obama pardoned, like the ones Republicans blamed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for supporting the arrests of? 20 year sentence for a bag of weed or being paid to release Lil Wayne..? President Obama pardoned 212 and commutated more than 1000. Trump pardoned 237 people for profit. So actually Trump pardoned more people for profit in less time than President Obama pardoned for bad drug busts.
      Average of Pardons Per Year:
      President Obama: 26.5 (span of 8 years)
      Oligarch Trump: 59.25 (span of 4 years)

    2. @Sean Breen Biden and Harris are for sure to blame on those petty “drug” charges, and she even brags about smoking weed. Yeah, 1,000 IS more that 1,700+… And where are you getting this profit from?

    1. @Far 2 great Ah you mean the *criminals smart enough to get away with taking billions (Steve Bannon) from his base? Taking from people like you?*

      *Not the Giulianis of the world who bend over backwards and sweat looking foolish for Trump! Good luck with that spin! *

      *BTW , remind me again “How many of the insurrectionist,” that the All Forgiving Mango Mousseline incited into prison; were pardoned?*

    2. Because he loves to watch Star Trek, and spend hours watching the show nightly, while also tweeting in the same time.

  5. If you think the president should have the power to pardon, just remember Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio for no reason at all.

  6. Justice ought to investigate everyone who endorsed the Broidy pardon for possible blackmail motivations. Other pardonees may require similar treatment.

  7. Geeze… So if a president want to pardon a criminal, he can. How’d the victim feel? …or am I missing something.

    1. I’m wondering if the UN will investigate and/or prosecute him regarding his pardon of the 4 blackwater individuals who were jailed for war crimes

  8. Only because he still wants to make headlines and top the ratings when he’s in court and falsely believing they won’t jail him .The others are just to keep him company..

  9. I’d have loved to see Giuliani’s face when he learnt he didn’t get a pardon. As to Bannon, he’ll get caught for something eventually. It’s in his DNA.

    1. He has not done anything wrong why would he need pardoned? Just because wild lefty cancel cultures did not like President Trump he is now guilty of something?

    2. @Kathy Byers let me guess, you donated to “build the wall” and you are trying to save face by denying he did anything wrong. Just like Stop the Steal fundraiser that raised millions but they could only afford a press conference at the Four Seasons Landscaping and Grampire Rudy who he couldn’t even afford to pay. Nothing illegal or suspicious there

    3. @P Doan – Apparently, the ‘Q’ followers eagerly awaited a ‘storm at noon’…that *’bigly’ blew away.*

  10. Well of course he’s taking money for these pardons. He has no integrity, no morals and, definitely, a lack of accumen is spot on!

  11. Some of his family members didn’t want a pardon and some of his associates could likely retaliate against him because they weren’t pardoned.

  12. “Trump exited to the sound of “Don’t Stop Believing”, by Journey.”

    That’s the SAME SONG from the last scene in “The Sopranos”..

    TOO FUNNY…..Too bad Trump fired all his advisors or they might have told him that.

    IT was playing as he got off the helicopter.

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