Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is A New Kind Of Chaos For The Trump White House | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is A New Kind Of Chaos For The Trump White House | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


Ashley Parker of The Washington Post explains why the impeachment inquiry is a new kind of chaos for the Trump White House. Aired on 10/29/19.
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Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is A New Kind Of Chaos For The Trump White House | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

36 Comments on "Trump Impeachment Inquiry Is A New Kind Of Chaos For The Trump White House | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. In all fairness…
    The chaos began when someone shut down the Office of Congressional Ethics.

  2. Travis Voeller | October 30, 2019 at 2:04 AM | Reply

    You dont speak for them but you report on them so talk about how they feel. What??? 😂😂

  3. If they’re going to impeach him, why drag it out? Just get it over with so we can concentrate on everything else.

    • @Spencer Zumwalt witnesses the Republicans can’t question? Doesn’t sound like solid witnesses. There is no proof, no quid Joe schmoe, read the transcript for yourself. The DOJ just said the was no law broken. Now go thank Trump for upholding the laws of the land. You Dems wanted no foreign influence which the Ukraine influenced the election to help Clinton win which was proven in a Ukrainian court. So let your Commander in Chief find out who was behind it like he is suppose too.

    • @Erik Nothing but opinions

    • Spencer Zumwalt so where is the whistleblower? Why hasn’t he spoken up? You may say he doesn’t have to we have his transcript, well we have the phone call transcript too and it doesn’t say anything like what the so called whistleblower said. They don’t bring him forward because his testimony is comprised of collusion with schiff. And is hearsay.

    • @Eric Ressler And the rest of this comment thread is what exactly?

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

  5. zzZZZZ 😴

  6. Think about how weird it is that these people have been using every fiber of their being to try and dismantle Donald Trump since before he even stepped into office almost 3 years ago and nothing of substance against him has happened yet they still desperately try. He was just as much the President of the United States back in January 2017 as he is now and will be tomorrow despite all of the constant rhetoric and tax dollars spent attempting to delegitimize his Presidency to no avail. In the end when all of them look back on this, Donald Trump will have served two full terms and the fake news media will still be hurting for viewership.

  7. Chaos of their own device…

  8. This Robby’s good friend Matt Hughes stay of the track Junior

  9. It’s a field day for the press, that’s about the extent of it.

  10. The news needs to pay attention to these comments!

    • why?

    • @benjovi55
      Every time tiwtler lied, we would have to put up dams for the blood flowing in the streets

    • @Jim Myers because most people don’t agree with them and they are obviously out of touch. And by your question so are you

    • @Mob Rule Most people? You still think you confederate morons have a majority? LOL. That is hilarious. And as for being out of touch: Wake up dear. Look outside of your tiny little bubble and see reality in all of it’s splendor. You can rock your little lies and pretend it isn’t real, but this president is going to end up broke and in jail. Enjoy the impeachment.

    • @Mob Rule
      Like trump was in baseball game? LOL. LOCK HIM UP!

  11. ghee buttersnaps | October 30, 2019 at 7:07 AM | Reply

    But guys, this is wayyy different than the Muellar report. I swear!!!

  12. Hold the vote msnbc we want you to you can go down in history as the hanging bunch

  13. Eschaton Zenith | October 30, 2019 at 7:22 AM | Reply


  14. Suncoast Streetbob | October 30, 2019 at 7:50 AM | Reply


  15. Yeah but how do I know that I just have to take your word for it! And you lie on national tv everyday!

  16. LOL at the absurdity of the dems, left and fake news.

  17. Thomas Sutherland | October 30, 2019 at 7:53 AM | Reply

    The only chaos is the Demoncrappy party.

  18. Wednesday Addams is all grown up! Wow, and just in time for Halloween. =]. Do, do, do, do, Click, click.

  19. Total lack of self awareness. These people are borderline psychotic.

  20. New chaos? LMAO they started in 2016 the moment he got elected. Impeachment inquiry with no crime committed only dems can start that kind of stupidity. The dems real concern is the Durham report coming which is going to put the RIP stone over their heads

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