Trump In 2011: A President Could Start A War With Iran For Political Survival | All In | MSNBC

Trump In 2011: A President Could Start A War With Iran For Political Survival | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. D-did Trump actually say the truth for once!? That a horrible administration (being his) would lead us into a war!?!

    1. YEP!!!… “Proof Positive” Straight from the Jack A$$ES Filthy, Ugly Butt Hole Shaped Mouth!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

      If you’d like to get the Facts and… #TRUTHSABOUTTRUMP Faster… Please Subscribe to Brian Tyler Cohen’s… Who put this info out the day after T-Rump Ordered the Strike!!!…

      To Not Only to try and get Re-Elected… But to Distract and Deflect Attention away from his “Imminent Threat” of the Finalization of his IMPEACHMENT and VERY Possible, REMOVAL from Office!!!😲😒… Here’s the Link to his Channel and His Video w/ Clips of the Narcissistic Pathological Lying Orange Embecile!!!😝😜😣😒😡…

      As well as a few other of My Favorites of his!!!…


  2. It’s amazing how often he will on video say how someone else could do this really bad thing, then goes off, and does it himself later.

    1. Trump is the master projectionist. Everything he accuses others of doing, he did or does it himself. Everything!

    1. Every investigation on trump has found nothing. And I’m saying this as someone whose moderate not republican or democratic…

    1. If the USA wanted to actually collapse the Iranian government, all they have to do is send Pelosi over to govern. Within days she would have that government hated by all people and impeachment brought up against the Mullahs. But she wouldn’t send the articles over to the rest of the Iranian politicians so they too would be stuck in a cesspool of political bullsh*t that would never end.

  3. He has been telegraphing his intentions of being ‘Pres for life’ for how long now? Just go back and listen to his tapes. Doing exactly what he would have you believe others have done… “But Obama did blah blah”…

  4. One can expect a n y t h i n g from someone proclaiming himself to be a very stable genius.
    What’s hard to believe is that mental health experts haven’t yet marched en masse on the white house,
    demanding for the removal of said unhinged person, ASAP.
    They ought to out of duty.
    For the sake of people everywhere, including their own children and grandchildren, for the sake of the World.

  5. He’s brain is like a 7yrs.old child and with his age 73 his brain is an adult to Grab the P…y😂😂😂

  6. If he believes in strength, he would have served his country instead of getting a fake diagnosis to keep him out of it.

    1. @Maru telléz No, it’s true. How many red lines did barack hussein not enforce? His doctrine of terrorist appeasement is over.

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