Trump In 2020 Peril If This Surge Continues: New Early Voting Data | MSNBC

Trump In 2020 Peril If This Surge Continues: New Early Voting Data | MSNBC 1


With turnout way up in 14 key battleground states, MSNBC’s Ari Melber discusses the massive increase in early voting – up from roughly 6 million early votes at this point last cycle to 17 million now – with Tom Bonier, the CEO of political data company TargetSmart. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 10/20/2020.
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Trump In 2020 Peril If This Surge Continues: New Early Voting Data | MSNBC

105 Comments on "Trump In 2020 Peril If This Surge Continues: New Early Voting Data | MSNBC"

  1. *_Imagine_* *signing a Covid-19 waiver to attend Donald Trump’s Corona rally. Just to hear about how Covid-19 is a hoax.*

    Once again, *Can’t fix stupid but the hats make it easier to identify.*

    • @Jeffrey Dahmer still a step up from D.hump.

    • Brendan Hughes | October 20, 2020 at 11:04 PM | Reply

      @Handy Lawman That literally just pictures though as well as a fabricated allegation. Hunter Biden’s laptop was sent into the Delaware PD because it has child pornography on it.

    • @Handy Lawman cryptic bible quotes are useless. But I get your point.

    • @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 … again? Your leader has brainwashed you. I hope those who care about you can get you deprogrammed after Trump is banished from the People’s House. *Donald, you’re fired!*

    • @Jeffrey Dahmer …..non starter. Trump has done so much lying, theiving, corrupting, etc., etc., etc., that this Rudy farce is of no concern.

  2. President super spreader is throwing a all you can breathe covid buffet. He knows he’s killing at his rallies, ask Herman Cain. BYEDON 2020

  3. IsThatTrue OrDidYouHearItOnFOX | October 20, 2020 at 8:54 PM | Reply

    Trump rallies look like Nuremberg rallies. Record early voting looks like a Biden rally.

    • @Javier Medina – Trump wants you deported. Papers or not. Veteran or not. He gets his way most the time. Feel for ya bro.

    • Biden didn’t have rallies, even on a bad night, trump gets 1000’s more to attend. Biden is boring and uncool


    • Brendan Hughes | October 20, 2020 at 11:10 PM | Reply

      @Scott Boswell As a conservative Trump supporter, let me tell you that only like 12,000 people in this country are actual Nazis and white supremacists. But leftists have redefined what those terms mean so they envelop the whole right. Kinda sad too, as it is essentially spitting directly on the graves of the more than ten million Jews, Polish, and disabled that were slaughtered by the Nazi Regime, telling them that what they experienced was illegitimate. Grow up and stop falling into Godwin’s law.

      Also 30.06? Is your plan to fight a civil war with bolt actions and garands? In the twenty-first century? You can do better than that dude.


  4. Richard Alexander | October 20, 2020 at 8:55 PM | Reply

    Deadbeat Donnie is out of money, caught in too many lies, looking weak, and unable to lead us through the pandemic.

  5. I can’t believe that I voted for Trump in 2016. I am completely disgusted anytime I see him or hear his voice. I man that I once had confidence in has turned into someone that I hate more than any other human being on the planet. I have even cut people out of my life specifically because they still support this monster.

  6. It appears the majority of Americans don’t want to die from aggressive pneumonia. Go figure.

  7. My fiancee and I both voted early in NC, and we did NOT vote for the orange one!

  8. I never voted in my life. I VOTED first day I got my ballot

  9. It ain’t over til the “Orange Floaters” flushed from the WH.

    Just Vote!

  10. Seraph Johanson | October 20, 2020 at 9:02 PM | Reply

    Don’t get overconfident. Don’t get complacent. Vote. Let’s not do a 2016 again. Vote!

  11. Tennessee might not be a battleground state but it didn’t stop me nor did the Covid from voting early for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and despite being a Republican since 1989 I did not vote in 2016 but in 2020 I am voting for nothing but Democrats I’ve had enough of the republican party

  12. Nicklaus Herter | October 20, 2020 at 9:04 PM | Reply

    I wrote to Santa, all I want for Christmas is no more Trump presidencies!!!

  13. If Donald Trump seems more desperate than most incumbents about the coming election, he may have good reason: Presidents do not typically have to worry about going to prison if they lose.

    • @Truth Hurts ….. You’ve lost your marbles mate – hopefully they will come back to … Trump the King of delusions – lies and conspiracy theories – needs to be in a psychiatric ward people going to prison. I’d love to see him when he picks up soap ….By the way I’m not clicking on your link …

    • @Tina Woodall Yep another proud fox U. grad.

    • @Truth Hurts
      I have no idea what you are posting about? Lap dance? Who had a lap dance?

    • @Jasmany Foch
      Again lap dance? What lap dance?

    • @Truth Hurts …….

      US spies say the Hunter Biden email controversy shows how ‘exploitable’ and ‘grotesquely vulnerable’ Trump and Giuliani are to Russian intelligence
      Sonam Sheth
      Oct 17, 2020

      Trump Giuliani
      Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and President Donald Trump. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

      Former spies told Business Insider that Rudy Giuliani’s role in coordinating a widely discredited New York Post story and President Donald Trump’s willingness to seize on it highlighted how vulnerable they are to being duped by Russian intelligence.
      Federal authorities are investigating whether emails described in the story between Hunter Biden and a Burisma Holdings executive were part of a foreign influence operation.
      Giuliani’s access to Trump, the two men’s personality traits, their eagerness to obtain dirt on Joe Biden, and their unwillingness to acknowledge Russian interference makes them a gold mine for foreign intelligence services, the former spies said.
      They are “grotesquely vulnerable, exploitable targets,” and “any foreign intelligence service would be derelict if they did not try to exploit this,” a former CIA covert operative said.
      Steve Hall, the CIA’s former chief of Russia operations, also said Trump and Giuliani’s tendency to traffic in conspiracy theories and the rise of misinformation in right-wing media meant that “we’re doing a lot of [Russia’s] work for them.”
      Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

      President Donald Trump smirked when supporters at his campaign rally on Friday revived a familiar chant.

      “Lock him up!” they shouted as the president laughed. “Lock him up!”

      They were referring to Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, and his son Hunter, whom Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani have long accused of being in bed with corrupt Ukrainian interests.

      Specifically, they allege that Joe Biden inappropriately leveraged his role as vice president to shut down a criminal investigation into the Ukrainian natural-gas company Burisma Holdings to protect his son, who was on Burisma’s board.

      As Business Insider has previously reported, there is no evidence that these claims hold merit, and they’ve been debunked by intelligence assessments, news reports, congressional investigations, and witness testimony.

      Regardless, the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory was turbocharged this week after the New York Post published a widely discredited story purporting to show “smoking-gun” emails between Hunter Biden and a senior Burisma executive about setting up a meeting with Joe Biden when he was the vice president in 2015.

      The story was written by a former producer for the Fox News show “Hannity,” and the Post said Giuliani gave it the emails featured in the story. Federal authorities are investigating whether the emails were part of a foreign influence operation.

      Read more: How the GOP learned to love QAnon

      To the right-wing political sphere, the story was incontrovertible evidence that Trump was right about the Bidens. The president on Wednesday touted the “explosive documents published by a very fine newspaper” that showed “that Joe Biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement in his son’s corrupt business dealings.”

      But to former intelligence operatives, Giuliani’s involvement in the Post’s story and Trump’s willingness to seize on it showed just how susceptible they are to being duped by hostile intelligence services.

      Vladimir Putin
      Russian President Vladimir Putin. Adam Berry/Getty Images
      ‘Any foreign intelligence service would be derelict if they did not try to exploit this’
      Former officials said that Giuliani’s proximity to Trump, both men’s personality traits, their eagerness to dig up dirt on political opponents, and their unwillingness to acknowledge Russian influence made them a gold mine for foreign operatives to exploit.

      “This is the most recent edition of what we’ve seen over four years now with the Trump administration,” Steve Hall, the former chief of Russia operations at the CIA, told Business Insider. He compared Giuliani to Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor who was one of Trump’s most active surrogates during the 2016 campaign.

      “Flynn considered himself the smartest guy in the room and believed the rules didn’t apply to him because he was close to the president,” Hall said. “Giuliani has the same general profile, because he’s also someone who thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, politically. And he has protection from the Trump administration. That’s exactly the kind of personality that Russian intelligence services would look to take advantage of.”

      Glenn Carle, a former CIA covert operative who specialized in turning Russian spies, told Business Insider that in addition to Giuliani’s access to Trump, his motivations also made him an attractive target for Russian intelligence.

      “No matter what the motivation is, a foreign intelligence service can usually exploit it,” Carle said. “In this case, it’s very straightforward: Giuliani is hunting for information that he thinks will help Trump and harm Biden.

      “And then you look at the person’s psychological makeup: Are they gullible? Can they be duped? Are they motivated to take chances? In Giuliani’s case, the answer to all those questions is a glaring yes.”

  14. There’s a higher percentage of republicans registering but I’ve heard some dems are registering as republican but voting Biden to make sure they don’t get purged or their ballot goes missing and their vote is counted.

    • @Handy Lawman ; Chicago here. And i have to hand it to Mayor Lightfoot. I got my mail in ballot, filled it out that day and mailed it. 3 days later got a confirmation email that my ballot was received and accepted.

    • Youtube Viewer | October 20, 2020 at 10:47 PM | Reply

      Rapper 50 Cent Endorses Trump After Seeing Democrats Tax Plan

    • @m s
      LMAO! You mean like those millions of fraudulent voter’s in California and Texas in 2016? LMAO! If you recall Einstein that after 2016 Trump formed a Committee to investigate those accusations and he disbanded them when they did find a gd one! The Secretary of State in Texas admitted he had lied about it! So tell me again about fraud and lies! 😂

    • Chimchim Wafflemouth | October 20, 2020 at 10:51 PM | Reply

      That’s actually brilliant.

    • @m s
      You mean the partner Trump was in business with to build his Towers in SOHO and TRIBECA? Yeah I lived in Manhattan! Why do you think the Southern District of New York wants to talk to Trump?

  15. Donald Trump is more Dangerous than Covid 19
    👉VOTE HIM OUT!!!

  16. In my time, never seen people this excited to vote. The people are speaking by doing their civic duty. Believe it.

  17. Daily Reminder: Trump called Corona Virus a Democrat Hoax that will “magically” disappear.

  18. Keep the pressure on, keep getting people to the polls. BIDEN 2020

  19. “Our people like to vote” …no Don…you didn’t even win the popular vote in 2016 and your approval rating is trash. Not a great recipe for reelection.

  20. Nearly everything Trump says is a lie.
    Nearly meaning 98%.

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