Trump In Trouble? Giuliani Criminal Probe Raid Rattles Trumpworld | The Beat With Ari Melber 1

Trump In Trouble? Giuliani Criminal Probe Raid Rattles Trumpworld | The Beat With Ari Melber


Trump ally Rudy Giuliani now claiming he was “framed” and that the raid of his apartment and office was “out of control.” MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber clarifies a judge believed there was evidence of a crime in his apartment and discusses the latest updates in the probe with MSNBC’s Neal Katyal and The Washington Post’s Libby Casey.
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  1. “You don’t see this for what it is. A political act.”

    – Says every criminal with his back against the wall

  2. Never forget, the four seasons total landscaping scene. Never forget how smart and keen these people are.

    1. @Andrew Macaulay Yes! The Georgia Republican Sec of State told “former guy” on the phone that they found 2 votes from dead people. They both voted for “former guy.” Don’t you remember that “former guy” call where he was ILLEGALLY (Fed Crime/5 years) asking GA Sec of State to “find me 11,890 votes?”

    2. @Lizanne Whitlow lol hunter is with Bo’s daughter on his laptop, guess 14 is old enough lmfao bet she can say uncle


    4. @Maxmartin yeah and I bet those were pictures of you with the crack pipe in your mouth not Hunter on the laptop..

  3. Rudy was in serious trouble the moment he started leaking motor oil from the top of his head.

  4. Rudy: ‘I’m preparing to take this all the way to the Supreme Court yard Marriot’

    1. He cant remember the passcode to unlock the he just gets a new phone.

    2. @xxxxmimi It’s well known that Ghouliani have at least 3 phones on his person at all times.

    3. @Hit dogs Will holla Yes, the “cyber security advisor” that got locked out of his phone…

  5. Rudy’s full circle is mind boggling.

    From issuing warrants to being issued a warrant
    By the same office that he ran, one word


    1. Rudy was already corrupt back then. He would clear out certain mobsters to make room for crime families he was aligned with including Russian ones.

    2. @Andrew Romero Rudy was never a good guy even back in the day he completely flubbed the response to 9/11 and he wants started a race riot of drunken police officers to protest a black mayor trying to pass legislation to hold the accountable for violence in the community. Not exactly the best guy.

  6. “I only choose the best people” but they all are corrupted, in troubles, and jailed.

    1. @Rick Slick • So why would the FBI seize a copy when they had the original? That’s what people on this thread and others seem to be upset about.

    2. @Rick Slick Well, if the FBI thinks so, they can have another subpoena issued for the hard drive at rudy’s. Now, can’t they,?

    3. @Yvonne Tomenga The reason for this is because during Rudy’s interview monologue on Tucker/Faux Noise, he rambled on about why the FBI refused to take what he said was Hunter’s hard drive. Of course, as an attorney, I’d have thought Rudy would’ve known that the FBI can only take the items listed on a subpoena. AND, you’re right. The chain of custody has been jeopardized IF Rudy does, in fact, have Hunter’s laptop.

    4. @Alain Archambault “Biden’s laptop matters to no one ..who’s been brainwashed by the lying mafia media.”
      There. I fixed your fix.

    1. Lawyers think in courtroom games played to create doubt with woulda, coulda, shoulda, but, maybe, perhaps, possibly …….. and on and on.
      Dershowitz could twist any of those words into a virtuous poem about him keeping his underpants on.

    2. AD is a toilet bug. Can’t stand to hear him talk. The OJ trial was more than enough.

  7. Trial by combat not ageing well lol.. Guiliani is about to go thru some things..

  8. “If they can do it to me, they can do it to you ” is the weakest argument ever. That’s the point of laws

    1. Also we’re not seditionists and tools of Putin so no they can’t do it to us Rudy. Better flip now.

  9. The dominos are tottering. Won’t be too long till we see a world beating domino toppling attempt.

  10. Ten cellphone found .. a dozen phone calls, means he hid two additional phones… find them and you’ll have your case against nosferatu.

  11. Rudy, have you ever heard of a “burner” phone? Criminal Rudy needs to be smarter than he has been if he wants to keep out of jail.
    Flipping soon…

  12. LMAO, Yes, they COULD do this to me. If I was guilty of a crime and had somthing to hide. But I dont, and you do.

    1. It’s amazing how many of Trump’s associates people are “wrongly” targeted, isn’t it?

    2. @dublinjazz1 “unfairly attacked” in their world just means someone caught them in a criminal act or an outright lie. The part that worries me is how many stupid ppl are out there who cant / won’t / don’t want to / see through it.

  13. Three sweet words come to mind.

    “I have insurance”

    This keeps getting better and better.

    1. to me, this is the most important thing he has said recently. it sure does imply that if rudy goes down, he intends to take mr orange face with him.

  14. “If they can do this to me, they can do it to you”. Yes, Rudy, that’s correct. No one is above the law. What a rube

    1. You miss the point. Theyre not investigating him for anything. Theyre investigating whether or not theres anything to investigate. This is carte blanche. Youll care when it doesnt work out in your favor. Rube.

    2. Imagine if Putin went after the leader of his oppositions lawyer in this manner… something to think about

    3. @Seer-of-things end Thats not how warrants work. Shame there isnt a laugh button for your post.

    4. Now we know his exact thought process the moment he realized that he wasn’t untouchable after all.

  15. “If they can do it to me, they can do it to you”, yes Ruddy. That’s how it works. If you do things that are suspicious, then at some point things will be investigated.

    1. Sick of no arrest bi partisan all illegal arrest convict not keep finding story cover for others elected or kids of elected DUI carry more than treason for public America get every Epstein Clinton bush Barr aoc bug eyed woman. Went to ny incite riots

  16. All these racks are trying to cover themselves and by hiring themselves… They’re basically just transferring money to cover from one another just in case one goes to jail

  17. “Loose lips sink ships!” Rudy and crew…you’re on the “Titanic”…strap yourself in and prepare to ride this thing to the bottom!

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