Trump Inaugural Chair Barrack Charged With Being A Foreign Agent 1

Trump Inaugural Chair Barrack Charged With Being A Foreign Agent


Trump's 2017 inaugural chairman, Tom Barrack, has been arrested and charged with being a foreign agent for the United Arab Emirates. We discuss what that could mean for the former president with Ashley Parker, Sam Stein, and Barbara McQuade.
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  1. Funny how Trump wanted Barack to be locked up for so long and then be got a “Barrack” charged for something. So close but so far.

  2. Easy peasy seize the ranch throw him in jail before he makes the 1st property tax payment. No shenanigans

  3. Bolton can climb back under a rock. He does not get a pass all of them knew of the corruption that was going on and did not do anything or come forward during the impeachment proceedings. Bye!

  4. Trump- who is he never knew him i think he was the Cofovee Boy I have Photos with a Lot of People Oops how did this come out Eric your Up

  5. Michael Cohen like what he was basically saying .. You deal with this looser you end up in prison just like I did .. And what’s bringing them all down is there sheer arrogances …

    1. @CRAPO2011 YUP YUP !! Which comes from a retired infantry marine !! Charles Manson would fall in love with the chump cult because there soooo oooo gullible .. And Charles Manson needed money to record music in a studio, an if the chump cult were around he’d grift the weak minded fools into oblivion !!

  6. With a name like “Barrack” I wonder if Trump ever demanded to see his birth certificate…

    1. @Dave Shindig Imagine making this statement unironically believing you matter to whomever you are standing up for.

    2. So glad I didn’t bust out my go to joke: If Trump was a Mortal Kombat player in the 90’s, was he confused as to why the President before him didn’t have bone claws coming out of his arms? Oh wait, that’s Baraka..

      Yeah, neither of the jokes are all that funny, but that’s not really the point.

    3. @packingten well breaking news….the guy Barrack with that name as their first name isn’t a foreign agent, so go back and try again….Thats the big deal and again, DT is still swampy AF

  7. No matter how much money all these crooks have or how well there whiteness works for them it will never be enough of anything for them .. And no amount of wealth will fill an empty souls and getting caught as unregistered foreign agents its the optimum of arrogance !!!

  8. Remember the dance around the glowing Orb with the Saudi Royalty on the first orange-head foreign trip?

    1. The patterns are frat boy attitudes an arrogances that knows no bounds and the black voice Michael Cohen says ” We tried to tell em ” !!

    2. Not all rich people are shady only him and his associates are! Money don’t go to everybody’s head

  9. Tom knew the Neverland Ranch is sitting in more oil than anyone knew

    Dock Gregory let that cat out the bag years ago!

  10. The walls are closing in and you are all out of pardons, see if the “bone spurs” thing with keep you out of prison too.

  11. I love the way Williams makes a point of saying “the twice impeached former President”. You just know Trump hates it. 😃😃

    1. @Dream Shop Oh put a lid on it. How many lies have YOU told in your life? Should we ignore everything you say on that account. Grow up for chrissake.

  12. “Foreign policy for purchase.” The carnival barker in chief has put us all up for sale. And his base all think this is a cartoon or all star wrestling match. Troglodytes. TROGLODYTES.

    1. I love how you think you’ve uncovered the crime of the century while simultaneously not noticing the last 4 decades of espionage treason and pay for play social parasite politicians who have operated in this fashion a hundred times worse and are responsible for the destruction of our economy our military our sovereignty and our national security as well as our assets…. And all of this was taking place through your whole life time… but all you want to talk about is trump. You ppl are stunningly ignorant and dangerous

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