Trump indictment draws supporters and protesters to the streets | USA TODAY

Former President Donald Trump's protesters and supporters gathered in reaction to the news he was indicted in Manhattan.

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A New York grand jury voted to indict Donald Trump on unspecified criminal charges in a case that marks the first time a former president has been charged criminally, his lawyers confirmed.

The grand jury had been investigating hush money payments to two women who claimed to have had sex with him. The outline of those payments became public only after he was elected in 2016 and more details were revealed in sworn testimony as Trump served in the White House.

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    1. @Lovely Leesa i don’t believe you and i also never said i did or didn’t care about the flag. i don’t care if its accidentally dragged by short lady. flag code only matters when its being burned or its a military event being done by actual service members.

    2. @Kluneberg why would the fact that i care about how the flag is treated upset you so much……im so sorry you are so misinformed…sad actually that we dont teach every child proper care and respect for our flag

    1. You got that right, people wasting their lives worrying about some rich a hole they don’t even know

  1. Everyone who supports him
    care about what happens to him. More of an impact than that of our current president. Trump’24 🇺🇸

  2. Well 🤔
    To be completely honest, I really wasn’t planning to vote for Trump. After this banana republic move, I’m 100% voting for him. Y’all should have just ignored him.🔥

    1. @† Ranger for Jesus † Lol. You will vote for whoever wins the republican nomination. This isn’t hurting anyone’s chances besides Ron DeSantis. It literally changes nothing.

    2. @Joe B. Respectfully, I disagree. Before the indictment, I would’ve voted for DeSantis in the primary. Most of us were leaning towards DeSantis. Trump likely would not have secured the nomination before this.

    3. @† Ranger for Jesus † Right, but you would vote for the republican regardless. Frankly, it is better for democrats if you guys now support trump because we know trump can be beat. Desantis is a stronger candidate so this doesn’t seem to help republicans in my opinion

    4. @Joe B. At this point it really doesn’t matter anymore. The die has been cast. Whatever happens beyond this point…happens.
      GOD bless 🙏✝️❤️🙂

    1. The man who couldn’t quote a single Biblical quote? The man who held a Bible upside down? We all know what that means.

  3. Ivanka: Jared, dad just called and asked where are we with that Greenland purchase he spoke about a few years back?

  4. To quote my 2nd grade teacher, nobody is above the law and if the president speeds going down the street they get a ticket just the same… Upon reflecting on this the president tends to fly over the streets and there are things that when done by the president are not a crime – Nixon

    1. @Let’s go Brandon I agree yea they’re all robots especially if they’re from NYC Smfh. My history teacher said the most realest sht in HS and what he said is that his heart break for this generation. I can see why now😢

  5. Heavy legal baggage Trump can’t get out of his own way. Hey Bragg, “When your enemy’s making mistakes, don’t interrupt him. Let him keep going.” – Billy Bean, Moneyball

    1. @Chuck Norris Educate yourself? Tell Trump’s base that. But he likes the uneducated who can’t see through his BS.


  6. Thank you for opening the door for prosecuting Former Presidents… WE THE PEOPLE have a lot of work ahead of us now. Thousands of dollars in the form of hush money vs thousands of murders by drone ? Hmm, that’s a tough one.

    1. @2Words 1Finger What is childish is for you to makes statements that are obviously false (using your original criteria) to make a vague point to establish an asinine threshold of competence. Biden hasn’t started a war either, the question is what’s your point in bringing it up.

      Obama went 6 years without starting a new conflict, all your statement says is that Trump got lucky in timing.

    1. You won’t be when Congress labels you Wartime Combatants for trying to Rig the 2024 Election and sends JAG to round you up😅

  7. Trump’s lucky this is the first time. He’s above the modest rural conservatives socioeconomically speaking. He knows it. He uses it. His rhetoric doesn’t change who he is or what he stands for. Unfortunately he has paid his way out of consequence for most of his life or the world may have had a better contribution.

  8. It’s sad how these presidents have our country divided. Neither Biden nor Trump will ever give our children or grandchildren financial freedom. So why do we invest so much energy voting for them to help make sure that their kids and grandchildren have financial freedom. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!

    1. Was your family better off with Trump or Biden as President? Really easy question. Trump of course. If you have to ponder this, maybe you’re not really thinking.

    2. @Ri Shz Why do you bother asking a question if you’re just going to dictate the answer to everyone? Everyone’s situation is different. Personally, I’m better off now than I was 4 years ago…or even 2 years ago. Your bad faith assertions are rejected.

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