1. Imagine what Kevin McCarthy Grandchildren will think of him when they’re old enough to understand what he did and ask him “Pawpaw what’s a Traitor”?

    1. For years I thought that the phrase ‘What did you do in the war Papa?’ came out of a movie form Hollywood. Shocked to find out years later it came out of Germany. It was a question asked during the 60’s by the children and grandchildren of their Nazi relatives. This will be asked by American children and children as well. Eventually they will learn to read and attend school history classes.

  2. McCarthy is the type of politician that puts the lala into la la Land. The guy is completely separated from reality. Too bad Eddie Murphy didn’t go after him in Beverly hills cop 😏😏

  3. They are still licking his boots, and he didn’t gaf about any member of Congress. He sent the crazies down there, and never called for help.

  4. I thought the GQP claims it was Antifa and BLM rioting at the Capitol. Would they not want an investigation to prove their claim?

    1. @BEASTMODE ELITE Why would I? No experience what so ever!! Looking for bamboo ballots? A waste of time!!

    2. @Cheryl Jones CYBER NINJAS…..
      The name though ….
      Florida recounting Arizona votes…
      Florida….What could go wrong ??? 🤷🤷🤦🤦😳😳😂😂😂😂😂

    1. It’s Trump. He’s the one who needs the Republicans to back him to stop any further investigations and to provide him cover

    2. The heritage foundation IS the biggest threat to America. They’re a pseudo terrorist organization.

    3. @Rory Gee It is the Christian Dominionist end times death cult that started Heritage Foundation and have a plan to destroy Democracy and install a Theocracy that would resemble ISIS/Taliban. It is called the “Seven Mountains Mandate”. Insane.

  5. He doesn’t want to testify under oath cause he has to tell the truth or face consequences of lying.

    1. @jorge calzada , They’ll repeat the phrase “I don’t recall” a thousand friggin times!

    2. Oh yeah, that’s a thing. I forgot that. So he fears the truth might escape his lips in which case his career would take a tumble.

  6. I will never understand how people get away with flip flopping like this in the age of the internet.

    1. @Jen Vicinity its like their attracted to it 😵😝. They’ve taken the term conspiracy theories to a whole new level with the Qpot revelations. Its pathetic and does harm to actual conspiracy theories which can be proven. GQP will support any narrative that deflects their supporters attention to the truth, and doesn’t help that the majority of the GQP aren’t the brightest amongst their peers.

    2. thats the problem, these Boomers have been doing this for decades, they still think things works like they did back in the 70s, they dont understand that they are outclassed and outdated.

    3. @Scotch Barrel Man the GOP went full conspiracy banana nut bread recently, its funny but sad. Thats what happens when you cater to crazy people.

  7. ‘Deplorable’ is no longer an adequate word to describe these people. I get physically ill thinking about them being in positions of power. They are truly disgusting

    1. Biden did fly the treasonous Confederate Flag in the White House. Biden didn’t defecate on the halls. Biden didn’t steal government property, smash windows, spray bear spray and yell, `hang Mike Pence.’ Does that answer your stupid comment?

    2. @Johnny Young The brown shirts are the white supremacists and those comfortable with an authoritarian government. Not that anyone but the elite would be comfortable. Many don’t seem to have the ability to fathom what it will mean to them personally.

    3. @Chris Wise Exactly! The republicons held investigation after investigation but cry their eyes out over the “persecution” of poor former guy and the waste of money of investigations, and besides former guy’s feeling was hurt.

    4. @Johnny Young You are very mistaken in thinking that antifa is about censorship. I think is republicons all over this country trying to stop the voices of those with ideas different from them They are passing laws against assembly and to allow peaceful protesters to be run down by cars without any consequence to the driver,, passing laws to prevent and suppress people’s right to exercise their voices at the polls.

  8. Four Americans died in Benghazi and Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan and Trey Gowdy lead and participated in a 2 plus year investigation into Hillary Clinton! But McCarthy somehow doesn’t see it necessary to investigate an Insurrection at our Capitol Building given the fact that numerous Americans lost their lives! the hypocrisy is astounding

    1. This investigation won’t help them get votes. That’s all that matters to such creatures.

    2. I agree It’s insanity. The GOP seems to care only for their lies, but not for our democracy or for government of, for, and by the people. A great loss has happened. May we recover. What is “winning” if you destroyed the trust?

    3. What did you expect James?………What astound me more than the total surrender of ALL those “responsible men/adults (?) to the “Supreme Leader”…….and that those politicians are still in place and half the country is playing “the emperor has no clothes” game….USA is now a banana republic? Not the only one unfortunately!!!
      ….so reminiscent of the game played in North Korea….at least they have an excuse there: they have no choice if they don’t want to die or finish their lives in prison

    4. And this is the case for one reason: the truth would implicate Trump. And then that would implicate McCarthy himself for covering for him. If McCarthy has to testify about the phone call, he’ll either be finished right then or he’ll perjure himself and then be finished.

  9. That’s the thing about telling the truth…you say it once and be done with it. When you lie, you’ll keep on lying until you’re caught then you’re f@#$ked.😂

    1. Known as the Pinocchio effect. When someone tries too hard to make you believe the lie he’s telling you. 🤥

  10. Republicans: “It was Antifa!”

    Also Republicans: “There was no insurrection.”

    1. @UCi1jgHaiGTwtD_ZggEsLNhw who applauded looting and rioting??? Call them out and put up their quotes. We will wait…..

    2. Ravenclaw Neversmiles: Republicans: It was Antifa wearing those “6MWE” and “Camp Auschwitz” shirts.

  11. Knock knock
    -Trump: Who is it?
    -La policia de florida abra la puerta!!
    -Trump: I don’t speak in Spanish….

  12. BREAKING: A new medical breakthrough has been achieved for some paralyzed people. The procedure allows an individual to walk, talk and function without a trace of a spine. It’s aptly named a ‘McCarthyeptomy’.

  13. Liz should come out and say if Kevin is willing to throw me under the bus for Donnie. What make my colleague think they are safe from Kevin own best interest and pleasing Donnie?

  14. They don’t want the truth because they were all in on it, if you have nothing to hide it shouldn’t be a problem.

  15. Kevin McCarthy, proudly sporting that fresh Brown lipstick..not an easy look but he pulls it off !

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