Trump Is Not Telling The Truth About The Coronavirus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Is Not Telling The Truth About The Coronavirus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


As health officials confirm more and more cases of coronavirus in the U.S., Trump again went on FOX News for the second day in a row and spread misinformation about the outbreak. Aired on 3/5/2020.
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Trump Is Not Telling The Truth About The Coronavirus | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Why bother saying something and then denying, when you are on national TV? All they need to do is replay the earlier segment.

    1. James..

      Look in the mirror at your eyes.. There’s nothing in there.. It looks like you are 100% empty inside… Did you melt and fry your brain with coke..? Do you even have the brains, mind, wits, to solve 7 times 9 in your head..?

    2. And yet… Remember Trump said, Don’t believe what you see or hear unless it’s from me…The simple mind’s will believe that.

    1. @moon dog grey

      Lol, none of those channels or videos are removed cause profane language. You can not make difference between hate speech and profanity?

      And yes, those videos are ‘censored’. Personally, I think rightly so, youtube no longer just a platform, its a publisher, the algorithms they use make it so, so they should curate their platform as they wish. Just like every publisher is somewhat responsible for the content they publish.
      Sadly youtube is almost a monopoly, so that complicates things.

    2. @Clyde_Sherburger
      Yes, its called publishing.
      Did you ever read a freelancer journalist? Those poor souls are censored by newspaper’s editorial review! Same goes to almost every public book ever published! This evil world! Everything is censored! Everything is part of a giant conspiracy that I read on the censored internet!

    3. @Hook604 all i askes is who decides what is acceptable.
      You say “hate speech” who decides what is hateful.
      I see channels calling for killing of white race stay up and others use too many banned word like аре and get taken down.

      Answer who decides or i tap out of this chat…..
      (After i type what leftist authoritarian movement you remind me of.)

    1. Don’t be surprised when *Trump* gives an illustration on how should taken care of! (Entirely done by Sharpie)

    1. @hEAtOniK the word of free is a tool to critical China. to judge China cannot help Trump to control the infection. but italiy is free country and it can block down some cities. but US no testing no infection is good way. when u judge China Sea number please show ur number

    2. @emma emma yeah well unfortunately China isn’t free so they can tell the people whatever they want and make them do whatever they want. Here in America it’s not the case so because we’re ‘free’. Unfortunately this will lead to an easier spread of diseases. There will be no quarantining unless people are dying in droves or people freak out so much that it kills the economy.

    3. @One Two3 “Seattle should be under quarantine”

      I’m sorry man but that’s just a dumb statement.

      Do you realize that one thousand times more people will die if the economy is gone? Do you realize what the ‘economy’ even is?

      I really don’t think you do or else you wouldn’t say such an asinine thing. So far, in the exact same duration of time, the flu has been more deadly.

  2. 7% death rate is way higher than the world average. It implies CDC hasn’t tested enough enough people.

    1. Death rate is lower than 1%. Ref: American Journal of Medicine
      Furthermore, the 1.4% figure cited in the new Chinese report, published Feb. 28 in the New England Journal of Medicine, is probably higher than the “real” death rate, Fauci added.

      That’s because many coronavirus cases are so mild they’re not even being reported, Fauci explained in an editorial he co-wrote in the same issue of the NEJM. Co-authors include Dr. Robert Redfield, who directs the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Clifford Lane, deputy director of the NIAID.

      “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%,” Fauci and his colleagues explained.

      “This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of COVID-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza pandemic [which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%] or a pandemic influenza [similar to those in 1957 and 1968],” the experts wrote. Who gave you this misinformation

      (fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%,” Fauci and his colleagues explained)

    1. @Terry Samuels hopefully you leave USA, and be at peace with yourself, because it would be hypocritical of you to stay.

    2. @Milagros B. I knew someone would make that statement. Anyone that calls out racism and hypocrisy is the bad person. People like you are so predictable. In other words, it is your way or the highway. Racist and controlling to the end. It is always about you and your values. No one else matters!!!

    3. @Terry Samuels the only one racist, and attacking our President for the color of his skin is you, that MAKE YOU THE RACIST, stop projecting, and go whatever you feel you are belong, you are free to go, nobody is going to miss a racist like you, go to a country that the mayority is your own race, so you don’t feel so miserable, and enjoy your life without bitterness.

    1. @Nessuno Dorme I don’t ever recall saying that it was so… not exactly sure where you’re coming from?

    2. @James Eaton So you’re like an obese person making fun of someone for being overweight, claiming youre “disappointed” by their fatness. Then, when it’s pointed out that you’re pretty fat yourself, you say, “I don’t recall ever denying I’m a fat hog, so I’m ever so perplexed why you bring it up.”
      In this case, however, the person you were jeering at wasn’t even fat.

    1. @Maria Brown Try using proper grammar, your childish insults might actually make more sense. lol

    2. @andrew russell
      If u understand dumb trump you understood me.Tell trump his university was a fraud that’s why I dumb. Yet I get enough common sense not to follow that garbage of a man.

    3. . Only dumb trumpsters trying to find errors in here.because they are trying to practice English. Smart people dont talk like that. They get the point in any error.. All I need to know is who are decent. Covfe’fe’. Go tell dumb trump to learn to spell and speak properly. And his university was a fraud like him

    1. Phill Davis
      Donald Trump referred to the virus as spreading because of the democrats policy on open borders is politicizing the crises. Do you think that’s right? Do you think that the president of the US deserves no criticism for saying “maybe (the virus) will go away. We’ll see what happens. Nobody really knows.” Additionally, the recent reports on the CDC whistleblower complaint about lack of proper training and faulty testing doesn’t seem like the administration has a complete hold on how to handle the situation, but is intent on debasing democrats at every chance they get. He has also mentioned  “tough and early actions have really been proven to be 100 percent right,” mentioning his decision in late January to restrict travel from China which is a lie. Finally, Trump fired the CDC pandemic response team in order to save on costs. Maybe it had something to do with those tax cuts for the very wealthy? Like how he’s looking to cut healthcare and retirement benefits…to give rich people who don’t pay taxes more money. I don’t know, I don’t trust a president who was impeached, lost the popular vote, says windmills cause cancer, and who separates children from their families. Your defense of a president who has failed at multiple levels is ignorant.

    1. John D. Give me one example of how he’s corrupt, or racist, sexist, homophobic? Maybe a nazi? Please give me one supporting piece of evidence of this unlike all the other leftist morons I’ve asked this and never gotten so

    1. You’re either a child or a moron if you think the president has any power over that situation

  3. Tell us something we don’t already f-ing know! Interview someone from the CDC or WHO. Stop it with this BS!

    1. The World Bank launched a $425 million 2017 catastrophe bond issue supporting its Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF). There are two tranches of PEF bonds outstanding, expected to mature in July, and this means investors of the bonds will collect massive profits if the bonds aren’t triggered or will lose everything if the Covid-19 outbreak continues to escalate.

      It’s becoming increasingly apparent why the World Health Organization (WHO) has had a difficult time calling Covid-19 outbreak a “pandemic,” this is because it would cause both bonds to trigger, effectively wiping out bondholders.

      from zero hedge

    2. @Random Thoughts if you do the math it is very simple. As of the 8 PM C.D.C. report last night the United states had 234 confirmed cases with 14 death’s. 234 X.06 = 14.4. Deaths from the spanish flu in 1915 was 50 million world wide which was 10% of those infected. If you look at the Hong Kong flu of 1952 and the asian flu of 1956 you will see similar numbers. As a Citizen I wish these numbers were not true. But I can’t change the numbers from history. As a plant the leaders of our countries have billions for wars and other b.s. but they drop the ball on something like C-19. Like everyone else I hope the C.D.C. and the W.H.O. numbers are wrong. But as a state health care employee I have to assume there numbers are correct.

    3. This was a one-person talk show with the speaker speaking to himself, sponsored by FOX, which is calling itself FOX News. The result? Total BS. Other news outlets have sponsored presidential debates, which had multiple speakers, which gave them credibility.

    4. Alex B Jones thank you! I hope the Donald J that kept asking me questions, reads all of these remarks.

    5. @Random Thoughts if Trump doesn’t let someone who knows what they are doing, take over and Trump let’s the CDC report what they need to tell us would be the best he could do now. Because he can’t reverse time.

  4. He’s given himself high marks for “we have plans.” What are the plans? Tell us. Hunches do not count.

    1. @Anna Jorgensen Donald J would believe anything the liar says no matter how many times it’s been proven that he is a liar.

    2. @Eric G thank you I kind of figured that after I answered him one time. I’m just glad others know what a liar Trump is and he won’t ever change. Have a great day and again thank you.

    3. @dd yes and they should not have cut funding to something like CDC which is like being sick you never know when you will need it and how much and how many supplies you are going to need. It’s called common sense.

    1. everyone knew that U Jennifer says his cult, look now, everyone has felt the pain, now the economy will take a hit! but look at the epic center in China? shut down a whole city,, 11 million people, they are in fear, they cannot control it, drastic measures, I have faith, I have a question if we buy lettuce is it okay to eat without boiling,? the only reason I ask is cause I do not know, we can contain it, sure lives will be lost, so many nursing homes are being looked at now more closely, we must support all our leaders, every last one of them, we have always worked together to achieve world stability, back in the stone ages the cast the ones with lepers aside, now we understand,, once they come up with the right anti_viral drugs to combat we should be okay, as far as The President goes, honestly do you not think he cares, yes he cares, this hurt him, I see it,you may all not, but I see it

  5. I’m honestly baffled that people still find it outrageous when that guy lies. I mean, birds fly, fish swim, right? What’s new about it?

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