1. orangutan said – Nobody gets that in order. Its only me.

    Let that just sink in for a moment

    1. @Michael B. To think your god lives and breathes and you’re not in his presence worshipping him. Put down your idols and go to your god. He’s waiting for you…

    2. You are calling him a orangutan because of the color of his skin right….. liberal think about this his skin. Color is the thing we are pushing to see past. You are a sorry sack of sh…

    3. @Michael B. Someone is in love. I think you should send ALL of your money to the orange grifter, because he really needs your help right now. He may not be very smart, but he is smart enough to dupe you, you sucker. Will you listen to yourself? You are swooning like a school girl for a con man. I know you wouldnt do as well as he did, thats for sure.

    4. @Michael B. He doesn’t need to because he’s busy running our country like it’s supposed to be ran.

    1. @Charles Scatola First Off…I’m an American who Wants to See His Country Prosper and Succeed. I Could Care Less That Trump Is no longer President. Apparently, you have not been Around Long Enough to Understand Leftist Democrat Policies NEVER Work. They have been proven to be failed. Look at Obamas Economy!! He was the ONLY President in Modern History to never Reach the 2% economic growth plateau!!! Now, Biden is pouring Trillions Of Dollars Into An unsustainable economy, with the only method of recouping the investment being raising taxes. The White House is on the record saying that even after all this spending We will take 10 years to reach 2%!! Inflation is at the highest level in 20+ years!!! I’ve been here for The First Biden…His Name was Jimmy Carter!!! Clinton doesn’t count because he wasn’t a Far Leftist and He Actually Had a Balanced Budget Amendment. I even voted for him (the 2nd time..the first time I Voted For H. Ross Perot. Hopefully you’ll learn…Sooner than Later.

    2. @IHC Terra I was perfectly clear. A 4th grader could understand. I feel so bad for you because you cannot. That is OK if you are not capable of answering that simple question.

    3. @Leon You were perfectly clear you wanted me to do something I already did.

      It isn’t that I can’t answer, it is that I did and if you can’t find it, tough. I’m not going to hold your hand and lead you to it. Figure it out.

  2. “… because I’m cognitively… there.”
    But does he know _where_ that cognitive place is?

  3. I guess I must also be cognitively “all there,” because now, as long as I live, I’ll never be able to forget “person woman man camera TV”

    1. He literally looked around him and named things that were right there so he could be sure to remember them!

    2. @Tom Terific
      Why the W.H doctor asked Biden to take the test.. if he is so cognitive FIT why not take the test..? Trump took the test when the media mob started BS about his “HEALTH”
      And about woman, person, camera, tv
      is more than obvious he already knew those democrats and the rules package strips all mention of gender-specific pronouns and terms such as “man,” “woman,” “mother” and “son.”
      mother/father= parent
      aunt/uncle= parents sibling
      niece/nephew= siblings child

    1. Yeah Abbott is corrupt and we voting him out in Texas this upcoming November 8th 2022 election cause he off the rails too pushing these immoral laws and the big lie.

    2. It’s gotta be a proximity issue with trump cuz as soon as he gets near other people their IQs suddenly drop like rocks. trumpapotomus prime literally radiates stupidity and ignorance.

  4. “I can remember a list of 5 things because I’m cognitively there.”
    But he can’t remember who the first man that walked on the moon was…

    1. @David Matejka LMAO did he develop a speech impediment since he became president? Because while he was the VP he could put full sentences together.

    2. @DoSe420 Biden DOES have a speech impediment, and if you really paid attention, you would know that he has addressed his stuttering issue many times in the past. As for “cognitive man,” how about god bless the United Shaytes of America, the oranges of the impeachment and others?

    3. @UCVc3SKL9YqlKqiwoW1sPv6w Biden is the president, LOSER boy (the house, the senate, the presidency) is the ex president. Now be a good troll, and go to sleep, forever.

    4. @Charles Scatola Not to mention those toilets that have to be flushed 10 times after he uses them. I would hate to be Trump’s plumber:
      DJT: “It won’t go down.”
      Plumber: “Sir, (because everyone calls him sir, apparently) You can’t flush the Ukraine transcript down the toilet… We’ve all read it anyway…”

  5. Obviously to most Trump just set himself up. Now that he bragged that he is “cognitively there” he won’t be able to use the excuse that he “doesn’t recall” or “I don’t believe I’ve met that person” when he has to testify in court about Allen Weisselberg or any criminal activity that has occurred in Trump Organization

    1. Hillaroid and slick willy ….wasn’t worth a million before office. Now over 200 million. Obozo under a million now over 40 million. Potato Head has 5 houses and hides his money threw the BIDEN CRIME FAMILY…Let’s AUDIT them

    1. For what? Wiesselburg is only being charged for not paying taxes on a company owned car. Not like much will come of it.

    2. Let’s look at that DAMMING LAPTOP …HUNTER you still asleep with that crack pipe in your mouth….PRICELESS

  6. When he’s in the final stages of dementia, the only thing he’ll be saying is “Person, woman, man, camera, tv” over and over….

    1. @Howard Moon You people will never learn.

      You insist on taking Trump literally, because you have no understanding of subjective concepts like humor, sarcasm, and nuance.
      That’s why the kids call y’all NPCs.

    2. @Hugh G Rection • Trump most definitely has dementia along with narcissism, sociopathy, and just plain cruelty, but there’s nothing early about it. He is 75 years old.

    3. @Hugh G Rection • Trump didn’t know what a President was supposed to do when he was President. His fly by the seat of his pants philosophy didn’t work for him as a businessman, why did he think it would work as President.
      The biggest telltale sign he has dementia is that he thinks he’s still President.

    1. This shows that, apart from being a moron, he doesn’t even know what intelligence is. It’s utterly pathetic. And even his five examples were things right in front of his face. I’d love to see some interviewer on live TV ask him to name five books.

      “The Bible! Uh.. The Constitution. That’s a great one, one of the best. And then at the White House they have this great big book with all the laws in it, they just call it the lawbook’. Uuuuuh…. Umm.. Shakespeare! Bet you didn’t think I’d know such a classy one, huh? But I’ve read it many times. Many, many times….”

      [Time passes]

      “Mr. President?”
      “Yeah, great stuff.”
      “Mr. President, that was only four.”
      “Was it? Well, technically the lawbook, that’s what everybody calls it, is more than one book, so technically I should get extra points just– Oh, wait, Dr. Seuss!”

  7. I have a grandmother who once had a doctor tell her “youre stressed, thats why your memory is so bad”
    5 years later, she is still convinced that her memory is so bad because of stress when she cant remember what happened earlier that week.

    My grandmother has demetia. I’m not saying Trump does, but only people with mental disabilities try to convince others, at nauseum, that nothing is wrong with them.

    1. @Michael Ponce • The fact that you assumed she was referring to Trump should tell you something. You know Trump is mentally deficient.

    2. MASTER 3D chess player …ONLY 1500 IN THE WORLD and TRUMP is one of them…Potato Head couldn’t play Candy Land

    3. @Michael Ponce why don’t you people just leave the country, leave earth and find yourselves a new plant

  8. It’s probably been the first test in his life he couldn’t pay to skip. That’s why he’s still bragging about “acing” it.

  9. Trump would get praise from the republicans for staying inside the lines in a coloring book

  10. He’s actually his own worst enemy. I know how much that hurts. He invites laughter and pity with his every word.

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