Trump Is Taking Republicans Down Two Dark Paths, Both Lead To Madness 1

Trump Is Taking Republicans Down Two Dark Paths, Both Lead To Madness


Rachel Maddow points out the two tracks Republicans still in thrall to Donald Trump are following, one centered on the bizarre delusion that Trump secretly won the 2020 election and will soon be reinstated, the other focused on restricting voting rights to prevent the imaginary fraud Trump claims took place. Both put the stability of the United States in grave danger. 
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    1. So true.That’s a perspective of an even partially balanced mind and semi-interested effort to pay attention. Shouldn’t have been so hard to have seen this coming. What a fine mess we’re in.

  1. It’s not just scary, it’s absolutely terrifying. This will no longer be a “1st world” country.

    1. True. Taking our country off the “1st world country” list is just what trump and his band of morons want. They don’t want democracy, they want tyranny.

    2. @Ken Smith Don,t give up so easily. You are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Vlad would just love it if the states are Balkanized, because he can,t cope with the real Balkan states now. Remember who the enemy really is. It,s not the people. Disunity and disarray serve China,s agenda as well. Stop the world, I wanna get off. the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar. Excuse me while I have a temporary mental collapse.

    3. @elizabeth tudor Oh, you like them that much, eh? Your new mantra? Say hi to Vladimir for me.

    1. Something needs to be done, but at the same time… 15% of Americans openly support Q-Anon (roughly 50 MILLION Americans), 33% still support Trump and his ilk… I mean, how do you deal with that many crazy people? We can’t throw them all in jail, and they refuse to listen to reason, so what is the answer?

      (I know what THEY would suggest if the numbers were reversed, but unlike them we’re not Nazis, so I won’t even joke about that as a solution).

    1. It’s a lot like Fanta except in addition to diabetes, it makes you a giant asshat rather quickly.

    2. @MrAudienceMember it took me a second to get it,duh, but what’s worse I used to love Fanta Orange(and grape).

  2. Make sure someone is there taking pictures of those who attend. Just in case they show up somewhere later,or maybe were at the 6/1 insurrection.

    1. Then you ain’t black Biden has been running a Plantation for 47 years. His slaves have made him rich. Jill too.

  3. Manchin needs to get a grip: it is voting that makes a democracy, it is the filibuster that destroys it.

    1. Aww. Do you miss Robert Byrd being in Manchin’s seat? I’m sure Biden misses his old colleague too. A long time democrat senator that served until his death in 2010, when Biden gave his eulogy. Robert Byrd definitely knew a thing or two about the filibuster. After all, he used it to speak for 13 hours in opposition of the civil rights act.

  4. I believe I won $328M in the lottery! Now if I can only get less than 1/3 of voters to agree with me I’ll be sitting pretty!!!!

    1. 1/3? where did you get that crazy number?! They are still doing recounts and democrats are trying to block them. Why?

  5. The Constitution has been followed as it should have been. The MADMAN needs to be dealt with and his supporters need to be institutionalized. Stop the crazy!!!!

    1. Can someone not have him committed? He is obviously delusional. This is NOT normal behavior. Anyone else pretending to be president would be put away. Especially, considering, the dangerous plans that are possibly being made.

    2. What Constitution? The States Constitution? Counting ballots after 8pm is a VIOLATION of the Constitution. Absentee ballots are not “mail-in ballots. Mail-in ballots are UNCONSTITUIONAL. Why are you chicom liberals against voter ID laws and more power for poll watchers? LOL.

      “The MADMAN needs to be dealt with and his supporters need to be institutionalized. Stop the crazy!!!!”

      So you want “extra judicial killings” Like obama and bush. Didn’t Richard Maddow WHINE about that AND corporate media during her “AIR AMERICA RADIO” days? Now she is paid millions to peddle Chinese propaganda. LOL

  6. And when all the audits come to nothing, and when he isn’t reinstated, they’ll throw another violent tantrum.


    2. @Anirbas Nomil What about the democrats *obstructing the AZ audit*

      According to (your own) logic, they must be prosecuted.

    3. @Carol
      So BLM and Antifa not responsible for any violence ever?
      Number of weapons confiscated on the 6th zero
      Who shot Ashley Babbot? Why is it top secret left cover up? Why did left lie about police being killed by being hit in head with fire extinguisher?

    4. @Carol
      Bigoted? Based on what? I speak facts, that makes the only name calling bigoted bias . . . You
      It always boils down to childish name calling with you guys because you have no facts, true to form.

    5. @Ken Smith I’m presuming nothing, they can claim they found evidence of fraud in the same way that Rudy keeps waving bits of paper and saying he has the evidence, but they have to show that evidence.

    1. The DOJ needs to do a lot of things including bring Flynn up on charges for sedition. If not, the democracy is gone.

    2. @Stephanie Woods
      The army needs to reactivate his commission and then court martial him. Put him in a penitentiary for sedition.

    1. DOJ and the military commander needs to be on heigh alert and take any kind of political coup must be immediately investigated with anyone who says that trump is going to be the president in August unless otherwise written in the constitution.

    2. I think DOJ is doing their job… carefully. Justice needs to dot their I’s and cross their T’s.
      …and they have a lot on their plate after 4 yrs of Trump

  7. This mob mentality they’re fomenting is so dangerous. Mobs are notoriously unpredictable.

    1. Yeah, the last mob like that was the Boston tea party…you being Canadian will have to look it up.

  8. The “KNEELERS”: Pence, little Marco, George P., Lindsey, Kevin, Nikki, lying Ted and the GOP/Q house and senate.

  9. The Big Lie is never about changing history; it is about justifying what they plan to do next.

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