Trump issues scathing rebuke against Mitch McConnell 1

Trump issues scathing rebuke against Mitch McConnell


Former President Donald Trump issued a statement that attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just days after McConnell delivered a speech where he said Trump was responsible for the US Capitol riot.

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  1. WOW, this is shaping up to be one nasty breakup & the world we be tuned in for every episode. Let the drama begin …….

    1. I think it’s actually good….. There’s a lot of deadwood in both parties. The dust or “sawdust” in this case will settle eventually

    2. @ Printman “….Hey can I ask you something, which one you reckon is the scorned woman, or are they both the biggest B’s ever at this time, , btw, live you post”!!! G-Mommie

    1. Wait. You find that writing impressive and don’t think Trump could have wrote it? Kinda burned yourself there, sweetie lol

    2. @Nadi Nadi you guys are so sad- hell what has Biden ever written?….he just uses other people’s sh*t, literally. Him and Kamala both….you know like how she said “fweedom” when she got out of her stroller. get real

  2. Mitch McConnells “scathing rebuke” means nothing since he voted to acquit Trump during his impeachment trial.

    1. An impeachment compelled by falsified evidence, cobbled together with lies, choked to the gills with omissions of fact, using gaslighting and ludicrous overexaggerations to try and straight up lie about a man they hate with every fiber of their being. Democrats have literally done NOTHING passing ZERO meaningful legislation or improvement of any kind, so negligent and apathetic towards their sworn duties and responsibilities that their cities are literally falling apart with mass population exodus, and all because they live and breath their vitriol towards the big man orange man.

      You Leftists and Liberals are always bitching about acceptance, love, kindness, understanding, coming together, respect, peace and loyalty, yet consistently and on full display time and time again demonstrate through your actions that your words to support those virtues are nothing but lies and propaganda to trick the weak minded factually mislead sheeple that make up the vast majority of your party.

      The Left’s rabid hatred and dogmatic belief in their cult like ideology makes them so blind to any other worldview but their own, and you’re constantly encouraged to not go outside of the walled garden narrative, because only Left views are factual, nobody else can ever be correct or even remotely reasonable if it contradicts what you’ve been spoonfed and forced to accept like a involuntary suppository from Nurse Ratchet. Interesting that the studies on political party associations and general approach to fact finding and news consumptions shows that Conservatives tend to take in a broader spectrum of views and opinions, even going through the mental and intellectual torture of watching CNN as I am doing now, to see what the other side is thinking and try to understand how the other side gets to it’s ideological ends. The Liberal Left on the other hand, tends to overwhelmingly consume news and opinions from a very narrow selection of sources firmly rooted in their own belief structure, compounding the echo chamber problem that plays itself out whenever you get a large group of you feckless simpletons together and you somehow parrot all the same talking points, repeatedly see the same quotes and catch phrases plastered across sign boards and placards, chanting in a neverending drone-like efficiency Leftist ideological credo that even on face value are so logically laughable and inconsistent with truth, that only someone with all self agency, lacking higher thinking on any kind of introspective and self reflective level would ever think that way. You demonstrate repeatedly with chilling consistency that the blind followers of Liberalism and Identity politics simply accept whatever they’re told by those in positions of authority, so as to wash their own hands of responsibility, critical thinking, meaningful self appraisal and self improvement, and an apathetic laziness that only pampered well off idiots who think socialism is still a good idea regardless of the hundreds of millions it’s murdered, starved to death, executed and forced to displace through the decades it’s been allowed to metastisize like the aggressive and subversive cancer it has been proven to be.

      I want to understand, encourage, and open the eyes of Leftists like bringing an abused cult member out of the psychotic belief structure, but it’s getting to the point where I don’t think they can be rehabilitated in any meaningful way, and if allowed to, will spread the mind virus of socialism and Identity politics long after its believed to have been defeated. It’s getting to the point where Leftists are unironically calling for Truth Commissions and POLITICAL REEDUCATION CAMPS, aka CONCENTRATION GULAGS, to “cure” Conservative of their beliefs and “modify the opposition’s world view to fall in line with our own beliefs”. The level of psychopathy that allows someone to simultaneously believe themself to be a liberator of the oppressed and supporter of personal freedom and societal unity, would damn those who don’t agree with them to soviet style mental modification centers that either torture the wrong think out of them, or silences them outright with only a freshly dug and covered hole to give evidence a dissenter ever existed. It’s terrifyingly absurd that party once full of peace loving hippies and open minded freethinkers pushing the envelope of accepted thought, has become the party of single minded political belief, that wields an iron fist of oppression as well as if not better than many of histories most disgusting and revolting authoritarian regimes that blighted the annals of history. It’s getting to the point where the Left is committing and widely accepting attacks on the Right that can’t be undone, and irrevocably damage and even destroy those they disagree with, going so far as to murder innocent men and women simply for voicing their disagreement, or even more concerning, voicing their neutrality. You don’t try to understand or nurse a rabid dog that attacks and lashes out at anything crossing it’s path, you end it, and halt it’s destructive rampage before it gets out of hand. The riots across the country was the closest we’ve come to killing each other like the Civil War, but regardless of that fact, the Left seems hellbent on poking and prodding the Right until we snap, even blowing up and lying about situations to justify their authoritarian clamp down of the citizenry. Every Leftist outlet shouted out the capitol officer was MURDERED BY TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS. What’s quite telling is that the Left even says the former president Trump, has been destroyed by 2 impeachment trials, when in truth the opposite is true. He was found not guilty twice, with historical precedent demonstrating the Democrats single minded obsession to rid themselves or Trump at any cost, and the witch-hunts they utilized to do so. Useless impeachments and stalling techniques and he still managed to bring about the most prosperous time in US economics. Only for Biden to roll in and childishly destroy the progress Trump made with cheaper drugs for recurring medical prescriptions, and even shutting down common sense legislation like keeping Huawei out of both our power grid and political/education infrastructure. Prices for insulin went from around $60 skyrocketing to upwards of nearly $600 and for what? To line the pockets of pharma lobbyists and soulless upper management? In one week he’s dwarfed the executive orders of previous presidents by a large margin, and it all reeks of childishly impetuous revenge vs thought out and logical reasoning to better the country. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Trump tried to do what he said he’d do, Biden already stabbed the pipe fitters unions and energy workers by cancelling the pipeline after promising not to, destroying 50k+ jobs with he stroke of his parkinson’s riddled hand. Promising us all $2000 in corona aid support for all, except whoops, he actually meant $1400, and whoops, it’s gonna be means based and not for everyone but a subsection of the population. The Weekend at Bernie’s double even rolled back and cancelled opportunity zones in black neighborhoods, which many ethnic leaders saying it was one of the most beneficial programs for African Americas.

      And yes, BIDEN authored the crime bill Hillary was crucified for supporting and using theine “super predator” yet the media scrubs those televised speeches where Biden repeats that line ad nauseum. Nothing but a puppet of Radical Leftists and nothing more.
      A hilariously hamfisted and horrible movie with a very poignant and insightful quote reflecting the Left and it’s mindless flock of sycophantic believers. “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    2. ( actually , at the lawsuit trials that are yet to come..
      Admissible evidence is..
      Mitch saying on film.. that he KNOWS tRump was guilty.

      And at a personal injury mental damage trial..
      Which can go into millions of dollars.. is already proven.
      And .. it’s all recorded .soo

      Don’t count the Good guys out yet ..

    3. @thesun collective147 OH , Yeah , The Real INDICTMENTS are definitely coming this time !
      Not Show Boating Baloney like PIZZAGATE or
      OBAMAGATE or Other lies an Misinformation.

    4. @jussi tikkuri Agolf Twittler, while ignoring Americans Dying Daily , an absent from his
      Responsibilities as President. The jerk

    5. @Melissa Kaye Yuuup, DJT! Didn’t agree with everything he did but always had your best interest at heart… America First

    1. (Herr Goebbels)
            “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    1. He will get pay for what he did for the nation taking to under ccp- Chinese control!
      Why? BC his wife is Ccp’s daughter? Mitch is TRAITOR!
      Now you guys sing that President Trump is attacking Mitch?
      Mitch is a RHINO!

    2. @Troy Summers LOL Trump is going going almost gone…… So close. PSST Even the Devil stopped doing business with Dumpy.

  3. I would like to know how much money McConnell has made under the table while he has been in office he is sniveling coward his wife has fight for him

  4. Mitch McConnell, “we should hold off the impeachment until after Trump is out of office.”

    Mitch McConnell on the first day of the impeachment trial, “we can’t impeach a former president.”


    1. He ll be 84 when his term is over no disrespect to older people but u have to think at 80 most people aren’t as sharp as they once were the pressure of major decisions should be too much my opinion we need to have age limit s

    2. ….assuming he lives to be 90.
      The Republican party will soon be in the capable hands of Lindsey “flip-flop’ Graham.

    1. Republicans didn’t create the monster. The Washington elite ruling class which is the majority of both parties never liked Donald. He rocked the boat and exposed them for the crooks that they are.

    2. @Lee Adickes Na. I was Raised in NY I know a con when I see one. Trump is a criminal ..he is just exposing people just like him. A criminal knows a criminal .He is no saint.

  5. He’s not that smart , so someone had to help him with that comment or he must be trying to improve is vocabulary,.

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