Trump Issues Statement Saying There Will Be ‘Orderly’ Transition Of Power On January 20’ | MSNBC 1

Trump Issues Statement Saying There Will Be ‘Orderly’ Transition Of Power On January 20’ | MSNBC


President Trump issued a statement that again made false claims about the election but said there would be “an orderly transition on January 20th.” Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Trump Issues Statement Saying There Will Be ‘Orderly’ Transition Of Power On January 20’ | MSNBC


    1. @enigmaticmisfit That racist $itch stole from poor black people and you are telling me to move on? F that racist and you too. You white supremacist be doing the most.

    2. @Celldweller Fangirl We should stop insulting each other. Aren’t we divided enough? Stop this. This is not the solution…

    1. *continuing to encourage you meant. He said “orderly” transition of power – didn’t say to WHO. He didn’t concede anything. And he said he would continue the FIGHT. He’s a comedian. His followers love it when he makes jokes about the left, and he just said another hilarious joke, just now – meaning the exact OPPOSITE. This is an explicit endrosement of the violence on capital hill from him. He didn’t apologize or concede anything.

  1. Let me get this straight, the person that orchestrated and incited yesterday’s failed coup will leave “peacefully”?! The only way he should make his exit is in handcuffs.

    1. @Mit Seraffej One lady was shot dead, and the other 3 had medical emergencies (e.g. heart attack) is what I read.

    1. In his rally speech yesterday, tRump tells people to march on the Capitol and says “I’ll be right there with you!” Talk about a doomsday cult, mindless lemmings did exactly what he told them to do while he went home and watched on TV. These Trumplings are the ones that get arrested, they will still send him and his ugly kids money and they will be there to do whatever he wants them to do. They ALL need to be arrested and sent to Guantanamo.

    1. Yep. To Drumpf, “orderly” means “ordering his thugs to attack.” He deserves a life jail sentence.

  2. I want to see him getting cuffed, dragged out of the White House along with Ivanka, Eric & D Jr. by the secret service

    1. @Jonathan Fox oh Rudy should be up on major sedition charges just for his statement, “trial by combat.”

    2. As all should be( donnie, jr., ivankadonnie, airhead eric) but you forgot rudy. And he should know better. I think it would be ironic justice to convict the whole group with the RICO law that he designed.

  3. What this strikes me as is: Trump’s in trouble; he knows he’s in trouble, and he is doing the bare minimum to stay out of trouble

  4. And if you believe him now after everything he’s done
    Shame on you
    Trump never does what we expect others to do
    He’s dangerous very dangerous
    Remove him and his friends from last night

  5. Is it just me or does Trumps speech here sound like he’s STILL inciting the MAGA crowd to continue the insurrection? Why is he not being stopped?

    1. It the EXIT PLAN! Pardon and all. All the politicians win too! Who’s talking about taxpayers starving, loosing homes, $2000??? Telling ya! They are blowing the dust off President Ford’s “Nixon Speech” right now.

  6. Unless he comes out and tells his followers that he was lying and he did lose the election, it is not enough.

  7. This isn’t a real pledge. He still falsely claims that “the facts bear me out”. He is a liar. He is a traitor.

    1. Just because Supreme Court Justices are scared to death of being murdered by democrats does not mean the things that they have found is not true.

    2. @Mairice Wilson Stop being a sore loser liar and admit your guy lost. You have no evidence for your delusions.

    3. @Mairice Wilson What the f are you prattling on about? Since when have Supreme Court justices been afraid of handing down decisions Democrats don’t like? That’s the reason those right wing goons were put there in the first place. Also, what is it that they are supposed to have found? Last I heard they threw out the embarrassing court cases brought by Trump’s team, not because they were afraid but because the cases had no standing, no evidence and no sense.

    1. Yes!! It’s like causing a multi-car pileup and trying to walk away. Seriously, he should be prosecuted for inciting his sycophants to come to Washington, D.C., from all over the country and standing in front of them at a rally and telling them to march on the Capitol. The death and destruction of property that resulted is directly traceable to TRUMP.

    1. He doesn’t literally have his own launch button. He needs to issue orders via a set of sealed launch codes that are changed daily. There are several steps in between him and the actual triggers, and at any of those stages, the order could be refused on the grounds that it was illegal… or at the very least, inappropriate during a lame-duck period.

      My money is on the launch codes being replaced with fortune cookies.

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