Trump Jr., Author Of ‘Triggered,’ Gets Booed Off Stage | All In | MSNBC 1

Trump Jr., Author Of ‘Triggered,’ Gets Booed Off Stage | All In | MSNBC


Donald Trump Jr. got heckled off the stage by his own fans at a book event over the weekend. Aired on 11/11/19.
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Trump Jr., Author Of ‘Triggered,’ Gets Booed Off Stage | All In | MSNBC


  1. Makes book called, “triggered” gets asked to do a QnA, gets triggered. Has wife hurl insults. Just sell at this point to become a millionaire.

    1. yeah. 1:35 for video proof. are you really going to take the word of some guy youve never even met over actual video proof? he tosses up the a okay sign him and the turning point dude are clapping as they look to be FINISHED and leave. everyone in the audience thats visible on video gives a standing ovation while clapping.

  2. Trump junior’s book should instead be titled: “How my corrupt father is destroying American democracy and how we are triggering the left every day by attacking the rule of law and the truth”.

    1. “how we are triggering the left ” and the right. Not enough of us but we too are trigerred by dump and his families corrupt antics.

    2. Whytepathe it’s not about left or right, Democrat or Republican but right and wrong. It’s about checks and balances. Just because you don’t believe in accountability, most of us do thankfully

    3. @Eric Fical Absolutely, Eric. There are those out there who want the divisiveness. But those of us who have discernment skills and might not belong to either the left or right parties just want justice for those who believe they are above the law, who are not doing the jobs they were elected or appointed to do, and who appear to be supporting the Trump administration in supporting a hostile foreign entity. I have no time for the GOP or any Trump supporters– they are obvious anti-Americans and need to leave. I would prefer a grateful, patriotic immigrant any day to these sleaze bags.

      Each one that rises from the swamp looks more dastardly than the next.

    1. Frederico Espinoza and why do we have so many homeless? And which President is calling out this? Which President is calling out crime ridden cities and congressmen and women who are in charge of their districts? And which President is advocating for border security and all the millions and millions of dollars go to illegals and not our homeless? Ya…..President Trump. Why do you think he is taking so much heat. He’s called out Chicago, California, Detroit, NY, and many more. Do some research and stop listening to CNN

    2. And even if the economy was great , that in no way excuses #45 from the corruption and lies that he seems to be trying to normalize. That is not who we are as a country. The truth matters . Doing the right thing matters . That is who we are as a country. We arent bullies , we dont befriend and support dictators , we defend whats right and we dont cheat during elections

    3. Why is he calling attention to only Democratic cities and states if he truly cares about our homeless and lower income citizens? And regardless of what his mouth says , his actions speak louder. Pushihg through tax cuts for the rich did nothing except lower available tax revinue which is causing social safety net programs to take cuts in funding. That is the opposite of trying to help solve homelessness . Now the Gop is making noises about cutting billions from education budget as well as social security. #45 is calling out anything that he hopes will distract the country from what he is up to , which is breaking every law that is inconvenient to him . Im sorry to inform you that no matter how much Faux news tries to spin and redirect , NO ONE is above the law in the United States of America!!! Not even the current sitting president. Especially not the president. This single concept is what makes America great

    4. He’s taking all this heat because he’s just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar , again!!! The dude surrounded himself with criminals , who does that ??? Criminals do !!!

    1. ted Clauss
      “Real” is stretching it. The Democrat women have class. This one , there’s nothing real about this one. It’s all plastic.

    1. Well, daddy doesn’t read, but he’ll buy a case for the white house library. Send bill to taxpayers of course.

    1. I’m glad that you have introspective insight into other people’s minds. It must be wonderful to have such a superpower.

    1. @Dale Cox booed because he wouldn’t take questions. I’m sure hes laughing all the way to the bank, its ranked #2 on Amazon’s best seller list

  3. He isn’t the “author” of a book. If anyone thinks this moron sat at a computer and typed this out on Word then had it edited and published, they are seriously high.

    1. @Gar Sm That’s what you get when a scrubber gets a load of money but has not had the proper up bringing that goes with it mind that’s not confined to America it happens in the UK as well

    1. It probably was Melina at one time. The Trumps are so animalistic I bet they do take turns with each other’s women, then rate them.

  4. What a pair, they deserve each other, all the money in the world and still can’t find happiness, the couple from the movie ” dumb and dumber “.

  5. DT Jr, other members of his family and his girlfriend can be easilty replaced with any member of the Kardasian family.

  6. Donnie Jr. is, or should be embarrassed, by his honey’s thrusting herself into the debate. He flashed a look of annoyance. And she sounds like a 9th grader…..

    1. JohnE9999
      They are not speech impediments, they grew up talking nonsense. We are just stating how ignorant they are. Thinking all people believe them.

  7. Why is it that Republicans like them go into personal attacks, even when they don’t know the individuals they are attacking?

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