1. @Andrew Campbell AOC is a one hit wonder her own district is turning on her. Warren lied about her heritage to get into college and get positions.

    2. @Muddy Water 1st, we wanna see an HIV test from Trump cause he had unprotected sex with a pornstar and a playboy model and we don’t want AIDS in the white house. 2nd
      we need a DNA test to check which children of Trump have been conceived through an incestuous relationship.

    3. @first/m /last See how you have to attack them, you can’t help yourself, can you. Why are you people so scared of women in power?

  1. *Well then I guess 45 is not an real American. He is the son of a German father and a Scottish mother, and the sugar baby of a Russian dictator.*

    1. @Maip video it was not slaves, it was ,LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Came into the US at Ellis island. THE brick masons and carpenters, electrical sand plumbers were legally in the US. They built this country. The blacks picked cotton and ironed our shirts, helped raise the children.. Children loved their black nanny more than white mommy.

    2. @Inappropriate Mushroom Tell me more.Obama said his father was African Who is this man . You’re speaking about?

    3. Dr. Dermix Girl
      Once you ring a bell, it’s impossible to un-ring it.
      Donald Trump Jr’s intent was to put it out there and then delete it. If he hadn’t put it up, we wouldn’t be discussing it, so it doesn’t matter that he took it down. What matter is that he put it up in the first place.
      Now, they will sit back and hope that it will muddy the water and cause doubt about Kamala Harris’ race. This could be just as birtherism was for President Obama, depending on how Harris handles it.
      Republicans don’t care about truth and the law when they go after others, which seems to always put the Dems on the defense.
      Trump supporters were able to take over Meghan Rapinoe Twitter account, because she spoke the truth about Trump. I cannot imagine Democrats doing the same.
      This is what we are dealing with, and in 2020 Democrats will further be at a disadvantage when Putin releases his army of trolls to divide the Democratic Party.
      The Democratic Party is not doing enough to educate their voters about some of the GOP most common tactic.
      Trump Jr and his father have done similar things before, so I find it incredulous that anyone would not be familiar with this tactic.
      Trump, jr should have been in jail. Mueller was unable to get the job done, so I hope SNDY will be able to.

  2. Trump blood appears in “harmony” with his dad… also in talk and behavior whether in politics or society and below the norms and standard of good behavior of decent and honorable folks. Very sad!

  3. The lives of the WH Grifters consist of confusion, lies, and create a narrative to control. Lying is a family Tradition for the Grifters.

  4. But Don Jr. – Your father is half German & half Scottish!
    You’re more of an immigrant descendant than Kamala or Obama!

    1. @Noiseless Sounds You can’t even open a counter argument without playing the race card. You have no clue what race I am. Furthermore, I pointed out she lied and she failed California as AG. Counter that other than “poor me”

    2. @Santa Clause it takes less words just to admit you’re a racist. Can you just say it? Please?

  5. Not to mention the mess he made at the border the lack of funding that he did for Puerto Rico Trump is clearly a racist

  6. April Ryan! The one reporter trump always refuses to respond to, he always tries to diminish her personally instead of answering her dang questions, probably learned that from his daddy who was a KKK member, talk about rotten fruit falling off the tree

    April is a strong smart black woman, Obama is a strong smart black man, Kamala is a strong smart black woman, also the political leader in Puerto Rico who stood up to trump after the storm—a strong smart brown woman, Maxine Waters The Legend, and April knows of more been bullied by this Monster! see a pattern here?

  7. Of course….typical Trump tactic….attack a person’s racial identity.

    And they wonder why the rest of us called them RACISTS.

    1. I don’t agree … he’s not questioning her racial identity, he’s questioning her place of birth. Why doesn’t she just say , I was born in 1964 in Oakland California and give her birth certificate? That’s Why they give us birth certificates..so we have proof of our birth place.

  8. I use to say Trump Jr was as dumb as a box of rocks. Now I wish to formally apologize to all the rocks.

    1. @W TF? Just because trump fu ked pornstars without condoms on, doenst mean he doesnt have STD’S……. It would explain his dementia.

    2. You bet!!!! Daddy “cash cow” might not be handing out the cash to Jr and the others when in PRISON!!!!!!!!!

    3. @SED investigation proved his birth certificate was a fraud besides the point asking questions is not racist.

    4. she is a threat to no one, she is a female Chris Christie……….She wont be the democratic nominee. She is just 1 of over 20 candidates that is running.

  9. I have a strong feeling if Booker started rising in the polls there’d suddenly be a question about his his birth origins too.

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