1. Starman Dx BREAKING NEWS!!!!!
      THIS JUST IN – Donald Trump is STILL President of the United States. Baaaahahhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. NICE TRY

    2. @Jason G –so you spit out, huh? I’d-a guessed you’d be a swallower, hoe; all I lost was a load to a hoebag who was comparing it to Durnild’s–I get it: you’re a spooge taster, and you just swoosh and swizzle it then spit it out; well, sorry mine ain’t got that hint o’ mint with an Orange chaser bouquet, spanky, and you prefer yours from OrangeMan’s Mushroom spigot–well, I respect whatever bathroom choice you make, hose-beast

  1. A Kavanaugh like tantrum. Does he like beer too? Like Kavanaugh, he would like to thank the Academy of BS Arts.

    1. @Soldier JC Yes in this setting. I don’t mind at all when men cry. When a guy who is supposed to be up for being a judge, and is at a hearing starts crying, he’s unstable. If this had been a woman you would have been all over that. Stop with the poor man crap.

    1. @Arman That’s RIGHT! If your country asks that is what happens! DEAL WITH IT! THOUSANDS of men DID!

    2. @The grim sleeper

      If you think I’m twelve, what are you talking to me for then, creep?

      I’ve gotta warn my daughter again about this internet!

    3. @Arman yes!!! My father went just like so many other Americans. It’s not a question of right or wrong. When your country calls, YOU ANSWER!!! I have served as well in support of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It’s called patriotism and love of country! I thought that’s what you conservatives are all about?

  2. If l had to go before this judge all l would have to do is to get him crying and l could get what l wanted.

    1. Wouldn’t he make a lot more in the private sector? Not all positions in government allows one to reap from special interest groups.

    1. @Soldier JC yes you’re right we are entitled to think for ourselves unlike 45 supporters who are just brainless Zombie’s.

    2. @chustlerm even when you follow the rules they set in 2015 they flip out. They mad because they screwed themselves by doing that to the Democrats.

    3. @Reese Torwad i wouldn’t want that fool working traffic court. He’d have everyone in prison for life for running a red light .

    4. @Craft9841wow you fuking trumptard youd be to scared to talk like that in person. Id bend you over and spank you jr.

    1. @vicenteroj libtard lesson of the day.One cent is equal to an area of 1/100 of an acre, or approximately 435.60 square feet.

    1. @No Worries Health & Wellness …..Over 400 million to be exact. He claimed that he just got a 1 million dollar loan that he paid back with interest. A stupid, easily debunked lie. Somehow his worshippers accept these insulting obvious lies.

    2. @Lisa R ……If Mike Carter hasn’t achieved ANYTHING in life. If Mike Carter was on the level of a Don Jr, his statement still hit the nail on the head.

  3. The “best people” are crying because the BAR says he’s a lazy, bigot who isn’t fit for the job or any position within law, more-less a judge.

    1. There’s a tRumpy everywhere you lift a rock like roaches they spread and start crying about how the truth is unfair and is all fake news

    2. @Sam Spade That is so brilliant and simple… I always say to these creeps that their “real news sources” are Q-Anon, Alex Jones, Breitbart and Fox “””news”””. I should just ask what they consider real news… But that also implies that they’re acting in good faith to begin with, which is giving them too much credit

    3. @Richard Head111 wow how long did it take you to stick your head out from under a rock just to say that? You couldn’t say anything else and establish facts with proof to protect your soon to be impeached president huh? Guess all the jobs at fake news were taken or you don’t qualify cause youre not too Trumpy enough. Better go back under rock cause, the adults are speaking right now

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