Trump just told 12 lies about January 6 on Fox News 1

Trump just told 12 lies about January 6 on Fox News


CNN's Brianna Keilar and John Berman fact check an interview that former President Donald Trump gave on Fox News where he told 12 lies about the January 6 capitol insurrection.
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    1. @Robert Goss lol, trump held rallies almost daily, he should have won by you peoples standards. Hillary lost because of trump, russia and comey. trump did’t keep people safe he weakened our National security, those low taxes were for the rich which did NOT help our economy, trump did NOT keep gas prices down because he has NO say over that. The impeachment was for a criminal NOT jealous, trump has NOTHING to be jealous over. that phone call behavior was illegal.

    2. @Robert Goss no, trump was NOT harder on russia than any other president. That is NOT fact. Obama had every right to say what he did, he was still acting president. He did NOT say he would help them monitarily

    3. @Kate F 81million votes later and u still think trump’s president, you’re a “Stew Head”….

    1. They hear what Trump says BUT they hear what they want ans say there were lies …You the people decide ….Changing word meaning is AMERICAN MARXISM

    2. @Sam Spamoli
      The border crisis became a crisis under Trump. Trump caused it. Now you are trying to blow smoke up everyone’s butt and convince them it didn’t happen until Biden took office. What a group of idiots!

    3. @Mike B
      There is no such thing as TDS. It’s made up just like everything Republicans say and do. It’s all fake. It’s all lies. It’s all worthless banter. No one would believe a Republican now if they said, “fish live in the sea.” See what telling so many lies does? No one believes anything you say.

    4. @matt molloy well if you learned the difference between a protest and a riot, you would understand what mostly peaceful protest means compared to looting. I don’t think you can do that. What city burned and where was dead people in the background??

    5. *Donald Trump was a Highly Productive President that made the Quality of Life in America much higher,*

      *and was World’s better than the Corrupt and Senile Swamp Creature in the White House now.*

    1. @Ryan Diapoules lmao. You made a CNN for tell the truth about Trump. Trump over truth is republicans new motto.

    2. @William Royer he’s still having rallies. He thinks he’s a god to his mindless supporters.

    3. @L P we don’t adore Biden like y’all do Trump. It that matters was the end result. Trump lost.

    1. @Joshua Jiménez I bought a 9mm Jimenez, made in Las Vegas I believe,some time ago,quite cheap.$35. We used it for target practice, seems your not even of that quality

    2. @Bob K they posted VIDEOS OF THEMSELVES ON SOCIAL MEDIA showing the world THEIR GUILT!!! Try again, that defense was blown out of the water.

    3. brandon private So what is your response to the lies outlined in this video? Nothing else like your typical “WHAT ABOUT YOU” stuff.

    4. @Typical Battlefield Player well obviously you still are madam, its possible there might have been a few good apples but I doubt it.

    1. Trump will win in August by Supreme court. Theres still a path to victory after the fraud is revealed.

  1. The woman who got shot crawling thru a broken window knowing that a loaded pistol was pointing at her was the ultimate Trump stooge.

    1. @Lucy Hardy-Styles-Shield Just like George Floyd??? Difference is her Killing was through a window she never even got through. 🙄

    2. @Adam Taylor Just like George Floyd?? But she never even made it through the Window. Soo..Hypocrisy @ it’s best!

    3. @Adam TaylorWhere did you get your information from!🤣Lol she was going to go murder Government officials without a weapon??!! Being Millitary…unreal pathetic comment.

  2. If all that was “peaceful”, I wonder what a dispute, quarrel and fight are looking like in the trump family.

    1. @Removed for Wrongthink
      Four hundred sixty+ have been arrested and booked so far. And the FBI is STILL arresting people. If you crossed the threshold of the Capital Bldg, you are guilty of a crime!

    2. @Robert Dickson “probably surely?” By the way, your right-wing talking points are old and stale.

    3. @P Watson as they should be. However continuing to portray all these people as violent insurrectionists is hilariously ignorant, yet so many continue to do it.

    4. @Connie Bailey It is hypocritical to condemn the pro-Trump riot, in DC, while condoning all the riots that occurred all summer. In both cases, more people were peaceful than violent. The main difference, the riots this summer lasted longer, were more racist, and did much more damage. If you call them “mostly peaceful”, because the majority of protesters did not engage in violence, you have to speak the same way about the would-be insurrection. Be honest, and condemn both.

    1. @Julio Garcia did you watch the video? That’s pretty impressive if you can still muster support for this idiot, like how can someone be so dumb and still actually function in day to day life. I bet you’re literally embarrassing to be around.

    2. @Jessse RiversLooking forward to hearing about Trump wearing lipstick & being played,poked, & pumped like a squeeze box in a prison shower room.

  3. Every politician is a liar but when a man writes a book and says “You tell people a lie 3 times, they will believe anything. You tell people what they want to hear, play to their fantasies, and then you close the deal.” It makes you think why people believe him

  4. Only 12? It’s only 2pm, give him time. He will easily tell a few more whoppers today. And tomorrow, and the next day.

  5. Delusion:
    “a false belief or judgment about external reality, held despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, occurring especially in mental conditions.”

    1. @Julie Crane you believe Russia, Impeachments and the new York bs stories and Gaetz damn you are a sad sap

    2. I would like to donate my vaccine dose(s)(s)(s) for all current and future variants to you.

    3. @Jim Hackett I hear that Cuba Is nice this time of year. You should go check it out. Just ignore all those people shouting “we want freedom” and waving American flags. You can live your wet dream there. As long as you do what their government tell you to do. You’ll love it. Nice beaches fresh food, free health care.

  6. Magas say “death to traitors”, while refusing to get the vaccine. Well, okay then. Um…thank you?

    1. Millie Marbrey. What makes you think the people that aren’t getting the vaccine, are conservatives. I know CNN told you. Delusional twitt.

    2. @FuryoftheNight257 10 percent of America has, or has had the virus. Less than 1 tenth of 1 percent has died. Biden & the left try to pressure people into taking the vaccine. But you can’t tell a woman that abortion is wrong. Her choice right? But people that don’t want the vaccine, don’t have the right to choose? See the hypocrisy?

    3. Only morons get vaccinated for something that is 100% curable, especially if the vaccine is experimental. One good thing is that the vaccine will likely help to weed out the morons

    4. @stevedub40 I’m going to use this lol. That’s a prime example of the hypocrisy that arises when people don’t challenge their own way of thinking. Beautiful!

  7. It’s curious that there was a deliberate three hour delay to respond to desperate calls from capital police to the national guard for assistance in containing insurrection attempts by an unruly mob. It was in this same 3 hour delay that trump was missing in action from participating directly in the insurrection as he had promised the crowd he would as he incited them to act.

    1. Well, the only reason they got through was because of Pence calling in to have the National Guard sent in, and then someone at the NG overriding the orange traitor’s orders to not send in the Guard regardless of what happens. He WANTED everyone at the Capitol to die. He was LIVID when he found out they were responding.

    2. Trumps wouldn’t allow any outside help for hr’s.and when he finally did it was way to late

      Give Trump the death penalty I don’t even believe in it I make an exception for him
      Trump’s behind attacking the United States they planned it all and they are celebrating and dancing while people are murdered un fucking believable

  8. You’ll be joining then soon, ALL those “tremendous people” you hid from at the white house. That betrayal of democracy was that “stand down and stand by” order he gave during the debate.

    1. Stand down but stand by!!! He said at the debate. That statement alone is guilt!! He makes it in Oct then on Jan 6 excites closed!!!!!

  9. Why didn’t donnie join his cult members and walk to the capitol? Donnie said WE when he instructed his cultists to head to the capitol. Donnie is a coward and he knows his followers blindly follow.

    1. He’s a con man who gets other people to do his dirty work and then denies any knowledge of it.

    2. @Eric Staples the leader of the mafia tells his underlings to take the next victim on vacation. Donnie Talks like a don

  10. He just continues to poison America- he can’t even see the damage he’s done and will never take responsibility for any of his pathetic behaviors

  11. This reporting is unfair! We all know Trump cant read, so there’s no way he could’ve read his name in the report…

    1. All Trump supporters are evil, right? That’s what the establishment tells you, keep rolling with it. Stay woke.

    2. They will always love him because bullies love bullies, even when they just kicked ’em in the nuts.

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