Trump Kept January Vaccination A Secret; Let Supporters Go Astray On Covid Science | Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow reports on a new poll that shows Republicans are the least likely to say they'll get the Covid vaccine, and wonders how that number would be different if Donald Trump hadn't kept it a secret from his followers that he and Melania were vaccinated at the White House in January. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Trump Kept January Vaccination A Secret; Let Supporters Go Astray On Covid Science | Rachel Maddow


    1. @Peter Pozman
      Yes, I think I’m going to roast a spliff and drain the formaldehyde out of this corpse i dug up behind Jiffymart

    2. @Ramon Gonzalez I’m a New Yorker, too, and I’ve known for decades that he is something you accidentally step in and then have to scrape off your shoe. It’s amazing how many of his supporters have zero interest in looking into his past.

    1. @Franky46Boy ; I left California to work in Germany in 2001. Retired after 13 yrs. of working for our City Hall and stayed . I’ve got more then I need , the Netherlands are 30 minutes close and 95% speak English . The Dutch are so ahead of the Germans .

    2. @Randal Walker Switch that to Trumpism? The Party doesnt own the social media. You made a weak point.

    3. @Randal Walker Switched to Trumpism? The party doesnt own the media, has no apparatus to tell you what to think, doesnt own social media. Randal Walker is not very good at debating.

  1. Why..because he wants to continue misleading his followers and doesn’t give a f**k about them!

    1. @Rod Again with the communist card? Get out of the 1950s! There are only 5 communist communist countries left in the world, a drop of over 30 in the past 30 years. So, share with us the truth you have & your source? This revelation, btw, has been broadcast around the world through a myriad of different news networks, all with the same message so help me understand what your research has uncovered?

    1. @Briana White You’re right…instead it should be on the desks of FBI, as his domestic terrorism and assaults on the constitution should have landed him in prison long ago!

    2. @T My remark was to use his picture and that caption to encourage people to get vaccinated. I received my first shot last Saturday. I had Covid in July, and choose not to get it again. Protecting oneself begins at home, but good advertising could help encourage people to make an appointment.

    3. @Bob Holmes ah I misunderstood. I am vaccinated because of my job. Good luck. Keep the Tylenol handy for the second shot.

  2. There is something deeply hostile towards others which guides Trumps actions. Its not just self interest or indifference which leaves us reeling at his actions and choices in life. There is a very real desire to harm other people. Its part of how he understands success. He is a very sick man.

    1. @swiftmars well, the psychopathy is also there on full display. You think he’s a high Machiavellian or a low one??

  3. He didnt want his bark at the moon base to think they might need one for a fake disease.

  4. He never admitted covid was “real” thing. How could he come out and say to his supporters he got vaccinated against something he claimed didn’t exist. Just another part of his lying to them.

    1. Bill Gates says SAVING LIVES LEADS to world OVER POPULATION (which he says is bad),
      and then offers to save Your life with a vaccine are you taking it?
      Not with WAR but while talking about VACCINES(Undeniable)
      Want to be neutered?
      Bill Gates preaches that healthy people will have LESS children, It’s not how nature works NOW,
      is that for nutering humans?
      Bill Thinks that saving lives leads to world OVER POPULATION
      And apprently that is a bother. He also thinks if your healthy you will not want children!
      So WHY are you taking his vaccine again?

      what is the mark of the beast is it just one thing?
      Fake Syringe for a fake shot (hides needle and hides fluid)

      Do hospitals get paid extra $ for a person dying from Covid? Like
      this: please read Short CBS link to find out (or click

      on the CBS broadcast video, inside the next link)
      $13,000 for admitted with covid
      $39,000 for getting placed on a ventilator,….
      37,000 if they are listed as WITH COVID when they die no mater what they actually
      died from and plus a extra 20% on TOP of their regular rates.

      “Did the US Government Just Open the Door to the Mark of the Beast”
      new development from Minister that thought it was NOT the mark of the beast.
      until the Government made a change to policy.

      This is a big Government document so to find the vaccine section question just search
      for the question numbers:
      if you dont know how to do this just click in a open area of the page THEN press CTRL-F
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      CORONA mean CROWN CORONA =666
      There are 6 letters, and the individual letters add up to 66 so hench 6 and 66
      A is 1st letter of the alphabet, and C is the 3rd letter of the alpha bet


      Is Covid-19 a Fear-Mongering Operation?

      CEO of APIJECT HAY WALKER admits CHip in vaccine. Like a barcode and each
      person will get a SERIAL NUMBER This video is positioned to where he admits
      there is a CHIP in it and your will get a SERIAL number.

      Your right THIS is what the First inventor of the chip said they Chose the Right
      hand and Forehead because those two are the hottest AND have the greatest
      temperator CHANGE for charging the batteries.

      Wow!!!:Project Engineer Who Made Bill Gate Microchip Speaks The Truth, & White
      Doctor Compliment This was Decades ago it is probably even smaller now. youtube
      keeps cesoring it so I will link it to one of the competitors sites.



      The Angles of God(ALMIGHTY) are marking the 144,000, this is different from a human
      yourself FROM taking the mark of the beast. (but if you take the mark of
      the beast you CANT be 144,000 because you will be punished for it ) This mark of
      the beast will be deceptive, IT WILL DECEIVE THE ENTIRE WORLD. A Good point from
      that is IF your the crowd that is going down the broad
      and spacious road (many are
      taking that one), We should take the NARROW AND CRAMPED Road (few are taking that one).

      Also The scriptures tells us that IT WILL BE A LYING SIGN! And It tells us that
      the world will be deceived by means of SORCERY WHICH means PHARMAKIA when you look
      it up in STRONGS
      BIBLE DICTIONARY. The modern word for PHARMAKIA is PHARMACY.

      Also major note People in SORCERY ALWAYS get initiated with FACE MASKS.
      And people that are subjected to a SPELL are easier targets if they where A FACE MASK.


      Several LINKS BELOW Who said Bill Gates is not trying to vaccinate the Entire worlds
      population? Bill Gates says it.

      DIRECTLY on VIDEO link below.
      First I want to say this:
      If a watchman see danger approach a city, and wars them but some dont listen there
      blood is NOT on his hand.However if he does not warn them then God will demand there
      blood from HIM. What if another watchman was siting right next to the watchman that
      is warning the city is saying We are not too live in fear so stop shouting! And tells
      everyone we are christain please relax, lets be calm and reasonable even though he
      may have good intentions because he assumes this army has good intentions coming
      to the city). You have to admit with Common sense that “Conspiracy theory” is used
      to denote negative connotation for DECADES it is is primary use. The first thing you
      will hear people say is they are notcensoring you that is a conspiracy theory!This
      is how EVEN the layman use the word.

      Does not the scriptures say do not put your trust in doctors? Does not
      the Bible say that SATAN will mislead the ENTIRE inhabited earth(and yes that
      IS a literal conspiracy), when he is thrown out of heaven at the time of the
      end!? Does not the scriptures say we will have a GREAT DECEPTION, and the
      signs will be a LYING sign? Are you saying these scriptures are lying and
      we should be believing the World which is controlled by Satan just as
      Jesus himself says it is? Are you saying the GREAT TRIBULATION excludes
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      will see the signs if they was real? Which is the opposite of what God
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      does not hate them? But it seems you want to say he does because he puts
      down their Gov or some leaders?! I put down Democrat leaders and Republican
      leaders but I love the people under them. Same with China! I love Chinese
      but I put down the Government because they are doing wickedness to those
      people. The US congress pass A Bill call HR 6666 ALL bills that start in
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      Revelations 13:17-18
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      18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the
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      The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO )

      Video and titles in case Bitchute goes down Misterioously again.



      Proof Corona is a bioweapon patented by Bill Gates


      Three days later… black nurse after vaccine


      elderly people dieing hours after vaccine

      Bill Gates meet with and sets up a fund to benefit jeffrey epstein

    2. Deplorable? Yes! But if I were a low-down dirty-filthy human being, I would keep it secret too, knowing 40% of the population–including the Republican Congress will not desert me–even if I’m indirectly responsible for the deaths of 400,000–500,000 Americans, the attempt to overthrow democracy, and a thousand other indignities against humanity. I was talking to a die-hard Trumper last night, whose main defense is, “What he did was petty; Nobody’s perfect.” Really! F….g really? Every time she gets in a car to drive anywhere, I worry about her safety because her thinking is so muddy.

    3. @Donald Fry you need to get your facts straight! If that man goes for a mid-night swim in the Everglades after telling you there were no gators, and invited you to come along, would you go? If your answer is “yes,” you’d better find a good friend, and don’t let them out of your sight:-)

    4. @Donald Fry , so what if the virus had taken a couple of your family members? It’s easy to be smart if the bad luck is falling on other people. Trump himself is a hoax….

  5. He already claimed he was ‘immune’ after ‘beating the virus’ in hospital. A vaccination would (in his eyes) make him look weak.

    1. @Gloria K Wasn’t me… some kind of spell check glitch but I will fix it just for you Biotch

  6. He did not want to alienate the anti-vax part of his base. That was more important than the public good.

  7. He got himself and the whole WH staff vaccinated for the “hoax” disease especially after they started spreading it around in Oct-Nov

    1. @Tim Farris There was video of him calling it “another Democratic hoax” The people who said anything about the travel restriction (not a full ban) did not have the same information available to them that trumputin did you fool

  8. *He did it because he’s still trying to burn down the country for rejecting him. Seems obv to me.*
    Much love from Canada!!

  9. The benefit is that he doesn’t want to expose himself to his lies. That’s the problem with lairs. When you start lying then there’s no limit.

    1. It’s not so much hate, as contempt. Trump has contempt for everybody, from his wife to the poorest Democratic voter.

    2. @Venom Love really!?!?!you trust a lying vindictive treasonous con-man more than a man who’s accomplished more in a lifetime than tRUMP could even dream of? Not using Daddy’s money I might add!

    3. Actually i cant believe they really believe his lies i think theyre just sucked in to the whole conspiracy theory cult world. I guess. Who knows.😜

    4. @Venom Love You are a seriously special kind of stupid….Biden is and will be 10,000 times the president trumputin was

  10. he is still selling his lies, so it doesn’t go along with that agenda. even more reason to lock him up 🤗

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