1. I oppose the United States as far as law on a daily. For instance here in Davie a kid made a hitlist to assault indian ridge middle school a week ago .His mom was a teacher so no arrests were made. Meanwhile a kid in Broward went to jail just for threatening his school over an Xbox game. Justice depends on who ya know.

    1. @Deb Shaw love, support, and prays for your daughter, you, and your family. Not sure why the school overlooked the critical thing – evidence. Why? Was it incompetence? Something more nefarious?

  2. What Jason Morgan said 100% true. No real justice in USA. It favors those with money or connections.

    1. @Sand Hanitizer who did you expect ? Jar Jar Binks?
      Anyone down for Battlefield?🙏😯

    2. @Sand Hanitizer what’s funny is I seem to be over in this guy’s comment about my comment . Meanwhile in my comment everyone’s arguing with each other 🤣😂🤣. So I come over her to chill.😶‍🌫️

  3. I found it interesting also, that Jared, was too busy getting pardons to pay serious attention to all the senior staff threatening to resign and calling it whining. Too busy getting pardons?? You only need pardons if you’ve done something wrong.

    1. @Do the mathemathics yea, but lots of things never meant changed under trump.

    2. @Matt T regardless of the validity of your point, kindly explain how your point applies to this thread about criminal activity associated with Donald Trump’s Jan 6 deceit.

  4. “Bill Barr sucks. I’m great”
    What is this? Board game night with the over competitive father in law?

  5. Trae Crowder said in his recent video: Looks like no more tiny handed shoulder rubs from Daddy for you, young lady! 💀

    1. Actually, Michael, I possess a strong common sense aspect. And always have. Fighting for the vaccination programme to get going in Britain, proves that I do.

  6. Trump “If she wasn’t my daughter I’d be dating her.” Stephen Colbert “His daughter has finally screwed him.”

    1. I m a total Trumper and I don’t like what u said on that account … but ….that was totally funny! ;😅😆🤣 . I m not trying to encourage you but …. that was way way funny. 😂🤣😅. Well crafted joke. Is that yours?

  7. “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” -Lysander Spooner

  8. “The 2020 election was not stolen.” _~ Ivanka Trump, favorite daughter and former cabinet member_

  9. Anyone else find it funny that the guy who demonstratively checked out of his job for 3 hours on Jan. 6, and countless other times prior, is accusing _anybody_ else of doing the same?

    1. @Victor Pradha I agree completely. That’s what I meant by “and countless times prior,” all the other times he was checked out.

  10. “I’m frightened by the devil And I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid” Joni Mitchell
    YOU TO GIRL. Liz Cheney is not afraid.

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