Trump lashes out at Fox News after report on Arizona's recount 1

Trump lashes out at Fox News after report on Arizona’s recount


Former President Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News in a written statement after the network reported that an Associate Press investigation found only 182 potentially fraudulent ballots out of 3 million votes cast in Arizona during the 2020 presidential election. Former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt shares what has surprised him the most about the reaction from Republicans and Trump supporters that Fox News called Arizona for President Joe Biden.
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  1. Karen Fan is going to lose her job. She started this to try to help Trump and I have a feeling proof of that will come up.

  2. Trump “they’re were supposed to be millions what happened? Do another audit, I command you!”

  3. They fired him for being right? Wtf??? I’m lost at that.. Trump lost sheesh can’t we move forward now, it’s been 8mths damn… Nothing is going to change, Biden is still President and will be until at least 2024..

    1. 56 Texas Democrat Representatives and 9 Democrat Senators just proved that Democrats will and do cheat in any election. You still listening to CNN’s lies and hate bias? Boy, are you stupid.

  4. The only outcome that will satisfy them is for the election to be overturned. That’s it. Nothing else will do. Facts don’t matter to conservatives.

    1. Remember their go to phrase: facts don’t care about your feelings. Oh how the times have changed lol

    2. Remember when we used to look back on history and wonder how authoritarians took over good countries? Good old days.

    3. They just dont want to play by the rules anymore. If democracy won’t put them in power then it will be replaced.

    4. I’d imagine I’m not the only one wondering, at what point are “conservatives” even conservative, anymore? They seem well-beyond that point, with traitors to the U.S. having been convinced they are actually “patriots.”

    1. Lolz! How many times does Donny have to lose the election before he finally concedes?

  5. The good thing is the Republican’s who listened to Trump and did not get vaccinated (after Trump was vaccinated) are dying off from Covid-19 and the Delta variant.

    1. I wonder how many votes Trump lost by his own ironic doing as a result of the gross mismanagement of COVID by essentially helping kill off his own blind ignorant followers?

    2. @John Dough Lolz! It would be funny to see at a Donny rally people with signs that say “Morons for Trump!”.

    3. @Ken Howard Republicans always ran on individual liberties, so if they all want to kill themselves by being ignorant and buying into all the propaganda and conspiracy theories, than let them.

    1. Thing is, they say the same about democrats.

      What is destroying the country is actually the violent rocking of the ship back and forth, left to right. It is only through courageous consultation and collaboration, between sincere members of BOTH sides, that the boat can move forward.

      I don’t vote by political party. I vote only for honest, good, well meaning people. I would rather vote for someone I disagree with politically, than any I don’t trust as people.

      I’m shocked too by the shameless bias everywhere in the media. It should be impossible to know a journalist’s opinion. They should report the news. That is all.

    2. @Harry Skywalker – I too interpreted the statement as sarcasm. But it is really hard to tell sometimes. I can’t count the number of times that a have taken the first couple of lines of a post on these boards as sarcasm and then waited for a punch line that never came.

  6. Yes to the surprise of no one, Arizona is still for Biden. Imagine still not accepting the results of the election almost a year later.

  7. Turns out the guy who incited an insurrection and pressured Georgia to find 11,700 votes was working on MULTIPLE coups in parallel. Let’s forget the pressure campaign in AZ by Trump & Company.

  8. Buyer’s remorse is what the GOP has after Trump’s presidency. Ended his presidency with politicians being chased through the Capitol on January 6.

    1. @East Awesome They’re trying to win back their base. Trump put them in a spot with his crap and Republican policies.

  9. The insurrection and recounts were both about Trump’s ego. He lost so he made up lies to protect his brand.

  10. FOX isn’t just “pandering”, they are actually killing people with deliberate misinformation.

    1. Faux News is finished. You always find liberals /leftist debunking their arguments in the comment section of their videos.

    2. We need to start labeling coporate news medias as coporate marketing firms , as such with legal disclaimers because they recive coporate
      Spread and share

    3. @J. Noble the problem is if virus keeps spreading it ultimately might develop a version that vaccination might be useless against. It’s a possibility not certain, but given how devastating delta version was, it’s a high risk.

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