Trump lashes out at Fox News

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to criticize France for taxing American technology companies, Sweden for its handling of the criminal case against American rapper A$AP Rocky, and Fox News for reporting poll numbers that show him trailing multiple Democratic presidential candidates.
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  1. Lmao Trump is soooo predictable. Fox was the only non fake news until they say something bad about him ..

  2. History will remeber trump as the american dictator and fox news will be known as his propagandist.

    1. @Omar JR
      ONLY racists traitors criminal morons and sexual predators support this pussygrabber POS DRUMPF

    2. @Ronald Matthews and you obviously believe every thing the Trump administration tells you, since you have no idea if all those things are true or not. It’s called propaganda .Came from Nazi Germany. And everyone knows Trump only hires the best liars .

    3. @power 2 the people Comparing politicians you don’t like to dictators and authoritarians is very intellectually lazy and weak. Represents immaturity.

  3. Please don’t speak for the African American community please.. Obviously, you have no idea how a lot of people feel about asap.. I for one dgaf..

    1. You childish liberals you act like no presidents have ever had anything negative to say about anything

  4. This is Trump’s forte; his specialty is bitching, name-calling, aggressive tweeting, lying and womanizing.

    1. IF U -DEMORATS- DONT LIKE TRUMP, Then *GET OUT* of *HIS* COUNTRY!!! 🇲🇾Real AMERICANS love TRUMP! JESUS ✝️ FOR USA!!! For those that dont like WINNING Heres what we PATRIOTS are greatful to TRUMP for!! Roring econimy, BLACKS 🙍🏿‍♂️ now have jobs, manufactring comming back, fake vaxinayshuns hoax destroid, north korea no longer a thret, no more global warm hoax ⛄️ huge stock markit, make china pay for trafiffs, bilding the wall, grate militery 💣 lowest ever employment, SPACE FORCE 🛰 coal 🙍🏿‍♂️is black and clean, FAKE NEWS EXPOSEDD 👺 most transparant president ever, USA 🇱🇷is respected around the world now, lowest ever gas prices, immigrents🙍🏿‍♂️ now illegal, no clussion, russia friends, pulled out of paris hilton, won house and senate, abortion=jail, made embissy in 🏴‍☠️🇮🇱iserial, no more bad health care, prison systim fixed, best law enforciment🐷less taxes, tax brakes, paychecks really big now, most populare president ever, 89% aproval rating, huge 410k, $$ steal trafiffs paying off!!!!!!!!!

    2. highest debt in history in the most mismanaged economy in history. im going to make a fortune off you dumb yanks.

    1. @John Smith nice you stole my comment because you can’t think of your own, very original of you! To bad you will be just like Hillary and lose all your life!

    2. @Kyle Ornelas LOL. You wish, he lost the popular vote last time and he’ll lose the whole thing this time. Moron

    1. @Erik Islas His supporters claim to be Christians. Why would they worship the flag ? The bible says not to worship any other God.

    2. @Erik Islas Facts don’t care about your feelinga you foul mouth evil P.O.S. Trump 2020 in a landslide! You can’t stop it bum! Now get a job and move out of mommys basement! 😂😂

  5. His hatred/obsession of President Obama never ceases. America needs a Leader who does not rule by EMOTIONS.

    1. John McCain was a fine example, but that was when the republican party had morals.

    2. My hatred of Obama never ceases either with my $1,600 a month Healthcare payments with a $7,800 deductible after he told me it would go down 2500 a year

    1. so if you consider cnn telling the truth i guess there are more then 2 genders. democrats live on making everything up stop!!

    2. Its not easy making someone like trump look “good”. If we have network that can do it, Fox can pull it off or just Sean Hannity by himself.

    1. In commietard world, “Faux News” suddenly becomes real when they’re pandering to your crazed narrative. See? The door swings both ways, stupid.

  6. Trump is so obsessed with Obama😍He probably sings the Salt and Peppa hook “What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man” everyday when he thinks of him.

  7. Trump thought “A$AP ROCKY” was a new movie starring Sylvester Stallone until Kanye West told him he was a rapper..

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