1. One would think/hope that would include about 150 sitting members of Congress who, I might add, have maintained the ongoing coup while eliminating voting rights, hindering judicial placements, and supporting every aspect of their drive for authoritarianism!

    1. What’s funny about the Republicans is,them having trump back saying it’s a witchhunt but conveniently forget all the investigations they had into Hillary and Benghazi without finding any evidence of wrongdoing the first few times but that didn’t stop them..I think it was around 8 and even when she was running for president.

    2. @Ryan Tannehill you do realize that he was acquitted of any collusion. They did an investigation that cost 175 million and all they found was fabricated evidence from the dems

    3. @Harry Farber both impeachments for starters. He was guilty as hell for both, but the power hungry sycophant GOP in the Senate denied justice by not delivering a guilty verdict, even though they knew damn well he was guilty

    4. MAGA Republicans in Congress who are, admittedly, co-conspirators in seditious conspiracy with trump to stop the peaceful transfer of power, because trump LOST the 2020 election to Joe Biden!

    1. Not just in America. The world has lots of political leaders who use their power and influence for personal gain. Luckily, Americans recognized this and threw the bum out of office — at least they did so this time.

  2. If the special investigation finds that Trump shared those documents with other countries would he be considered a traitor?

    1. FBI already said documents were not what they thought and he was not try to sell, or give documents to anyone. Its a farce

  3. The guilty always speak the loudest, and they speak loud enough for anyone to listen. Let’s face it, Donald Trump has been speaking loud for years for anyone to listen.

    1. Can’t believe how many sheep there are, they have been after Trump for years, if he wasn’t squeaky clean something would have stuck by now with how much they have thrown at the wall. It’s ridiculous how they won’t just leave him alone and run and fix this country again

    2. The Alphas speak loudest and clearly, but betas don’t get it and think they’re the guilty. The senile old men yell at the sky. Biden has been yelling at the sky and no one listens.

  4. “I thought these investigations were dead” means “I thought if I ran for president again I’d be immune from prosecution”

    1. @midknight after 8 yrs of investigations, you dont think they would have gotten him already?? what else do you want ? the reason why nothing has been done about his lack of paying taxes… its the loop holes that every rich person with lawyers and accountants can do , and the reason why they dont attack that is because millionaire and billionaire donors for the democrats use the same loopholes, and about having documents with him, every single former president has classified documents from their administration, obama has over 10 million documents from his 8 yrs!! is that a national threat too???

  5. Trump loved losing the popular vote the first two times, he just had to go for a third!😂

    1. @Belly Dancer Em what does that mean? California despair includes human feces everywhere, lunatics with hammers attacking speakers husbands and Walgreens everywhere shutting down. New York’s despair includes crime rates skyrocketing.

      So what despair does Mississippi and West VA got to do with this?

  6. Funny how in America you can plead the 5th and announce you are running for President in the same week.

  7. He thought he wouldn’t be investigated if he announced he was running again. Talk about a creep who thinks he can get away with anything.🤬🤬🤬

    1. Shows how little he knows about being a president. He doesn’t even know the laws that rule this country work. 🙄

  8. Imagine witch hunts that should be so easily disproven! But instead he took the fifth amendment 440 times and ignore court orders. This guy is an total embarrassment and fraud!

  9. Calling the DOJ radical and leftist whilst they’re investigating is a special kinda stupid. Calling out the Investigator who flew in from the Hague and is not a political appointee is the cherry on top.

    1. @You tube Are hypocrites you trying to attack me like the typical MAGA lemming won’t make
      your Furher any less of a Treasonous Criminal😐

    2. @Alexander Israel Oh my God no child please calm down no one‘s trying to attack you I love you I’m just trying to educate you don’t believe the spoonfed garbage Educate yourself through the eyes of the real world and then make a decision

    3. @You tube Are hypocrites the delusional cannot educate their betters. You have proven yourself intellectually inept
      when you support Trump; anything else you can say is ultimately silly

    4. @Alexander Israel OK I will give it to you like does Biden comes in office 40 year recession… Back in the 70s 80s when the popular show good Times was on the sea temporary layoffs hanging in a chow line!!! A we lucky we got a good times!! You really need to reevaluate yourself

    1. Robert, the behavioral tactics you mentioned of DT saying he’s patriotic yet not admitting the fact he’s a traitor stems from the behaviors of narcissistic abuse and narcissistic personality disorder. I am a researcher and mentor for survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence and recognize the behaviors well from my many, many clients over the years. Let me break it down and explain what is going on when DT performs these patterns of behaviors.

      It’s referred to as gaslighting. DT uses also deflection followed by blame shifting. They are textbook tactics and the staple of narcissistic abuse and the personality disorder. It stems of a mix of stunted emotional growth and also deep un wellness in mental health. It’s found often in the comments of videos by individuals who behave in similar manners and share similar personality disorder traits. Ultimately it’s a tactic to avoid accountability and as a tool for manipulation, control, and abuse. It is not behavior found within emotionally growth and emotionally mature nor mentally well and mentally healthy adults.

    2. @kevin vogrin To break it down in simple terms. The mango mussolini only knows four words, me, my, myself, and MINE. When raising children, do not become a helicopter parent, do not do everything for your children. Give them responsibility and empathy, stand back, and let them grow up.

  10. It’s pretty rich that he used the Justice department to go after his political rivals and then he wants to say it’s highly politicized…

  11. People who are truly innocent don’t have to continuously, ad nauseum, go around and proclaim their innocence and call everything against them a “Witch Hunt.”

    1. @megadittos100 but I thought Dems were supposed to be smarter and more moderate and more tempered? They’re always saying how much better they are. Why do they never act like it. Due process? That’s only for Dems if your spin machine fails… again… and again… and again. You’ll get Trump this time though. Not like the last 6 years.

    2. They do if they need to bilk their brain dead followers out of more of their braindead followers bank accounts.

  12. He’s earned every ounce of scrutiny he’s getting for Jan 6th, thwarting the election, Ukraine, and classified documents

  13. How can he say he thought the investigation was dead? His lawyers have been going back and forth with the DOJ with appeals . He knows it’s not over.

    1. Just dead to him, he thinks he is immune from prosecution, for everything!
      His cohorts that protected him are leaving him under the bus, this time!

    2. @Faith Worldleader Except Fbi came out and said documents weren’t what they thought. Jan 6 is a joke and political hit

  14. He knows these investigations aren’t dead, especially since he keeps up with all of them by refusing to testify and ignores subpoenas every other day.

    1. Just like a carnival barker would do. It fits because what a carnival (like what the GOP has become) always has at least one of – is one of these… a 🤡.

  15. I’ve never been so EAGER to see someone go to prison. I think all of our prosecutors across the country should stop prosecuting murders until we can indict, arrest, and charge this guy for the crimes he committed RIGHT IN FRONT of us. I’m so SICK of seeing or hearing about what this guy has to say.

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