1. @MattM345 You’re “debating” the undebatable, the entire world has seen what the US is capable of in terms of desecrating it’s own values, the very same ones you were trying to impose on the world.
      You as, a country, have no more arguments, so you, as a poor braindead child arguing FOR one of the most shamefull display in your country politics is just so vapid it’s almost funny.

    1. @Robert Godlewski , Oh, you’re a museum piece of YouTube: is your channel image by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, the masterpiece titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snicker.)

  1. The Oxford dictionary just asked Michael van der Veen if it can use his photo as a prime example for the definition of a deplorable lawyer 😂.

    1. @manoman0 And still impeached and powerless.
      ONE term 🍊 🤡 President *_Bye bye, un-American guy._*
      *_Drove the country in the levee, and many people did die._*
      *_And them good ole Reps see how their leader now cries._*
      *_Seeing, this is how the G.O.P. dies. This is how the G.O.P. dies.”_*

    1. And yet we the people elect them again. Shameful l guest it is what it is the Republican party represent themselves not the people that elect them and pay there salary WE THE PEOPLE.

    2. That shows you what they think of AMERICA They are in it for themselves THEY are ABOVE US the ELITE and then they preach to us about everyone should be equal GOOD for ME but NOT FOR THEE!

  2. This “defense” is the worst I’ve ever seen!!! These guys are gonna pay dearly for their mediocrity!!!!!!!🤣🤮🤣🤣🤣


    2. @Buttercups &Roses pelosi and mcconell have had vandalism as well, not sure if this guy defended his client though.

    3. It was over from the beginning, they just managed to prolong it somehow! No jurisdiction, unconstitutional, and goes against the First Amendment.
      The US Constitution prevails yet again.

    4. Defense the worst you have ever seen. Democrats were humiliated. Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight.

      Trump was found not guilty. Impeached twice and twice found not guilty.

      “These guys are gonna pay dearly for their mediocrity!!!!!!!” This is incitement, and the lawyers house and business have already been attacked. You could be held responsible.

      Freedom of speech. Be careful what you say and who you say it to.

      You and America are going to suffer under Biden and his administration. The world is going to suffer.

      China wins

    1. How true! Today thanks to the blinded and coward Republican senators America lost the world’s respect in term of democracy.
      America is no longer the champion but the clown of democracy.

  3. “They have stepped on the constitution. They have trampled on it.” You’re describing the insurrectionists perfectly. They went into Congress to disrupt Article 2, Clause 3, superseded with the 12th amendment.

    1. @itiswhatitis paz When did I say You contribute to ANY politician? I said “maybe also” in the context of what you called “my narrative” so…. do not skip words in my narrative just to say whatever. BTW my narrative is protected by first amendment just like yours. Difference is I dont need to “seek professional help” as someone else told you to do. Have a lovely evening.

    2. @itiswhatitis paz do you know the difference between actual news and fux-facebook-twitter gossip/opinions? just because i can find a group of people online that say the earth is flat doesn’t make it true or that the issue is even up for debate.

    3. @itiswhatitis paz oh and do you know how much of the tax payers money went into protecting Biden’s swearing in….more than ever before and literally all because of what happened at the Capitol…why?, because Trump and his team asked for a rally on Jan 6th…which was just used to convince people they needed to fight, they needed to not be cowards….that they were gonna loose their country if they didn’t. And then the riots happened….and then even more tax payers money had to be put into protection for the next president (and those people that would be there to congratulate and celebrate) on the day he was sworn in. It’s all just really, really, really sad. If you wanna be woke, then wake up and check multiple sources to try and find the truth. Its sooo much easier to do now a days❤

    4. @Jackie Cantin – UHHH, NOOO, they put on a show with all that extra “protection”….to boost their calls for impeachment and further their fake “insurrection” claims. It is called “OPTICS”. Clearly, you fell for it. Worked like a charm. I knew Canadians were polite…but I had no idea they were so gullible. Are you sure you’re not half-Democrat? I’d send a swab over to ancestry.com….

  4. Aside from “Phillydelphia” this lawyer inadvertently showed everyone that he doesn’t know how impeachments work. Since when does Congress have to travel to a lawyer’s office for depositions? It’s all done at the Capitol.

    1. @Ann van de Kew Your comment was the funniest by far. And it’s just like YoTub to have the best go right over their heads. The video you are referring to has to be hands down the funniest of all the cat videos that have ever been on the web, even though technically it was a virtual kitty, I suppose. Well done, nonetheless. Kudos.

    2. @D Sab I am paying close attention. I just appearantly think more than you do and don’t believe the blatantly obvious lies that you do

    3. @Jason Bowman these corrupt politicians have gotten away with so much for so long that they laugh when they are expected to follow due process.

    1. @Rak Chazak Amats! Trump was put on trial with a jury that included his co-conspirators. Of course he didn’t get convicted. but 11 Republicans in the house voted to impeach him, and seven Republicans in the Senate voted to convict him. This was the most bipartisan impeachment in history.

    2. @Rak Chazak Amats! Money shouldn’t be the concern when holding someone accountable for the lies and rhetoric that’s directly responsible for a insurrection where Trump supporters came in to kill politicians and those who would get in their way.

    3. @tommy gunnor Yeah you’re forgetting Trump is now a citizen and further more he has multiple warrants in multiple states for things like tax evasion oh yeah and being responsible for, oh what was it now? Oh yeah almost a half-million American deaths. Believe it or not a lot of people are kinda angry about that. Not to mention the countless other lawsuits around the corner. So now your lord and savior Jesus Trump has been thrown to the people and believe you me he’s gonna get bled dry and dragged through the mud as much as possible draining his “borrowed” money with lawyers and court costs until he is just as poor and Miserable as can be. Even if he doesn’t go to prison in America other countries will happily throw him in a pit to rot like he deserves. So, actually We are infact laughing because now his fate will be even worse than rich guy prison and I love that

    4. @Rak Chazak Amats! it’s a false equivalence to hold Democrats accountable for riots that were sparked when black people were being killed by the police. Without Trump, there would have been no riot at the Capitol. It’s just a game of whataboutism.

    1. His legal problems are just starting. He’s going to be disbarred. There are a lot of rich angry people who will help fund as many trials as it will take to drive him into abject poverty.

  5. Sad point is: no matter how bad this lawyer is, it was sure from start on that it wouldn’t change the outcome

    1. @Eric Daly the lawyers the OJ Spray Tan hired quoted another lawyer who literally said his reports were used to support conclusions he never came up with. When CONservatives can’t win with an actual argument: they lie. All the fake outrage in the world doesn’t change the fact the GOP is full of corrupt crooks.

    2. @C B ROFL if you think the GOP supporting bigots and racists and fighting against LGBTQ+ issues is anything like the Democrat party, you might be an embarrassingly ignorant fool. Get you media from more than CONservative sources. So shameful you don’t see the professional bigots in charge of the GOP.

    3. @SuperSpyKindaGuy Sanders FOH! Biden already threw BLM to the back of the bus! Tell me! How do you vote for a man that was literally mentored by a former KKK leader! And say you want to end racism 🤣🐑

  6. “I havent laughed at anything you said’
    *Uhh – sir, we werent unintentionally HILARIOUS an unable to say the name of the city we live in*

    1. @TEXAS I”m glad you skate away from the main point of the laughter which was because the stupid dog’s lawyer said a funny word “Phillydelphia”

    2. @TEXAS Unproductive and useless rightists. Most Republican states are a net negative in paying taxes into the system. Blue states support red states. Most abortions also take place in red states.

    3. @TEXAS you are defiling the definition of the word patriotic with your sad preconceived notions about your fellow Americans.

    4. @Thats not funny No you leftists are awful no exceptions (in terms of politics at least) Trump told his supporters at the save America rally “you are going to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” explain to me how can this be considered calls to insurrection or violence ? anyways those democrats sold out a long time ago the only respectable one was JFK.

  7. They are laughing because you, your client and the “impartial jurors” are all a joke. So ashamed of what my country is.

    1. @David they are laughing at the peanut gallery put on by these 3rd class lawyers, arguing for a judicial court when the senate is absolutely not one.

    2. @Jamie Venardos he should be ashamed only for those 7 republicans. Just check out for them in a few months in their new cars with the chinese bumper sticker and new properties with the chinese flag waving in front, their new homesland and maybe yours too. Same as almost all other dems.

    3. @David and not giving a CRAP about the vice president or saying one word about the dead….not one word. Watching tv with delight is find with you ??? Waiting 3 hours and your not the one who called fot help , mike pence did. Thats pathetic. Vile and pathedic.

    1. @David Austin Hi David. Qanon I did some research on this. Trump said he knew nothing about Qanon,. They were holding up signs at his rally’s, he must know about Qanon. He lied.

      I am not really sure what Qanon is all about. Above me.

      Poor boy’s ??? What about them?

      BLM and Antifa have caused so much damage it is shocking. They were in on it 6th January and in the building.


      The world has become a very sick place. The youth today have no respect. Politicians are liars, and corrupt.

      America has become an embarrassment.

      I was a Democrat for 50 years. Not anymore. I am for law and order. Peace. God.

    2. @David Austin So what you are saying is that the Impeachment was a stupid move, I agree, and that the Democrats are stupid, I agree and they only needed a boneheaded defense team to win.

      Your comment was stupid too.

    3. @Doctor Thirteen I don’t see people “laughing” I see people whining cause they can’t get in. And I see people crying because we don’t want them. Are you one of the cryers?

    1. @Nathaniel Stenzel yea I want to vomit on fear mongers demoncrats for destroying businesses of hundreds of thousands of businesses

    2. Those of us here in the states that are paying attention aren’t embarrassed, we’re furious. Embarrassed was when Trump was elected, before we discovered half our political establishment was willing to prop up a fascist for political gain.

    3. @Indie Games Bad news buddy. All cultures are gonna get deleted. Google the “Dark Era” and rest in the knowledge that literally nothing you do will be remembered or have any significant impact on the future. Everything dies, even existence itself. Happy fucking new year.

    1. That’s not the real reason they are laughing. It’s because this isn’t a criminal trial and the idea that he thinks he would depose people back in “Philly Delphia” is laughable because he obviously doesn’t know how things work in the Senate/impeachment trials.

  8. “I’m gunna slap subpoenas on a good number of people” – Some MAGA goon in a suit auditioning for “It’s Always Stupid in Philly-delphia”

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