1. The 1st warrant for seizure was because it was feared that Eastman might “dump” it so, at least, they could get their hands on it before he tried anything.

  1. Merrick Garland has a reputation for going silently about his investigations but has gotten his convictions. It’s so hard being patient about this one.

    1. @J yeah if nothing comes of it then nothing comes of it. My thing is we cannot allow what happened on January the 6th to go unpunished. Everyone involved needs to be found and brought to Justice. That includes whoever orchestrated it. They need the harshest punishment of them all. They have people arrested who are part of the mob and now they need their leader.

    2. @Harry Jove Please, get some help, you have a problem if you don’t want all people held to the laws in this country.

  2. “My political ideal is democracy. Let every person be respected as an individual and no person be idolized.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1930

    1. @CSX & Ohio Railfan Yes, Trump 2,024 !
      [months in prison]
      The least we could offer Benedict Donald

  3. In an audio recorded three days before the election, Bannon told a group of associates Trump already had a scheme in place for the November vote.

    “What Trump’s gonna do is just declare victory. Right? He’s gonna declare victory. But that doesn’t mean he’s a winner,” Bannon, laughing, told the group, in the audio.
    “He’s just gonna say he’s the winner.”

    1. “We were getting ready to win big, Frankly, we DID win this election” The Mango Mussolini.

  4. For a party of Law & Order they sure are keeping the courts busy.😂

  5. Excellent. Search all phones. Need to get to the core of the problem and hold guilty individuals responsible ⚖️

    1. @Jill Loves Taco’s Democracy is only an idea. Once it’s dead, the empire falls. Do consider a bit of history. Or, at the very least, do try to keep up with the current conversation.

  6. You can’t have a system where someone who commits gross crimes can immunise themselves by continually running for office. That not a justice system.

    1. @James Guy Photography yes. But if he ran and lost in 24 he would say it was rigged and stolen and technically he could try and run in 2028.

  7. If Donnie gets indicted, I can see him fleeing the country in a white Bronco with Jr at the wheel. Good-times,..lol

    1. And with a “Scarface”-sized mountain of coke on the dashboard in front of Jr. He’s, at short intervals, burying his face in it and inhaling deeply. 😂

    2. “This ain’t the way to Russia, you crackhead!” *puts chokehold on Jr and grabs steering wheel, tries to turn Bronco toward Russia. Looks back and sees law enforcement vehicles behind him and smiles. He finally got the parade he always wanted.

  8. Just make sure you don’t use the secret service to analyze the phone. It’ll “accidentally” be deleted.

  9. GOP’S stand for law and order, until you start bringing them to court for accountability.

  10. Trump: “I didn’t know the phone. I think it was a flip phone. Very tired phone. In fact, it might actually’ve been a pager. Loser phone. Very bad reputation. No one ever wants to work with that phone.”

    1. @joe scott I’ve always wondered…is there physical pain associated with denying reality? I mean…does your brain sort of quiver and quake, or does it just sit there like an inanimate object, similar to a brick? “Only the best people” are accepted at Dunning Kruger University, glad to see you made the cut.

  11. He invited
    He incited
    They rioted
    Then he denied it
    Even though he’d implied it
    Now he must be indicted

  12. It’ll be possible to extract even the deleted texts and emails from Eastman’s phone. Just don’t send it to the Secret Service lab for that!
    SS: “Oh, sorry. That phone was due for an upgrade and we lost all the data. Our bad.”

    1. Why do they need the phone? Couldn’t they get the messages from the phone company if they have a warrant?

    2. Assuming it’s even still the same phone. One of the many good reasons NOT TO WAIT 19 MONTHS TO BEGIN GETTING REAL.

  13. For all these traitors who always claim they did nothing wrong, there sure is a lot of them consistently using the 5th

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