Trump Lawyer Suggests Arresting Trump Instead Of Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Since no one will work with Trump…well there is the Pillow guy…..he can give Trump a pillow for his cot….yes, the one on his cell.
      Then his lawyer can negotiate terms, after he collects a huge retainer fee.
      Smart lawyer…setting the stage for criminal charges, right before his impeachment trial…

    2. @Hijodelaisla He did take care of Stormy before the 2016 election. He did better than Rudy Giuliani & other lawyers challenging the 2020 election.

    3. 46-1 already believed the lie that the election was stolen. They kept telling him that he was right. They all should be disbarred. Maybe they should be paid 1 penny (for their thoughts) each.

    1. Yes they will ~ DNC. “no person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present”. Seems easy enough, republican Senators vote to convict, or do not show up, blame it on a process problem. Ask your Senator to either make a just vote, or stay home. Feel free to copy, paste, share this

    2. @Heather Melissa You´re right, everybody knows that. BUT : when his new lawyers did NOT insist to be paid beforehand, they deserve it.
      Maybe, who knows, Mr. Castor is also outraged by Trumps inciting the riot or as a old-school republican disliking Trumpism and wants Trump to be banned or prisoned than to split the GOP further.

    1. @Michael, Your profile is Literally Vladimir Putin so good job clearing Trumps name for Russian Inference👍

  1. Trump tried to hire Saul Goodman from “Better Call Saul.” Then someone told him that Saul was simply a fictional character from a TV series. Trump wept. 😭

    1. @Sean Donaghy Shut up dummy Glad i got your attention By the way You got a hit😃😃😃 Yeah you must be white You like powder dont you

  2. T***p knows the best people and hires the best ones that incriminates T***p in an impeachment trial 😂😂😂

    1. I mean… yeah. Technically. He *is* doing his job there, as best he can, with the material he has. I can’t really fault the lawyer for that… and I kind of want to agree with him.

      Trump should have been criminally indictable while he was still in office. Impeachment is for political concerns like breath of oath or abuse of power or gross misconduct, not for matters of law – we have actual *courts* designed to adjudicate matters of law, whether civil or criminal, and nothing indicates that we shouldn’t use those. There’s also no reason to expect that a President, for example, couldn’t be convicted of a crime and *then* impeached and removed, since impeachment (not being a judicial process) does not trigger double jeopardy, in much the same way that a private citizen could be both criminally charged with theft *as well as* fired from their job for the same action of stealing from the till. One could argue that a criminal conviction for a severe enough crime (a felony with jail time, for example), would make impeachment and removal *easier* – “The courts have declared this man unfit to walk free due to his crimes; if he is unfit to walk free, he is clearly unfit to serve in office.”

    2. His lawyer isn’t concerned about impeachment…there is more money for him if he sets TD up…..for a criminal trial.

  3. I’m betting, at lest one smashed television in Mar-a-Lago. As his lawyer is speaking Trump is shouting ‘what, noooooooooo.’

  4. *I just picture tRump spitting out his cheeseburger when he heard his own lawyer tell the DOJ to arrest him..* 😂🤣

    1. @Rod said the brainwashed puppet of alt-right extremist propoganda opinion outlets. Way to be a puppet. You are gullible and ignorant

    2. @Rod you tRUmp cult worshipers are pathetic; you choose your orange god over the Constitution and country, even over democracy itself.
      No doubt the Greedy Oligarchs Party will choose not to hold DJT accountable for his sedition; after all, GOP must stick together so they can keep raping & pillaging the USA. They won’t stop until there is nothing left to fight for.

    3. @Rod “weak minded”??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣..
      You mean like those SHEEP who blindly followed each other into the Capitol building illegally…the former military & L.E. hypocrites who later tried to claim they just didn’t know it was illegal
      Talk about weak minded…🤣🤣🤣

    4. @mark willies I’ve got a neighbor who still refuses to remove his gaudy Trump 2020 banner from his home. What he doesn’t realize is that it’s a billboard advertising his own dimwitted gullibility.

    1. @Kimberly Winters
      Yes he did, that was about the time the Benny Hill Theme song entered my brain! 🤡🎈🎈🎈

    2. @christoph paessler The reason the FBI, and everyone else, didn’t ask Trump his intentions and motivations is because Trump always lies … about everything. Trump has no motivation to tell the truth to avoid consequences because he’s already made himself eligible for thousands of years of prison time. Another few years on top of that is irrelevant.

    3. @christoph paessler that’s a great point I hadn’t thought of but the answer might be because of installed lackies in DOJ were convinced by Barr that seated presidents are kingly and untouchable..but I think your correct and I’ve said all along that Biden should have reacted immediately with full force…I don’t think he does anything without long deliberation wtf

    1. @Michael 2020 is going to send trump to prison. Whoo hoo. That’s exactly where he should be. Worst president EVER.

    1. @Rod the only joke here is YOU. Trump’s lawyer said he should be arrested and the DOJ knows what to do with people like him. You clearly hate being shown actual facts but love alt-right extremist propoganda opinion outlets who lie to you on a regular basis but they hate everyone just like you do. Normal people don’t act like you do. Rational and intelligent people don’t act like you do. Your issues have ALWAYS been because something is fundamentally wrong with people like you.

    2. @Rod It’s called:
      “Making a Point”.
      News items are not determined by specified amounts of time.
      P S Reiterating actual spoken words from an individual that all can witness is not a ‘Spin’.
      It is simply presenting a factual incident.

  5. Can’t we do both? I mean this isn’t even addressing the willful neglect that ended up murdering half a million people.

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