Trump lawyers fighting against cameras in the courtroom

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump told a New York judge on Monday that they oppose the request by media outlets to broadcast Trump’s arraignment. CNN’s Paula Reid reports. #CNN #News


    1. ​@Paul Upset? Lol, they’re rejoicing, as an independent I’m pretty happy too that Agent Orange might finally face accountability.🤞

    2. @Fortitudine Vincimus Мы за Трампа всем Саратовом голосовали. Не обижайте его, а то вам цены на бензин поднимем.
      Да, я русский тролль. Нет, моему аккаунту больше месяца. Нет, мне не платят рубли за комментарии😊😊😊

  1. The world needs to witness his disgrace. Don’t let him run and spin a narrative, let us see the whole trial aired publicly.

    1. @Pat Doyle just when I thought I’ve seen everything there is to see from you Neanderthals you come up with “the statute is paused if you move” lol

  2. There should absolutely be cameras. Full transparency. The public deserves to witness all proceedings.

    1. @Rinkydinkfretboard No, receipts are required and they are obtainable. All you gotta do is a little research.

    2. But you know its not possible for the media to make it live for all the process, a Youtube chanel of this can be berfect,

    3. @Let’s go Brandon I agree with the age range of conscription being widened constantly, I’ll bet you know someone that has been sent to the front, and never heard from again. Don’t worry, you’ll get to do your “research” at first hand, when it’s your turn for mobilisation. Don’t forget to pack paracetamol and tampons. Wouldn’t want to be without medical attention when you become another statistic.

  3. People (usually robbers or thieves) don’t usually want cameras around when they around to do something wrong. In this case, they don’t want any truth coming out

  4. Interesting. Those lawyers don’t think highly of their client’s ability to control his behavior.

    1. That’s sounds about right! He’s not gonna cooperate getting mug done, wants to smile, that quirky thing he does, and they say no, I wonder if he’ll holding up his number plate, !

  5. I always wondered on what legal grounds all these trials are televised to the public in real time.

  6. A big man came up to him, a very big man, perhaps a veteran, with tears in his eyes, and he whispered, “Sir, this is the most beautiful indictment anyone has ever seen.”

  7. I am not usually a fan of cameras in the courtroom. I think it’s wrong on many levels for news media to pick and choose which cases they deem worthy of their attention. However, if there ever were a time when it’s not only okay but absolutely necessary, now is the time to have them.

  8. If I had a narrative I wanted to control, and didnt want everyone to know my lies id want no cameras in the courtroom either.

  9. If there’s ANY trial that should be shown to the public, it is this one! very useful information

  10. They don’t want cameras so that they can lie to the public!!

  11. This absolutely should be televised. This is an unprecedented moment in our history. If there are cameras allowed, then there is NO way that anyone can lie about what went on during any of the court proceedings.

    1. If they didn’t do it for the Maxwell case why the hell should they for trump? because it’s political. Goes against the matrix.

    2. @Erik Brocken because Trump lies. He would surely lie about what happened in the courtroom. You obviously didn’t read my post.

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