74 Comments on "Trump leaves NATO conference early after cancelling press event"

  1. Daniel Schaeffer | December 5, 2019 at 10:15 AM | Reply

    I’m not even embarrassed by this stuff anymore. I’m just numb to it all, because I expect it.

  2. People are allowed to comment on other people’s actions. Trudeau did nothing wrong in this instance.

    • 8352731
      THANK YOU 🙏🏼
      GRACIAS 🙏🏼
      MERCI 🙏🏼 TRUDEAU 👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏👏🏻❤️♥️💖❤️♥️💖❤️♥️

    • @Bobby K You say Trump had to go do other work … what would that be? Trying to start a twitter feud with Bette or Chrissie? Finding a different political summit to host at one of his resorts? Come up with more ‘clever’ nicknames for anyone who doesn’t 100% all the time grovel to him? Maybe write more ‘love letters’ to the dictators of the world? Or of course, there is always golf.

    • @8352731 Get lost wiseass.

    • @Bobby K Nothing I wrote was untrue and I certainly don’t think the shameful path Trump is dragging the USA down is anything to laugh at. Blind following of the Emperor without clothes is hilarious yet sad.

  3. Trump, they were laughing at you not us dear!

  4. imagine being laughed at by boris johnson…

  5. So the bully gets bullied, he then proceeds to get upset. Why am I not surprised?

  6. LordKellthe1st | December 5, 2019 at 11:05 AM | Reply

    Can we just get some folks in the whitehouse laughing at his face? Maby he’ll resign.

  7. Shifty McGee462 | December 5, 2019 at 11:17 AM | Reply

    Poor baby is off to hold another therapy rally because he found out he’s a global punch line.

  8. “The world’s laughing at us folks”
    They are now Donny.

    • Janet Kortright | December 5, 2019 at 5:14 PM | Reply

      @Sue Sun Well with 4 times your population stats reflect things accordingly….I am a 69 year old retired person, living on SS. Had a heart attack last year and take meds for the first time. Cost has been cut in half now. My IRA gained 65 cents under Obama and now up 30.00 this year. Not much but for sure I can see what my President has done. Looks like if allies paid their NATO fair share it would let us keep some cash for a change. Looks I am not here to debate with a foreigner how great my country is, and it is. You have a lovely holiday….

    • Nope, they are not laughing at us, they are laughing at him. Everyone knows Trump is a Rump

    • @Janet Kortright Sorry to read you had an heart attack! Hope you had a good recovery and you feel better now! My Mom went through the same two years ago. I had a bad car accident not long ago with emergency helicopter ride and all this creepy stuff! Cost me exactly €00.00. Only the hospital bed and food cost me 11US$ ( 10€) per day. But I had a single room and food of my choice. Regarding the NATO.. The money other countries pay isn’t going to the US budget! This is going into the NATO budget. You don’t have less or more no matter what others pay! USA isn’t paying more if others pay less! If Trump said that, please check facts 😉 NATO webpage might help on that. Some countries aren’t involved in wars around the globe or, like Germany are kept small since we are very bad people and will for ever be evil! 😉 (Just joking! We are quite nice and most learned from the nasty past and don’t want history to repeat itself!) , so the military budged isn’t blown up. Just so you know.. I love the USA! I have some very dear friends there! Means not we have to agree with all politicians say, right? Wish you nice holiday with your family as well!

    • MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible Assholes | December 5, 2019 at 6:27 PM | Reply

      B 81

      Well aren’t you a useful idiot. Not only did he say he’d date his own daughter n he patted her on the hip in a sexual manner, but he raped a 13 y/o kid.


  9. Ffs he says he can’t attend the impeachment hearing or even send his lawyers to do it for him because he had an important meeting for a group he’s openly ridiculed on national television. Then he leaves the meeting early but obviously not to go take care of impeachment proceedings, oh no. What a sham or a president the GOP pushed through this time.

    • He won’t attend the impeachment hearing or send a lawyer because they will have to answer questions and when someone lies as much as Trump, they have no way of remembering what they have said. I hope he has to testify in the Senate trial, he’ll hang himself there.

    • All of AMERICA is laughing at democrats cnn msn because of the second impeachment atemp turmp is brilliant accomplishment of the charts and everybody nose democrats are criminals look at how turmp toys with them the democrats are so desperate and turmp nose it AMERICA seas it look at all the pepole all across AMERICA 100s of thousands of people going to turmp rallies never seen before in America you ignorant donkey turmp 2020baby

    • @Darrin Myers Holy crap, please tell me English is your second language and/or you have a legitimate learning disability. I won’t make fun of you for either of those, but if not… Jesus what are our public schools doing to kids these days? That was painful to read. Let me help you…. “atemp” is attempt , “turmp” is Trump, “nose” is knows, and “seas” should have been “sees” …I don’t have time to fix the punctuation that you didn’t even attempt (not “atemp”) to use. Perhaps you are a Russian troll?

    • GuyWithFox , ridicule people’s grammar. Another reason why Trump was elected. Get your tissues and your dictionary near your lazy couch because you got another 4 years of crying.

  10. Pepper Grinder | December 5, 2019 at 11:48 AM | Reply

    He was in a hurry to get home and kick 700,000 poor people off food stamps just in time for Christmas.

  11. hollow points bullets | December 5, 2019 at 11:50 AM | Reply

    Well he love make fun to handicapped reporter guy of New York time so now he need suck it up.

  12. Trump: “Waaaaaaaah I’m going home!” lol

  13. Nope, he’s right – the entire world *IS* laughing at him. These leaders consider him a joke, as does everyone else. Reason; because he is a joke.

    • @Cindy S Canadians want Trump! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Dear oh dear – the comedy never stops with you lot does it.

    • Ditto

    • T go look it up. Yes there are people in Canada that does want him. So. Lol

    • T we will see it’s better than American hard working people get sold out like we were. You say what you like. No he’s not perfect but he’s better than we had. And most of our military like him. So that’s says a lot. Did military like the last one. Don’t think so. Yes I will defend him. And least he’s not going around the world selling us out and apologizing to other countries for screwing us so who’s STUPID hum. How the comedy now????

  14. The Stable Genius Still Can’t Figure Out That He IS The Joke.

    • Oh he can! That’s why he left early. In other words, he got butthurt when he learned he was a joke, and now he’s going home where he can hold another maga rally to feel better again. But make no mistake, he KNOWS we’re laughing at him and that’s a little scary considering he’s the sort of moron to declare war on Canada now. Lol but also: 🤔

    • zack comstock 👏🏾👏👏🏽👏🏼👏🏻👏🏿👏🏾👏🤣😆🤣😆🤣🤣🤣❤️

    • Paul Padegenis | December 5, 2019 at 2:04 PM | Reply

      FantomOmega that’s how he moves on them…

    • @Ryan as a Canadian i must say, its December and winter is here. Your army wont make it to Ottawa before it freezes solid and some kids make a sled ramp out your artillery

    • dorian diddles | December 5, 2019 at 9:32 PM | Reply

      Neither can his minions, I mean trumpTARDS, I mean followers.

  15. He calls people names day in and day out. But when he’s verbally mocked he loses it. Traits of a bully.


  17. “Im taking my toys, and I’m going home”, hump🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♀️🦃

  18. “USA leader leaves NATO meeting to go cry in whitehouse”

  19. Poor man-child heard them talking “nasty” about him so he packed up his toys and went home.

  20. TRIMP got laughed at by those leaders, now he is going to his “support group therapy NAZI style rally” in some TRIMP supporting state

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