Trump Legal Team Calls On Senate To Dismiss Impeachment Trial | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Trump Legal Team Calls On Senate To Dismiss Impeachment Trial | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1


  1. This may not be as hunky dory as the GOP think…they sound really rattled. What are they so frightened of ?
    There might be a some hidden defectors.

    1. We’re after all the kid’s of the Russian spies that got abandoned when Reagan exposed it all.
      They use public media .
      We find and bury.

    2. I look forward to some future date when we learn what the Russians got as kompromat on the GOP when they hacked the RNC.

  2. That BS, if you yell fire in a theater and people get hurt or killed because of you action that’s a crime. You incited a rush to get out. When there is no fire at all

    1. 🤣🤣 I almost forgot about Cohen: the secret weapon!! You’re absolutely 💯 right!! Thanks for brightening our day. We must never loose hope! Now I know what Jesse Jackson meant, when he said: “Keep hope alive!” 😉

    2. Imagine what’ll happen when they bring out the evidence against Hannity and Trump that was recovered from Cohens safe.

    3. Don’t forget whats his name…. Las Parnas? The Russian guy Trump said he Didn’t know but shows up in Hundreds of photos with Trump and or his friends& fam.

  3. But he was still in office until the end of January 19th 😂 and you can’t argue that he wasn’t as he was issuing pardon’s on that day.

  4. For the families who lost loved ones during The Siege 🙁 my heart and prayers goes out to you.. this should have never been a part of American history justice will prevail

    1. @Gloria K the only 1 term president we’ve had since the 70s besides trump was Bush sr, therefore hes the only one to have conceded the PRESIDENCY.

    2. @Chris Faudree Yes, NO ONE CONCEDES A PRESIDENCY. Elections are conceded. A Presidency involves a transfer of Power.

    3. @Gloria K surrender or yield (something that one possesses). People like you are insane, you lost the argument, then continue to argue except using my points and consider it a win. Unreal

  5. Drag every single one of them into Congress to testify in front of the nation. The WHOLE conspiracy up there for all to see.

    1. @karen court I’m glad someone is thinking!
      Ps. This isn’t said enough, so… sorry about the “karen” comments everywhere. I’ve got a few friends with the name and it is driving many of them up the wall.

    2. @Choreboy I watch news from all over. Yeah, lots of it has a left wing bias because so does reality and I like facts. Bite me.

    3. @Jo Marsden if someone were to call me a ‘Karen’ I guess I’d have to call them a ‘Bullwinkle’ …’cuz it’s so bloody stupid

  6. Because they really don’t want to go through the nightmare of having him speak at the trial and inevitably going off script.

    1. “Believe me, I know all about impeachment. I’m the best at getting impeached. I’m the most impeached president in all history” hahhaahhaah

  7. So essentially you can’t indict a sitting president and you can’t impeach a non-sitting president? Wow. What a system….For corruption and crime.

    1. Outright insanity huh, making up the rules to the game as you go, is called cheating 🙄! No one likes playing with cheaters!! 😆

    1. He LITERALLY told them both before and after the incident happend to go out and peacefully protest. He didnt incite violence. Youre incorrect if you say otherwise.

  8. I’ve just read the Jonathan Swan/Axios report on the meeting at the WH 12/18/20 with people including Sydney Powell, and Flynn. Wow wow wow.

  9. Was that the document where they spelled United States incorrectly 🙄 “Unites States” – crack legal team 🤣

    1. They didn’t have time to spell check. They were just hired & they’re busy listening to the genius tell them how to defend him, you see.

  10. If he can’t be punished for the things he has done by the Senate then charge him as a regular citizen end put him behind bars for life

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