1. Clinton won the popular vote, trump didnt
    So…take the “will” of the people with a grain of salt lmfao

    1. But this is not a democratic country, this is not a democracy, just gotta admit. It is a fucking republic, representative system of government. Our representatives in presidential elections are electors, no popular vote. I live in New Mexico, pure blue state, my presidential vote does not and will not count. I still support the Electoral College, I still support Trump even though he didn’t get the popular vote in 2016.

    2. @Colin Rowling CA issues drivers licences to illegals. Everyone issued a licence is automatically registered to vote. No prove of citizenship is needed to cast a ballot. What the hell is there to stop those millions of illegals from voting? The State of CA wants them to vote, even though they’re violating Federal Election Law.

  2. All conservatives know in their hearts that they are evil soulless monsters and a plague on America!! 🇺🇸

    1. @Ben Luecken Trump didn’t create all these problems. He inherited from the past at least three presidents. These problems didn’t happened overnight. It took decades to get to where we are. You think Trump can magically fix everything in three years?
      It’s unrealistic to ignore all the current administration’s effort without questioning all the past few’s failure.

    1. Joe Harris
      That’s in line with the Repubs’ 8 years of refusing to handle ANY of Pres. Obama’s legislation at all.
      To hear Trumpers complain that the House should “do their jobs” and focus on making legislation instead of their “hatred of the president” reveals just how little they know.

    2. Approx. 300 bills the turtle is sitting on!! Why don’t u watch ur buddy ‘laughing about holding them up bcuz he “can”!! Its on tape look it up f*ktard!! It’s all a joke to him, he doesn’t give a flying f*k!!

    3. @HighStreet Killers ******
      The House sent more than 250 bills to the Senate that are currently gathering dust somewhere in McConnell’s office. (If he hasn’t already burned them.)

  3. You know there is quite a difference between screwing around on your wife and selling your country to the Russians.

  4. “the eve of an election” is bloody long, rouhgly a year? xD So a quarter of the period the president is protected by “it’s too close to the election”? xD

    1. Democrats are Nazi’s trying a Valkyrie. It’s so obvious and scary. They’re literally like Nazi’s in 1930’s and CNN their propaganda machine

  5. you can’t compare what clinton did with extortion, also overwhellming evidence, this trial is different without direct witnesses

    1. Jerald Smith what hearings you talkin about stupid f***? the house hearings had many witnesses; they all said Trump was guilty you stupid f***!

    2. ​@Nick Nick “why hasnt he turned over any documents or allowed witnesses to testify to prove it?”
      Because that is not how fair justice works, it’s not up to the defenders to bring up proof of innocence, this is what Japans does and it’s a violation of the international treaties. People are not guilty until proven otherwise, people are innocent until proven guilty. If you can’t understand that, you would fit perfectly in a tyrannical country.

    1. @t1tacal Billionaire? Still swallowing everything he feeds you I see. Nice to know there’s one opinion in this thread that doesn’t matter since you’re not mentally capable of seeing the forest for the trees.

    2. @Ace1King1 Trump is only the most successful at conning people. The Trump foundation got shut down for fraud and he just settled the lawsuit in December of 2019 where he had to pay the veterans over 2 million.

    3. @t1tacal I am willing to bet you old boss only filed bankruptcy 1 time which is normal when you are in business.

  6. The damage being done to our country is the guy in our house is throwing law, order,standard away and standing up for dishonest,law breaking,cover ups! Get out!!

    1. Baseless assertions and conjecture from a liberal subject to prolonged denial that Donald Trump won the election in 2016. Hey Joan, you’re not fooling anyone! You care nothing about law, order, and justice; you seek an outcome favorable to your party, nothing else. Grow up and act like an adult.

    2. @cj p Collapsed economy? We have low unemployment but rates are heading to zero and reaching high homelessness levels.
      Trade war with china? It didn’t bring manufacturing jobs to America.
      War with Iran? Innocent lives perished.

    1. Yea. A note to Bernies admin:
      If you get a BJ, admit it or the republicans will try to impeach you. Also, try not to do serious crimes or the Democrats will try to impeach you!

    2. Nope, crimes of perjury under oath and obstruction of justice vs. abuse of power and obstruction of Congress which are not crimes. You can read all about it (if you can read)

    3. Also, if me and you lied under oath in a courtroom, we would also be sent to jail. Ps: this is why Michael Cohen is in jail. Perjury. It’s what Clinton faced but…it died with the impeachment trial

  7. Lawyer laments that impeachment will interfere with the upcoming election.
    Yet their client had been enacting moves to interfere in the upcoming election.

    That’s an argument dumber than my left sock.

    1. No one is above the law. Sniffing children Joe Biden even if he is a pervert who has ties with the corruption in Ukraine. Just because he running for President has no immunity to corruption. Not to mention, Trump doesn’t need to bring down Joe Biden. Joe Biden can do that to himself. His perversion for Sniffing young Kids alone puts him below the other candidates for crying out loud.

    2. jvee bklyn letting the voters know that the administration of the impeached President is so incredibly limp as to be incapable of making an investigation into the allegations and then deciding on an announcement depending on the results of that investigation without the leveraging of congressional released military aid against a hostile adversary, is what you meant to say.

    3. Michael so you don’t have any defense for The impeached President either. You just called Trump guilty of leveraging aid for a personal favor. Nice. Whether Biden was guilty or not is irrelevant to the impeached presidents illegal actions.

    4. @jvee bklyn Republicans supported the removal of Shokin when it happened. Several of them even signed a letter demanding that Ukraine remove him before Biden acted. None of them ever once said it was corrupt until Trump said it. What Joe Biden did was not corrupt.

  8. I’m so tired of them saying “we have the right to a free and fair election”
    I’m afraid we’ll never have another fair election with these Trump turds in control!

    1. @Mimsy Borogove really? So 2 of the 4 dossiers used to spy on page weren’t found fraudulent by the ig investigation. Which further became exculpatory and they had to further make alterations to keep the fisa going. Page , who had been approved as an operational contact for another US government agency from 2008 to 2013. He was working for the Cia. Where he had already had extensive background checks previously.
      You telling me how I watch too much fox, while we are in a cnn chat room.

    2. @cj p ******
      Why don’t you take your questions to the FBI? That’s the agency that thought he was worth investigating. This is a CNN chat room? This is just people making comments on a CNN video.

    3. @ryvr madduck ******
      Uh huh. Where’d you come up with that fiction? Trump appointed a group to study illegal voting and they quickly faded away because they couldn’t find much to support Trump’s theory.

    4. @Nick Nick spare me libtard your own article can’t even name the gop donor. Do you losers even get past a headline? The article even says “we don’t know, and there is no evidence yet, that Fusion had even retained Steele while it was being paid by the Republican. There’s plausible deniability everywhere.”
      So weak.

    1. Don’t forget, on the phone recording of 2018 dinner that trumplethinskin knew how desperately Ukraine needed support from the US, he knew they have no hope against Russia without the backing of the US as well as the European Union.

      The only winners here are arms manufacturers, big business and corrupt politicians in every country….

  9. 3:16 I’ll give you two points to that…Trump lost the popular vote so the majority did not want him as president. Second, our ballets won’t matter if the senate allows Trump to cheat the election.

    1. No one is above the law. Trump doesn’t need to cheat against Biden. Biden can do that to himself. Sniffing children Joe Biden even if he is a pervert who has ties with the corruption in Ukraine started during when he was VP. Just because Joe is running for President has no immunity to corruption. Not to mention, Trump doesn’t need to bring down Joe Biden. Joe Biden can do that to himself. His perversion for Sniffing young Kids alone puts him below the other candidates running for President for crying out loud. So your argument holds no weight.

    2. European and US officials pressed Ukraine to sack Viktor Shokin, the country’s former prosecutor-general, months before Joe Biden, the former US vice-president, personally intervened to force his removal, people involved in the talks said. Mr Biden did not act unilaterally nor did he instigate the push against Mr Shokin, despite suggestions to the contrary by supporters of US president Donald Trump, people familiar with the matter said.

  10. Jfc, he could be standing there repeating, “ zip a dee doo dah, zip a dee doo dah….zip a dee doo dah”, and he would get the exact same results – zero justice for American citizens against a corrupt demagogue. Sad.

    1. Trump won election. Majority of Americans love Trump. That’s why he was elected President. He’s been doing the best job ever. That’s why the majority of citizens will VOTE to ELECT Trump in 2020. It’s called DEMOCRACY. Where’s the justice for Bidens, Obama, and Clinton?

    2. you deranged leftards dont speak for every american citizen…….trump has a lot more support than your CNN and twitter propaganda would have you believe.
      in fact you hysterical TDS sufferers are a small minority….even most left leaning people want to tone down the leftardism and p.c culture and focus on winning an election in 2020…..but now trump is all but certain to win again because you derailed the left with your partisan witch-hunts and Orwellian socialist retardation

    3. @Mimsy Borogove Most Americans want Trump removed from office? Did you happen to watch the rally in NJ tonight? You people are so incredibly blind it’s laughable!!!

    1. I know! They are blaming the Dems for Trump’s choice to break the law and interfere in our elections. Doesn’t he bear ANY responsibility for his crimes?

  11. Everytime they say “end this age of impeachment” it reinforces the thought that they are trying to end democracy itself

    1. Your sentiment is correct, I’m worried more people aren’t up in arms about what’s been going on in America since trump began his run for office, won and his administration. Seriously what will it take for enough already to be enough?!!!!

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