Trump Loses In Court: Judge Strikes Down Campaign NDA | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. History does repeat itself. Remember Al Capone. Former FBI director James Comey said dealing with Trump was like dealing with a mafia don.

  2. Ha, LOL Trump’s NDA are good for toilet paper. Trump shouldn’t have STIFF his lawyer’s and only dementia Rudy Giuliani left, no law firm wants Trump has a client!

    1. Dershowitz did who got George nader out, linked to intelligence and epstein. I guess Trump, flynn, bannon and kushner met with George nader though…

      Oh and acosta was told to let epstein go because he was part of intelligence?

    1. poor Seattle, they get an brand new NHL team, and a couple months after they name their team the Seattle Kraken, this happens

    2. That wasn’t a kraken. Those are the release of the Karens. Ever notice why theres an abundance of Anti mask Karen sighting lately?🤔🤔

    1. @trippplefive <<< Speaking of "low ratings, " this one missed the news: MSNBC passed Faux News in listenership. Same for CNN. By a significant margin in each case.

    2. the other one worth watching (with an XL bucket of popcorn) is Matt Gaetz; like a scarecrow on fire, twisting in the wind…

    3. @J. Ho Karma can be a vicious beast… grap a tub of popcorn and a cold drink; this is going to be a real sh!t show.

  3. Mr Pinocchio in chief reinvented himself as a republican to hide his secrets and for his benefit.

    1. @John Gregg He is not a president and he is going to jail !He could not have his way this time ,that is why. The todler’s tantrum!

    2. @Chris Merkel yes mr. Pinocchio and chief and another person said Caligula 45, there’s some good ones on here

    3. @Helene Flamand Wrong.
      All of the Trump family were registered as Democrats while in NYC for decades. As with every registered voter, his voting registration record is a matter of PUBLIC record.

    4. I know it would be difficult and you would have absolutely nothing to do but try this…..get off Trump’s nads.

    5. @purple dinosaurs Wrong person to wave your wangee at – my family has lived on that border since before America. Crawl back in the hole you’ve never travelled far from.

  4. Let me know when Trump has to utter these words under oath…”I will tell the Truth, the whole Truth, etc, etc…

    1. Oops, instant perjury! He broke every oath and promise he made. Wedding vows, oath of office and contracts all broken. Can’t tell the truth ever.

    2. Don’t know if he can actually utter those words in a sentence….and he certainly does not comprehend the concept!

    1. She renegotiated her prenup before she moved into the white house during the stormy daniels period. Must have been a good deal to get her to pretend to like trump.

    2. And she might succeed. Pre-nups are inherently vulnerable documents. And if Trump called the shots as to the pre-nup’s contents, he will have overshot, as he always does, and the pre-nup will be out.

  5. This is like a snowball at the top of a mountain. When it gets going though, ⛷️🏂 it’s all downhill. The media ratings will be astounding.

    1. The avalanche has started. It is far too late for the pebbles to vote on the matter.

  6. A bad day for chumpy is a GOOD day!………..Capone wasn’t a criminal until he was locked up!!

    1. He wasn’t a convict.
      Plenty of criminals running free right now. Just haven’t been caught and convicted yet.

  7. Ivanka must be like, dad I told you not to run for presidency in the first place but you never listened lool

    1. In fact Ivanka pushed her dad to run for president. That way her and her husband could make money. The Kushners are as crooked as the trumps. Just Google Ivanka’s husbands family.

    2. @FirstNation The Trump family — Donald’s grandparents — suckered the US Immigration Service in order to get into the US. The Kushner family — Jared’s grandparents — suckered the US Immigration Service in order to get into the US.
      The mendacity runs deep in both families. Same for the hatred of immigrants. Except, of course, for “connected” immigrants like Donald’s wives and their relatives.

  8. Trump’s thought of himself as “untouchable” all along, and in far too many instances he has in fact seemed so, unfortunately. But the tides are turning and justice is coming in hot on Trump’s heels. Now, those with something to say can say it loud and clear, so speak up, men and women of courage. Let your voices be heard and show Trump that while he may very well run, he can no longer hide. It’s time to pay the piper.

    1. Trump will never spend one day in jail, nor ever lose much money in such cases. The rich don’t pay.

    2. @Weldon Mix well he may not be rich much longer, he’ll probably die before all these lawsuits get processed though

  9. I hope he ends up broke and in jail. Even for a day! Just some sort of accountability. That slippery snake!

    1. You really are a ignorant little peasant. People like you don’t know facts, always jealous of people’s wealth etc. Look at our borders and wait until you see those people start dropping dead from the heat in the desert…coming soon only there will be more if them then expected. When you see that, remember this…It would of NEVER happened or even the crisis that is happening now if Trump was President. Also remover this…Trump ALWAYS put America FIRST…He kept his promises to Americans. Made America energy efficient first time since the 1950’s. Stopped a China from ripping us off and other countries too. Just because you might not like his demeanor, which a lot of people are not used to his aggressive realism and feed off hate that controls their rational thinking. That man brought America up. China put sanctions back on us the other day so they can rip us off again. Biden is raising our tax to be more then China cut our oil off so we are at the mercy of Saudi Arabia soon. We need fuel know matter what. 9 million American have lost jobs because of Biden’s vindictive mind-set against Trump. Things will inky get worse. Trump is aggressive, tough, not even a politician, but he is a master of economics and knows more about infrastructure then all of Congress. Biden’s new 3 trillion dollar infrastructure bill covers a small percent of infrastructure. He has blown wasted billions over his 50 year political career and NOTHING got done. That won’t change now. Just remember that…Guaranteed

    2. @ALASKA Brought America up? You must live in an alternate reality, he nearly destroyed America including an epic mismanagement of a pandemic which cost more than 550.000 deaths so far! And he’s a fraudster too (with his daddy’s money) he doesn’t know a thing about real economics!

    3. @ALASKA China doesn’t control our oil. OPEC and the USA does. 9 million jobs lost? Not due to Biden. I don’t think you have a good source for information. Yikes!

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