Trump 'Lost Fair And Square', He Won't Embrace His Post-Presidency Reality 1

Trump ‘Lost Fair And Square’, He Won’t Embrace His Post-Presidency Reality


Rev. Al Sharpton examines Donald Trump's post-presidency life. After multi-count indictments were made public against his company and tell-all books underscored instabilities in his administration, the former president braces for more bad news.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump 'Lost Fair And Square', He Won't Embrace His Post-Presidency Reality


    1. Vote Blue ’22!
      I think we have ONE Farm Troll with multiple user names getting paid to spread Trumper Stupidity! The GQP is this Desperate!

    1. @Wayne Burton Absentee is much different than mailing out unsolicited votes like the Demonrats want to do. you Demonrats think Blacks are so dumb they can’t handle getting an ID. You are racist.

    2. Crime in our Country is escalating at a pace we’ve never seen before. At the same time, people are pouring through our Borders totally unchecked. Jails in other countries are being emptied out into the United States. This is far worse than anyone thought during the Fake Election!

    3. @David Hale The innocent only need evidence. The guilty need to manipulate and employ loopholes. Your arguments are merely loopholes. EVERY eligible voter has been able to ask for a mail in vote , long before the Covid election. 45 just lost. More legal vores for Biden, and an electoral college victory. Anything else is soyr grapes.

    4. @Wayne Burton you still avoiding explaining the difference of absentee and mass mail in ballots.
      Anything else you say is all deflecting stupidity

  1. I’m sorry, but going forward can we refer to him as just Donald Trump, and not use the word “President” anywhere in the sentence? He does not deserve to be in that elite group… EVER!

    1. @MrLobo1776 your cult leader…..

      “I’m a very stable genius,” did Stephen hawking, who really was a genius, ever brag?;

      “I have the agreement right here,” while holding up a single sheet of *blank* paper;

      “You are a nasty person and that’s a nasty question,”
      to any reporter who asked him a question he didn’t like, 
      which was almost any question he was asked to which he couldn’t reply, “I’m a very stable genius.”

      Served cold fast food to athletic champs, acting like he was doing them a favor.

      The only reason you call Joe Biden nasty names is because your cult leader does.
      And he uses nasty names because he can’t deal with anyone smarter than he is.

    2. @blunt rapture Lol. Even with your white privilege it still fails you. I predict the 25th amendment being implemented within 1 year.

    3. Crime in our Country is escalating at a pace we’ve never seen before. At the same time, people are pouring through our Borders totally unchecked. Jails in other countries are being emptied out into the United States. This is far worse than anyone thought during the Fake Election!

    4. He is a devil with blue suit and tie.
      His future attired will be:
      Orange suit with Silver bracelets and gorgeous long chain.
      With a Front door with a big gate.
      You are joke.

    1. @Zennbubba all good things take time. The most watched news event in world history will be the orange excremental terrorist stain getting perp walked to his final resting place, a prison cell. Grab the popcorn!

    2. @Bacardi Doggo Yes they do …. who do you think (well I know what you think) will win the first to prison race Trump with no charges of any kind brought so far just a ton of he said she said BS… Or The Biden’s with Hunters lap top out there we call it the gift that keeps on giving I can send you a link that has Crack head Hunter getting smoked up and talking to his brothers widow would u like to see it. And you know all the proven emails talking about giving the Big Guy $$$$$$

    3. @Zennbubba Why do all of you keep trying to bring up a lap top that only exists in your wet dreams? Biden’s son was cured from his addiction, can drumpf and his kids say the same you think? (Rhetorical questions btw, l know the answers, nice deflection attempt btw, not)

    4. @Zennbubba oh, really? You mean the laptop that the FBI or any other law enforcement agency has yet to see? That laptop? Are you sure that the only crackhead here isn’t you?


    1. If you remember, he claimed the 2016 election was rigged because his ego presumed that every eligible voter would choose him.
      He’s claiming the 2020 election was stolen because : his ego presumed that everyone who didn’t vote for him in 2016 would vote for him in 2020;
      If he’s been re-elected in 2020, the time limit to prosecute him for those SDNY tax fraud charges would have run out, he’d be free to cause more harm.

    2. @Chris Smith Everything they said the democrats did to steal the election was just “projection” of what the Republicans were doing 🙂

    3. Cost of living is sky rocketing under Biden and Democrats will be to blame for the economic collapse that is starting to happen. When a loaf of bread is $150 and it costs $600 to fill up your gas tank, you are going to miss “Donnie”.

    4. @Chris you really are that stupid if you think only non-gop voted against your cult leader.
      And some of you are facing at least 10 years in prison and/or a hefty fine for the events of Jan 6.
      All because you allow a 74 year old sore loser (facing prison himself!) think for you.

  3. Biden won 82 million popular votes. 306 Electoral College votes. *ALL certified by ALL states.*
    President Biden *_IS_* America’s President, MAGAfans!
    There’s nothing – *NOTHING AT ALL* – that you can do about it!

    1. @Charles A Smith If it’s 55% to 65%, it’s fair and square!!! But if it’s 80% to 90%, it’s rigged. That’s what happened in Belarus, it was rigged.

    2. 400,000 Americans died on Trump’s watch. He knew the virus was deadly and airborne, but he lied and said it was a hoax. Twitboy is the worst president in American history. Good riddance trump.

    3. @tony moore Actually you havent’s “seen anything” have you. Just read something online.

      You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.
      Maybe get some help from an adult who can explain to you

    4. @R. Logan It’s called in-person early voting. They don’t get mailed out, voters fill them out at the early voting locations.

  4. OK, enough of Trump. I only want to know when they have the evidence on Trump and when they arrest him.

  5. Well, I don’t know about the rest of last year’s blue voters. I have already made up my mind for 2022 AND 2024.
    The former president (and all his crazy fans) clearly need to hear again that he was FIRED FROM THE JOB.

  6. A lot of people that voted for Biden don’t even like him, they just wanted to see dUmp cry like the giant baby he is, oh, and how it was worth it.

    1. for over a year now Natzibook has been censoring the the Truth and spreading misinformation about COVID-19!

    2. @R. Logan lol, yes, and crime rising has NOTHING to do with the fact that Trump normalized racism and there were more mass shootings in his pathetic single term than in both of Obama’s COMBINED.

      As for the border crisis, nothing has changed, and people who perpetuate this statement are being contradictive: on his pathetic farewell speech, Trump said he defended the border because his wall was complete, so, is Trump lying? Or is his wall a failure? How about BOTH? Also, joke’s on you because he made you pay for a wall that doesn’t work against underground tunnels and the cheapest ladders or hacksaws, but yeah IT’S DEFINITELY BIDEN’S FAULT AFTER BEING IN OFFICE FOR LESS THAN A YEAR. Now go back to your barbecue in your backyard.

  7. You got him good! The naked emperor is the only person on earth that doesn’t know that he is dumber than a stump.

    1. “Sunday Pop Quiz”
      Question: Who is the first Pres. to not put us in a new war in over 40 years????

      Answer: the Peoples President Donald Trump.

      Thanks for playing enjoy the weekend woke family.

    2. ​@neb President Trump was also kept in check by a military that was very conscious that a mentally unstable Trump could be very erratic and dangerous.

    3. @piertinence Trump is the only president in American history to disturb high ranking military officers don’t forget.

    4. @Insignificant360 Trump could be the only president in history to refuse to accept a clear defeat and to attempt a coup.

  8. He knows he lost but he has to push the “ Big Lie” to his gullible supporters to squeeze every penny out of them as he continues to show that he’s a grifter in every sense of the word.

    1. Crime in our Country is escalating at a pace we’ve never seen before. At the same time, people are pouring through our Borders totally unchecked. Jails in other countries are being emptied out into the United States. This is far worse than anyone thought during the Fake Election!

    2. Greg A … at the CPAC event this wknd they raised 27 millions for their election fraud, instead that money went to trumps legal fees and personal stuff… the rest CPAC is holding on to … his base is dying to hold onto the big lie and destroy this country by any means, they hate America this bad

    3. @David Hale , Dave. You been doing this for awhile. Have you ever made any progress arguing with these fools? With them: “Orange man Bad”, supersedes any logical argument.

    4. @Liz Pedano We will see! I hate it when lefty’s STALK regular American’s for “ideas”!
      Too bad the f_i does not investigate correctly!
      Oh and I had Covid real bad in March 2020. I was sick for 5 weeks! I am allergic to most made made medicines including Saline Solution. I am not TAKING ANY EXPERIMENTAL VAX until the test trials are finished. My half mask, 3M P100 NOISH mask with removable charcoal filters, that I bought in December 2019, did not stop me from getting Covid!!!
      I will not be a guinea pig for big pharma!!!

  9. I’m over the last years. I’m moving on and working for my families future with confidence that grownups are once again in charge of OUR branches of government.

    1. He can embrace it but, refuses so he’s decided to take advantage of it. Trump will forever be a thorn in America’s side until he is dead and buried.

    2. Don’t feel sorry for his followers they are making the decisions to follow him, of course trump doing the mind f–k game thing on them, they are responsible for their actions and the decisions they make. Don’t waste your sympathy on them.

    3. Trump’s reality is the dark one that haunts his every waking moment – it’s that people will find out the truth about him. The truth he hides from every waking moment. He is a pathological narcissist. The emotional maturity of an unloved four year old does not enable him to deal with objective reality so he lives a fantasy and lies and lies to maintain it against all external truths. Sadly though it does not embarrass his cult, they have embraced his projected narcissism with a zeal and depth that is stunning and scary.

    1. Notice that NBC hasn’t even asked Trump back to recreate it because if they did their ratings would tank.

  10. Trump says he had most GOP votes ever therefore he won but more people hated your guts, you lost

  11. I wish someone could prove trump rigged ELECTION against Hillary, thought they were going to do it again against Biden,GOT’CHA

    1. Have you ever heard of the term clabber for brains? You and Joe are full of it. You want to talk about Scotland. They’re still stuck to the British teat!

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