Trump Loyalist Gaetz Under Investigation For Alleged Sexual Misconduct | The Beat With Ari Melber

Trump Loyalist Gaetz Under Investigation For Alleged Sexual Misconduct | The Beat With Ari Melber 1


  1. If everyone was paying attention… You would know, whatever they were accusing others for, they’re guilty of.

    1. @David Smith Liberals pushed Al Franken and are trying to push Cuomo out of office without having an investigation, and Menendez was found not guilty by A JURY. So, when is YOUR side gonna push YOUR politicians out without an investigation?

    2. @SkaterStan Keep in mind the Republicans of today, especially in the South, were the Democrats of old. They switched sides over the years but kept their philosophy the same.

    3. @David anthony Brown it’s always described as allegedly, until they are convicted. That’s just pro forma.

    4. You know the Democrats do this hourly. This is a perfect example of left hypocrisy. Joe Biden molests children.

    1. @D RiteMoLawzBks its not a problem about him finding an adult woman, its that enjoys underage children

    2. @Weaponx100 Lmao. So much for the liberal moral grandstanding of “protecting the lgbtqiiqppavsd community”. They only do it when they can make themselves look good. Disgusting hypocrites.

    3. @Squirrel Covers I think he was just making fun of the people who say that all the time. At least I hope so.

    1. @David Patton That actually had crediable evidence alongside Kavanaugh having a long history of abuse of power and drinking.

      Of course, it isn’t like I linked articles about the investigations into Tara Ried that resulted in her lawyer leaving her.

      Oh, wait, I did.

    2. @David Patton I bet he does too cuz its only believable when it helps his team, I dont even believe Tara I have a strict standard for these cases, I have friends ik personally who where falsely accused it hurts you life.
      But these people make me sick Tara deserves an investigation.
      I thought Kavanaughs treatment was too much, BUT thats the standard they set if thats how you treated kavanaugh than thats how you treat biden, thats the standard they set.

    3. @Kellie CarterTrying hard to what, be a principled Individual with standards & value’s, sorry im not trying it comes easy to me, I’m not a Neoliberal partisan hack, I Use to be Im not anymore. Hypocrites like u make me sick, BUh -BY friend.🥰😍😘

  2. “They set a net for my steps; my soul was bowed down. They dug a pit in my path, but they have fallen into it themselves.” David, Psalm 57:6

    1. @Mysteryman777 ok good for you brake man’s laws see what happens god lives in your mind I live in reality good luck and good night

    2. @SaintKines Wheres the proof? Please send me the sources for that because I watch a lot of news from both angles and never heard anything about it. How much they hate Trump I’d think that would be front page news. I call your bs.

    3. @Mutton Chops how do I break mans law? Mans laws are mostly Gods laws set on the heart of man. Most laws where contrived from the 10 commandments God gave Moses. God does not live in my mind his Spirit is alive in my soul and I’m happy I have him there he brings me great joy and comfort when things get tough.

    4. @Mutton Chops It only doesn’t make sense because you have not read and that is all. God sent his son to earth in the form as man to suffer as we suffer while living without sin he ended up paying the ultimate price so that our souls can be saved. GOD Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one they make up the trinity

  3. *”Hey you people we’re trying to catch, my father’s wearing a wire to try to catch you! (But shhh it’s a secret…)”*
    — Matt Gaetz

    1. @Bob Lamb we don’t need to eliminate them. They destroy themselves without any help…or maybe it’s Karma!

    2. @Bob Lamb
      Didn’t you just lose the House, The Senate, and then finally the Presidency? Check the scoreboard Bob, your lambs are walking into the slaughter house unassisted.

    1. @thesun collective147 look at James and Chris….
      It’s the same guy.
      It’s a GRU FANCY BEAR ACCOUNT Russian disinformation trash toy play….
      Both accounts are run by the kind of Russian that joined up with Germany the moment Poland was invaded….
      They’re playing right and left having a staged argument trying to draw Americans into the mix….
      It’s a good example of HATE FARMING..
      Think I’m right?

    2. WTH ?!???
      Their Windowless Vans usually have EXPLOSIVES.
      The candy is on their Yachts,..
      Private Islands and Golf Couse Properties.
      Pay attention…

    3. @Robert1 Foley
      WAS THAT A STATEMENT of some kind ???,..
      Or just some babble from a New Troll Account. With no actual Point ???
      …bet I know the answer 😏…

  4. Then he goes on Twitter and reveals that his father has been wearing a wire for an FBI investigation! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. And then you have joe touching & sniffing kids. Not to mention him saying blacks kids loves to play with his hairy legs

  5. “…my generosity to ex-girlfriends” in other words ‘I’ve paid teenagers hush money to keep quiet’.

    1. Way to jump down someone’s throat the second they are accused before any shred of proof or evidence is out

  6. I sure hope Q will be sending folks to look into this! I mean… where they go one they go all, right? 😂 😆 🙄

    1. @DWG Herkemasnurdbird triggered cultist much? Such a brilliant and witty response though! Did the guys in your Incels Anonymous group help you come up with it? You ought to call mom down to the basement and share it with her… I’m sure she’d be proud. And if you need pizza money, feel free to grab the $20 I left in her purse.

    2. @Knight 1 Oh, you mean the Texas Republicans who mismanaged Texas’ infrastructure and caused all of the oil wells and refineries to shut down due to freezing since they weren’t winterized? I mean, logically, which is more likely to have caused a spike in gas prices immediately following the winter storm: Closing down an oil pipeline literal years from completion, or the state that produces 1/5th of America’s oil suddenly freezing?

    3. @DeadReckoning
      wow its almost as if its getting closer to summer and people are actually beginning to drive more now

  7. If the Florida tax collector, the guy who the FBI says ran an under aged prostitution ring, was the same guy who introduced the 17 year old girl to Gaetz, that is big trouble.

  8. *The only strange thing is that I thought it was going to be an underaged boy instead of a girl! If there was any doubt in my mind of the stories accuracy it would be that! Go figure!*

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