1. You should not have your tin foil hat on when plugging something in FYI Did you look at your hair most ALL of u.
    Be careful

  2. Speaking of bamboo, I thought pretty much all of America’s paper came from China. It costs like 29 cents per ream.

    1. @S McDonald It was all my fault. I ate Chinese food for lunch that contained bamboo shoots right before I voted.

    2. I work with paper for a living…i can tell you for a fact that 90% of paper used in the USA is made in canada…in fact domtar was just purchased by a canadian manufacturer so more than 90%…

    3. @becky doesit is bamboo illegal or something? Lol who cares about bamboo in ballots it doesn’t change the votes

    4. @becky doesit Republicans won, those that disagree are in on the conspiracy – Becky.

    1. So we will have to provide the delusional GQP Mental Health Care and walking sticks.

    1. You are right, tRump indightments are right around the corner, it’s so exciting isnt it? 😄

    1. @PrimitiveSkater Even if by miracle he could come back, Trump wouldn’t want the responsibility. He didn’t even want to be president to begin with. At most, Trump and his fans are doing theatrics to lessen the impact of his loss. Trump is desperate to cast doubt on his loss.

    2. @AZ Hawk Trump literally did an interview today saying hes not running on 2024, hes focusing on fixing 2020 and returning the stolen jewels to the owner.

    3. @PrimitiveSkater Yes he is. We will take down this fraudulent president if the military doesn’t. That’s a promise. Only so much time before we start charging state capitals. We will not be dicked with anymore

    4. @AZ Hawk Trump won 49 states. I know this info with break you. So call me names. Do what you want. The truth is the truth and God will stand for nothing else. I would watch a movie called the sound of freedom”.

    1. ;-))) it is all so embarassing, from my view in Europe, what absirdities the GOP are sinking too.

    2. @Wilfried Hölscher the problem is your view in Europe is PRECISELY the view they want you viewing! The audit is very real & these shady bunch of jackals are trying every trick in the book to stop it. Including finding a way to get the original judge to recuse himself. Nothing was fair or honest about that election! The trust you have in my countries Democrat politicians is frightening.

  3. Need to find out the true, jail all cheaters and liars. I am sick of seeing cheating, fake news and no dignity people in the news every day.

    1. Sick of the Big lie, of the big baby crying every time someone hurts his feelings. Sick of all the scams. Enough. Stop the silliness

  4. Meanwhile the media works tirelessly to suppress and discredit any investigation that could provide confidence in our election system or back up their “Big Lie” narrative…

    1. Democrats have lied , stole, cheated, and pointed fingers and every time wrong. This is no different. We will still keep going. And if not read Amendment 2. It’s not for hunting.

    2. @William Dawson Completely agree. Just like they supported the black lives matter riots, and now there trying to up the security at the Capitol. I wonder why. Are they going to steal the next election and are scared this time people wont back down? Are they planning to push the great reset before 2024..

      I seen a video where a reporter asked biden if he’s nervous about trump running in 2024 & he answered by saying there won’t be a republican party by 2024.

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