Trump Loyalists Want Liz Cheney And Adam Kinzinger Out Of GOP Caucus 1

Trump Loyalists Want Liz Cheney And Adam Kinzinger Out Of GOP Caucus

Trump loyalists on the Hill want Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger out of the House GOP Caucus. Plus, House Republicans staged a protest over mask mandates on the Hill. Michael Steele and Juanita Tolliver have some thoughts about all of that.
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    1. Protest is the language of the unheard.
      Fiery but peaceful protests.
      2 weeks to flatten the curve.
      Joe Biden is president.
      You really want to talk about doing what your told instead of what you think is right?

  1. I can already imagine who’s behind this??? What exactly are they so afraid of??? That’s a rhetorical question what exactly do you think they’re hiding lol

    1. The only thing I haven’t heard yet, is the stop the steal crowd were actually the only people trying to steal the election. You know why they couldn’t stop the steal? Because the election was not stolen, it was counted many times.

    2. Wait what did that human troll doll boebert say again? Are they finding uneducated, unmediated psychopaths to join GOP. Did this ldy run a gym like marjerie taylor green, making her more knowledgeable then the leading physician of the white house? Omg to go to school and work hard then to be criticized by these type of people on television has got to have professionals boiling in their socks mad . Big words for someone barely taller then the podium and probably couldn’t accomplish an 8 year doctoral degree. Shame

  2. This again shows how fragile Democracy is. It only takes one criminal playing president, choosing equal criminal crooks and the fight for survival of democracy is in full swing. – I wonder what the outcome will be. In the meantime, Russia, China and other “enemies “ of the US will use the situation for their own purposes and gains.

    1. You should not call Biden a criminal “yet”, so far Hunter is the only one who has been shown to acted illegally. Joe is just senile.

    2. Technically they are huge competition; trump thought he could control the global market by putting economic pressure against them, and they just started teaming up within themselves and left america alone. If we allowed that orange clown any longer, there woulda been a world war that america can lose, most of us voted the orange dude out, most of us wont want a war, but we will be caught in the middle, when theres no more oil to use for our machines to make anything, no more supply of raw materials to build guns and what not etc. We will be desperate, and hopefully dont turn out like Rome. We would be forgotten despite the fact that most of us didnt want what he did. Thank god those sanctions are taken off, biden knew we need alliance.

    3. In the meantime coups n leadership assassinations are filling the news every day. Our slightly fake democracy was supposed to be getting closer to human rights respecting but we’re still letting cops get away with murdering black people for kicks and still letting slaveholders dominate the White House thru slavery-preserving Constitutional tools like the Senate and the Electoral college plus all that in-the-street crap like the filibuster. This country has always been ruled by their hegemony with an illusion of democracy, with their grip on power weakening they are seeking only to end the illusion of democracy and progress that kept us out of their way. That theyre spazzing out bigtime now only proves we were making progress.

    4. 3 men who are tops in harming the USA: Murdoch, Trump and Putin. Murdoch took his billions and slunk back to Australia. Putin is chuckling in Moscow. Trump is dumping in his diapers in FL.

    5. @Giya Victoria thanks for your comment. But its a shame that there are some people who hate someone who is trying to help them. Those are the people who needs to go to China or Russia or both.

  3. Maga cancel culture at its finest. Speak the party line or else you’re out.”Ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery” -Maga motto

    1. @Patricia Gazey It’s good to read a book! Have you done your research on that book? Most people begin to see the context of the book when they know the background of the author. You all love to research, don’t you? You read the book 1984. Well, I think you did or were you echoing 1984 because your little friends do the same? Let’s see, it is written by… Eric Arthur Blair, he used the pseudonym George Orwell. Do you know the political orientation of the author? Political right-wing? Very wrong indeed. He was a socialist on the edge of anarchist. He was left but not that far left, he hated communism and the excesses of the extreme left and right. He hated the regime of Stalin and he hated the regime of your friend Hitler. If he was still alive, he would have said that Trump had to be stopped. He was more labour, a social democrat. He was not afraid to mention the excesses from bother sides, left and right. And he was definitely not a pacifist. The police kept a file on him, stating that he was a communist. But that was not really his thing. You are mentioning as a far right-winger a book of a socialist/anarchist author. He definitely was not in your camp, how about that? Books keeps your mind open for new horizons, doesn’t it? Good for you! Keep on reading now and remember, freedom without responsibility and obligation doesn’t exist!

  4. WHEN are these Republicans going to GET that they can fight back by starting a third party? Liz and Adam and MICHAEL STEELE, start the True Conservative party and split this fascist Grifter party! SAVE DEMOCRACY. You will pull moderate Dems too. DO IT!

    1. This is my hope as well. Get on board with the folks over at TLP and make it happen. If they successfully create a sane version of what the GOP used to be the fascists will be left with only the craziest of the crazy, what George H W Bush called the lunatic fringe. Make Nazis invisible/irrelevant again.

    2. There won’t be a new party mid-term or most likely the next general election. One cannot switch parties while they are serving a term for the ticket they ran on.

    3. Ok Kathryn! Get on back to Utopian U now and take some more classes about how to be a good little Nazi from your self-hating goose stepping Prof. The only Nazis are YOU and the puppets at MSNBC.

    1. @Brett S. Question for you open borders Biden voters – according to customs and border patrol, Joe Biden‘s open borders are now at a staggering 10,000 illegal Migrants entering America per week. Yes, per week …
      Why are there THOUSANDS of coronavirus infected, maskless illegal migrants out in public infecting fellow Americans?
      Biden is fueling the pandemic nationwide, I thought you were the party of science?

    2. @stevenp25100 Yea, perhaps Pelosi should have kept Jordan on the committee. Trumpists would have enjoyed his incessant interrupting and disruption and obfuscating and diversions. Better than a dog and bear contest.

    3. Bobert most specially. Why did she gave a tour of the capitol the day before the insurrection and twitting

  5. Out of all the Republicans we have, only two have the courage and decency to help us get to the facts on Jan. 6.

  6. Like the sign on the podium “Country in Crisis”. It is a sign identifying the real cause of the crisis : McCarthy and company’s.

  7. Ask them to comply, then if they don’t?…they will be arrested! The DOJ doesn’t have their backs now! Barr is gone!

  8. The GOP is already a ” three-ring circus “…the likes of NTG , Boebert , Gohmert and McCarthy ..being ring-masters …Wonder how many life-long Republican voters will notice ..!!!!

  9. Be a real bad mistake for GOP to ditch the only people in their party with spine cause the war that is coming the might need someone with a spine

  10. The Republicans are afraid of kicking them out of the party, because they might run as an independent and that would split the vote and maybe give the democrats the seats.

  11. The first 200 Afghans heroes have landed in Petersburg,Va at Fort Lee.
    Bring everyone! Make us proud and be loyal to the translators that wanted democracy too !!!!

    1. God bless all the.good people!!! One stood out in the January 6th hearings! Two of the officers making testimony have an accent .I couldn’t determine their Mother Country. A lot of emotion crossed my mind as heard the testimony! Two officers spoke with an accent that I can’t determine their origin, but one thing I did ,these heroes came or their parents brought them here because this is the better nation from where they came from.Upon their employment they swore Allegiance to this awesome country.of our. The insurrenist., traitors attacked them in their attempt to destroy our democracy! The other thing that strikes me that most attackers and their representatives of our country also have an accent, the yokels, the mountain people of our southern states.

    1. @NightRunner417 although I must say hoebert does seem like she will be an absolute freak in the bedroom. She knows how to ride she is from Colorado. Heels over my shoulders definitely for starters

    2. She needs to be investigated for giving “tours” of the Capitol to people on the day before the terrorist attack. She was seen by members of the House. During a pandemic. Hmmmm.

    1. Kevin made a serious mistake when he did not join the first proposal of Pelosi for the investigation. Equal power for both parties. I am glad that this commission is not installed because it would have been a clown show.
      When Pelosi was in charge with the select committee, she offcourse refused Jim Jordan and Banks who only want to investigate BLM riots in the Jan 6 commission and the investigation would have become a mockery. If they want to investigate the BLM riots, there is nothing stopping them to start an investigation.
      If they kick Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger out, they also have no influence anymore about them.
      Who was the party who opposed Cancelling? Or is it different If they do it themselves?

  12. Cheney and Kinzinger stay in and let the demented in your party lose their minds. I’m loving this.

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