Trump makes play to block Pence’s grand jury testimony

Former President Donald Trump has asked a federal court to block former Vice President Mike Pence from speaking to a grand jury about certain matters covered by executive privilege as part of the criminal investigation into efforts to overturn Trump’s 2020 election loss, sources familiar with the move told CNN. #CNN #News


  1. If Trump wasn’t guilty of criminal activity, he wouldn’t need to take these actions at all. 😮

  2. I have never seen a man who claims his innocence by trying to block testimony that can exonerate him.

    1. If he attempts to block everyone’s testimony, do all witnesses possess evidence of his criminality?

    1. @Soh Soh yes it’s increadbly sad. The big secret for america is to pay more attention to the name of their country. They seem to have misinterpreted the word United, or at least not comprehend what it means. So very tragic.

  3. What a way to make everyone wonder what exactly they all have to hide. In forcing the thoughts we all thought to be true anyway.

    1. If past is precedent, then whatever you think is true – the actual reality is so, so much worse…

  4. he’s been shot down trying to do this multiple times before. executive privilege belongs to the office, not the man.

  5. Executive action doesn’t cover treason. It would be nice if someone other than New York could get something done in court.

    1. @Saturday8pmtrue, but not Letitia, civil court. it is a man, Adams on the criminal case…You need women to get things done!

    2. Agreed, it is our system though. Folk with money can afford the best attorneys and the system is flawed. I don’t know the answer but we have seen for some time that money gets people out of punishment. The poorest suffer most in a system like this, along with minorities.

  6. I always thought executive privilege was matters of national security and sources and methods!!! Crimes being discussed don’t qualify for sure!!!

    1. That’s classification, that protects info on nat sec/sources and methods, not privilege. Privilege attaches to discussion/advice given by advisors on policy/administration issues. It can cover almost any legal topic related to running the government. The idea is you want advisors to give their best frank advice on how to get the best outcome for the country without worrying about how their words will be seized on and used against them later. It isn’t meant in any way, shape or form to protect plots to overthrow the Republic.

    2. From Cornell Laws page on Executive privilege:

      “United States v. Nixon, also known as the Watergate Scandal, has established that even a President has a legal duty to provide evidence of one’s communications with his aides when the information is relevant to a criminal case. By requiring the President to turn over recordings of private conversations that he had with his aides, the Court’s decision has helped frame how to define executive privilege in judicial setting. “

  7. Every moderate from both parties are waiting patiently for justice. Why are they dragging this out? Lock him up! Lock them up!

  8. So much for “if you are innocent then you have nothing to hide”. I sometimes get the feeling that Dip$#!+ Don actually wants to look like a criminal, because he knows his base are so depraved that they would actually like him more if they believed he’s a crook…

  9. It’s a disgrace to our country that this man continues to avoid justice. If any of us were in his position we’d have already been convicted.

  10. Don and his team are famous for dragging out court procedures and getting off on technicalities. If nothing else, he’s consistent.

  11. Executive privilege ? When have we last heard this one? No, Donald, trying to convince your VP to do something illegal does not fall under the “Executive privilege” category.

  12. Pence needs to be held accountable under oath for his part in covering up for his previous employer.

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