Trump Making Nice With Putin, U.S. Intel Readies For Moscow’s 2020 Attack | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Reuters lays out a new strategy that U.S. intelligence officials are readying ahead of the 2020 election to take on possible Ransomware attacks from Russia. Frank Figliuzzi and Clint Watts react.
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Trump Making Nice With Putin, U.S. Intel Readies For Moscow's 2020 Attack | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Putin to Trump: “I put a spell on you, Because you’re mine, You better don’t stop the things you do, Oh yeah” 🤔🙄

    1. Hey, elections don’t come cheap and Putin doesn’t work for free, Trump better get Russia back into the G7 or else he’s toast.

    1. @Sean D Don’t forget that before the election of 2016 Moscow Mitch was told about it and even then Moscow Mitch Sasquatch McConnell actively resist or refuse to comply with.

    2. he will be gone no later than the 2020 election, and hopefully sooner! he is so corrupt and another of putin’s pals!

    1. Trump represents all of the worst qualities humanity has to offer. There are several facts that should help ease your mind though.

      1. Trump is the first POTUS to never exceed a 50% approval rating

      2. History books will point out that this is the most corrupt and criminal Administration during our countries History
      3. Mueller confirmed twice during his Senate Testimony, that Trump can be indicted for the Obstruction of Justice the moment he’s out of office.

      The Trump Administration will be in our History books as one of the darkest and most corrupt times in American History.

    1. Y B : The shame you have learned to live with is more of a burden to you, than you think . . . Get help. Not joking, son . . . Smh

    2. @Y B trump LOVES the uneducated. Thanks for reinforcing that point. Stop being a naive, gullible sycophant.

    1. Well, an army of Russian bots are attacking unsuspecting American citizens in cyberspace.
      So, sure, Western democracies are under attack; Russia is waging cyberwarfare on us.

  2. The turtle guy was not ignorant of this when he tried to bury action against it. It suits his fascist agenda to allow it to happen.

    1. Like Trump, Moscow Mitch needs to be taken down in whatever way it takes, and I don’t even care if it is illegal for me to say this. I KNOW I am right, and for anyone who has nothing left to lose in life…..

    2. McConnell’s constituents may be enjoying the benefits of the investment by that Russian oligarch in McConnell’s senate district. Money and immediate interest can be powerful.

    1. @Calavera Comedy Hanging chads was the main issue, and it was the decision of Anthony Scalia that made it worse.

      I did work at a polling station and the original count was made by hand.
      We had no problems although there were a number of absentee ballots due to reassigned precincts.

      Black indelible markers for optical readers leave no hanging chads.

    2. omi god that kind of clarification would have been useful if the other guy actually said that lol 😆

    3. Ramon Guzman well, the problem is that every state every county does things different. do you think a more uniform method would be better or would that just create more problems ?

    4. @Calavera Comedy Probably federal guidelines would make it more reliable. There would be less discrepancies in the process.
      I voted electronically, and I wasn’t really happy with it.
      Most people voted using paper ballots, there was a choice.
      I voted early at the registrar of voters, and was given a stub.
      However, given the situation, I wouldn’t trust electronic systems any more; I’m requesting a paper ballot with a numbered stub.

      I consider the possibility that the 2020 election results will be disputed no matter what.
      So, a reliable system that can be proven time and again is necessary.
      We need to make the process as clean, and transparent, as possible, and still be able to recount those votes as many times as necessary.

      I don’t connect my main computer to public networks. Like 4 years ago my old computer was affected by one of those massive attacks.
      And, dealing with Russian bots on YouTube I have seen that they have access to location systems that work through YouTube.
      I don’t even know what new technologies are out there.
      I need to get up to speed myself.
      Any system connected is hackable.

    5. Ramon Guzman i will agree that bots in youtube comments are a real thing. predominately on political videos. i can agree with your point( if you are a real human 😂) but nah i think that if hackers are that good at getting in, shouldn’t the opposite exist. hackers that are good at stoping hackers vs getting in? surely it exists, the question is how to advance our tech to be better then their tech no?

  3. The Russkies are a’coming……….and Mad King Jeebus of Greenland is head of the Welcoming Committee. Again.

  4. Moscow-Mitch has 3 election security bills that he refuses to bring for a vote. I guess as long as the election interference aims to benefit his party, the Republicans, it’s no big deal. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Well, I’m a Republican and I think it’s a big deal; truly proud Americans, who love and respect our country, will always put country over party! Parties may come and go, presidents come and go, but America is here to stay. She is here for us, shouldn’t we keep her safe?

  5. Trump is working so hard to give Russia the keys to the American 2020 election. He’s just not quite there yet.

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