1. It’s so interesting that all these “freedom loving” republicans don’t see that they love and support a wannabe dictator.

    1. @Myles Reed funny how you can recognize a variety of people within a BLM demo but no where else.

    2. @Hand Son pure lies. You would think cult members would be more intune but no. All about lies. Lol

  2. WHY IS THIS Grifter not behind Bars the ordinary man or woman would be locked up long ago …Amazing

    1. @The Logic Party yeah, why do they make such a big fuss over this 1 riot that caused a mere 5 deaths, what’s the big deal?

    2. @The Logic Party I am a scientist AND a mathematician, and you’re insane and FOS

    3. @The Logic Party
      If you really are a scientist and that’s a REALLY REALLY big “if” then you have made a miscalculation.

  3. WHY did DOJ AG Rosen not come out with this information sooner? What was he waiting for? Maybe if he had come forward sooner (before Jan 6th) the attack on the US Capitol wouldn’t have happened. tRUMP should be in prison along with his co-conspirators…and not for just a few months either. Life in prison!

    1. Because I think for the first time they know they can’t hide it. I think it’s telling on how deep they think this investigation may go. I think we may find more people playing their get out of jail cards they’ve kept close to their chest.

    2. Exactly because he knows what he has done, but he will not pay for anything his gangster friends will for him

    3. Do you know if these notes were provided to the FBI or that inside the DOJ was used/discussed?
      There was not a direct reference to a coup but it was “only” asking to make a statement.
      The FBI seemed to have made some misjudgements in the days before the coup as far as I read in some articles. If there were really bad decisions made by DOJ or FBI, or If they were manipulatief by the former president, has to be part of the committee. However, in my view the question: Who hired the hitman should have the highest priority.

    4. Little known fact:Rosen, as well as his superior Barr both worked for the law firm K&E that represented Jefry Epstn for decades. Other Trvmp appointees who worked for the same law firm include R Khuzami, J Bolton, A Acosta, J Wall, J Clark (mentioned in this video), P Cipollona, J Eastman, N Sales, A Azar, B Kavanavgh and his personal lawyer A Dersh0witz.

  4. Misconduct? That word is far to weak and lenient. That would be like saying Godzilla was “playful” when he destroyed Tokyo.

    1. @Collins Collins * rest of DNC. Rest of the world respects Trump more that your dementia biden and that terrorist Obama. I am from the rest of the world.

    1. @Vicki McCune or gets Epsteined. 😱😱😱🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😉😉😉😉

    2. @MegaRussell12 very few, a lot of celebrations but very few mourners. 😉😉😉😉😂😂😂😂😂

  5. So I guess Donnie is the best evidence to disprove Billy Barr’s theory of the Unitary Executive being a desirable thing.
    Now…when does Billy and Donnie and coterie start paying their accountability tab?

    1. @Just Say’n I believe that. These maga clowns are still stuck on the number at the top of the first page.

    2. Glad to see the Unitary theory being discussed. No, it is not a good thing. Somehow, it’s used only when a president is in trouble of some sort, or lacks the power to do something under the more commonly used body of laws.

      Nixon, facing impeachment, used it in his infamous statement, “Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”.

      George W. Bush used it to pressurize a hesitant Congress to grant him war powers by authorizing the invasion of Iraq. Under the War Powers Act a president generally cannot start a war without the approval of Congress. Bush however argued that a president does not need Congtess’ permission to start or end a war.

      Clinton stated that a president cannot be sued as the investigation on Monica Lewinsky affair with him proceeded.

      Trump. ‘When somebody is president of the United States, your authority is total,” He went on to prohibit his aides from obeying Congressional summonses and testifying against him before the House.

      In my opinion it is unconstitutional insofar as it offends the maxim that no one is above the law.

    3. @scott bowling Because it came from their mouths to our ears. We saw the videos also, created by the big lie. There are people who still believe what we see and hear.

    1. @Jew Dy oh the part about “he honestly doesn’t know…” I honestly don’t know either but I’m bet I won’t get way with it nor will anyone say “he honestly doesn’t know…”

    2. @Anon Nympho Dude I’m sorry you drew a conclusion I wasn’t making from my statement of observation. But, if you want to write a few paragraphs on why hiring people with relevant experience makes sense, I might read them.

    3. @Jew Dy lol 😂🤏🏻🤏🏻 that’s good 😂😂😂😂

      Except for the fact that you’ve already read it

  6. That SOB was impeached twice by the house of representatives, corrupt GOP bailed Trump out.

    1. Even when there’s video or audio evidence he will say “Don’t believe anything you see or hear.”

    2. Trump gives convicted felons pardons like Mike Flynn, a pastor Trump friend gives Mike Flynn a rifle as a gift in Church this is the corruption

  7. If this were a democrat pulling this, the GOP would spend every dollar, use every agency. The media wouldn’t let up, and the American taxpayers would be footing the bill

    1. @David Gray What has this to do with Trump the criminal, let alone all the dodgy positions he filled with his family and friends to protect him?

    2. @David Gray LOL, every word Trump utters is false, yet you believe he donated his salary. You never hear the tale of the frog and the scorpion?

    3. @The Sollys did I miss something? When was Trump charged with a crime? Been non stop investigations but ZERO charges.
      I believe you might be thinking of JFK when appointed his Brother to be the AG…that means Attorney General…go ahead and shoot me the news about Trump being indicted…I’ll wait.

    4. @Body language Expert there will be a civil war.. His 1st move will be to abolish the 2 term act. because after everything has been exposed on what Trump has done behind the scenes for his betterment alone. He will tank the economy and blame everybody else. And you’ll be empowering him.

  8. I knew that the lying SOB was CRAZY before he came down the escalator… There’s a NEW THING out these days, folks! It’s called, “RESEARCH”!!!

    1. @alyson easton- It wasn’t even that he got a divorce, it was how he let Marla confront Ivana in front of their kids and completely embarrass her. He has zero class. ZERO.

    2. @Kermit T. Frog – No Kermie. The hate for Trumptydumpty is thick. And he deserves every bit.

    3. @Watan We need someone with an understanding of how government work’s, not organized crime, like traitor boy Trump

  9. Yet if Hillary or Obama had done anything close to that he’d be crying for them to be locked up for life.

    1. @Sharon Snow Ive been watching Linda G the Commanche psychic for over 4 yrs now, and her tarot readings have been spot on. It will be revealed that Trump was Putin’s asset and Trump will be “erased” from anything presidential. (His name will be RUINED). Her readings have given us much comfort and hope as to watching Trump and his ilk will pay…..BIG TIME! ✌️

    2. @Sharon Snow That’s true. As far back as 1976 the Russians picked trump due to “he was an intellectually viable target.” This is no secret. None of what you’ve said is a mystery as far as I’m concerned.

    3. @Sharon Snow I wish everyone could read your comment and realize just how big this Trump Presidency to Trump Dictatorship Attempt really was.

    1. @Donnie BunkerBoi He has to pay for the engine which totally corroded off his plane while in the hangar over the last four years

    2. @Michele Conner NC…Donald could never repeat his victory…he was an experiment tha the independents (about 15 percent) where willing to take a risk on…they learned their lesson and will never go there again…however the DNC better start grooming a super star or paternalistic Ron Desantis will be our next president

    3. Believe it or not Trump is not the most corrupt leader. There’s world leaders even more corrupt than him, and V. Putin tops that list. He’s the modern day equivalent of James Bond’s Blofeld. Compared to them, Trump is a rank amateur.

  10. Why does the law not apply to Trump. Anyone messing with election or postal would be prosecuted.

    1. In the words of MLK JR. ” We shall overcome becase the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice”.😑🙏

    1. @Richard Byers Opioids take away the pain temporarily . Why do you think we’re in an Opioid Crisis. During the 4 yrs.

    2. @BOB HAVENER it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Americans are more concerned about the Kkaedashians, Shane Dawson, and the latest celebrity gossip or sports teams than their own governance.

    3. @Bob Stone what part of the USA is a republic not a democracy do *you* not understand?

      You’re being spoonfed the propaganda and fake freedoms. Ha!

    4. @Lyla The Vegan you know you don’t vote for the president… right?

      The Electoral College votes for president.

      The DNC and the RNC choose the candidates, not you… of course you *do* realize this… right? I hope you also realize the USA isn’t a democracy. A republic and a democracy are two different, and distinct forms of governance.

      Anyhoo… yolo and carry on with your illusions of democracy.

    1. They have no choice. The only way that T***p and the GOP survive 2024 is to finish the coup. They are a dangerous, wounded animal. Take care, America.

    2. @SkyGemini your demonized view of most conservatives is wildly inaccurate. While I can agree that there are those within the Republican party that line up with your view. That are a great number of us who are not the demons you excited above.

      While I don’t like the polarization working the population, the GOP and Dems being at odds has actually been good for our country as one side consistently kept the other side from going off the deep end. It wasn’t until recently that the radical right emerged as the party leader that the issues at hand have risen. That being said we still need a system with two opposing sides so that healthy debate can happen otherwise the fascism we currently see on one side will have the opportunity to take over on the other side. While initially you may think it great because you will feel like your side has won soon the US will be run into the ground.

    3. What if the majority of GOP supporters want him to lead the party? Or do you want Nancy Pelosi to choose Republican leadership?

    4. @Zach Gates The GOP can’t be rid of T***p because T***p controls the mob and the GOP is more frightened of the mob than the Dems are.

    5. Then he can lead them right into a long jail terms,for the total LIER’S ENABLERS UNFIT Untrustworthy people that they are.

  11. The breathtaking, bold-faced level of corruption would make a 3rd world dictator blush. It’s extraordinary. There’s very little to no attempt to even conceal his criminality.

    1. Donald John Trump committed federal crimes within five minutes of taking his oath of office when he turned away NSA agents attempting to perform the required security screenings for Kushner, Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric, and Trump’s wife. But we knew he ignored oaths when he ignored his FCC Broadcasters Oath and started cussing at his rallies in public back in 2015. I am so saddened by the level of stupidity nearly half our nation is at for following this total criminal. He has committed crimes every day since. The room rates for his secret service crews at Mara Lago were criminal, and will be seen as such. Remember the aircraft maker that got cited for overcharging after WWII? Same thing. Federal prison for the entire organization in this case.

    2. @Bob Stone so you need the educational system to give you permission to use the brains you were born with?? How about the precious firearms that you love more than your children. Who have to do active shooter drills in school? How about refusing to wear masks? How about refusing COVID immunizations???

    3. @Gary Kindt When someone commits a crime, it’s categorized and the criminal punished. When this loser does it, the GOP calls it “his way of doing things’ and the Dems call it “constitutional crisis’ and that’s the end of it while he moves on to the next crime. Such a shame

  12. The phrase “smoking gun” doesn’t even describe this. Here we have a flaming bazooka.

    1. But it is only four inches long. 😉
      Don’t blink or you’ve missed it.
      Hopefully you haven’t lost anyone. Many have.

    2. And DOJ better start working on a Sedition Case against Donald J. Trump and a bunch of his Republican co-conspirators. I don’t care if it guts the Senate and Congress. We need to get those traitors out of our government.

  13. Trump’s denials are worth nothing. Other than an indicator that the opposite of his denials are True. Lock this seditionist UP!

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