Trump mocks war hero on Twitter during impeachment inquiry

Trump mocks war hero on Twitter during impeachment inquiry 1


The impeachment inquiry continued in Washington and U.S. President Trump again criticized the witnesses.

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20 Comments on "Trump mocks war hero on Twitter during impeachment inquiry"

  1. ‘war hero’? lolol……..NOT

  2. Dump, er Trump is a dictator in his mind

  3. He was another flop

  4. Why exactly is he a war hero? And also this reporting is so biased lol

    • bdot

      Maybe because he fought, was seriously wounded, and carries shrapnel in his body still today.

      You would probably faint over a paper cut.

    • @WTF Again? Thank you for telling me I didn’t know that’s why I asked. I’m 6’2″ 250lbs been stabbed and shot in Honduras. Anything else?

  5. So why can’t they state EXACTLY what that was?!

  6. How come your not talking no use of the bribery in any of the testimony. The entire impeachment depends on this. So take your opinion and stick it everyone knows where they lie.

  7. 88Gibson LesPaul | November 20, 2019 at 10:17 AM | Reply

    Trump always punches down, onto those who are less powerful than he. Always. He never punches out, to those who are his equal and the day will never come when Donald Trump punches up, to someone greater than he is. That’s why he’s named Donald, after a duck, rather than David, after the warrior and king. He’s a pure coward.

  8. Vidman is a rat! In my opinion, he is no patriot!

  9. Vidman is a rat! In my opinion, he is no patriot!

  10. This mans credibility was completely destroyed as a witness by Rep. Jordan, Nunes, and others during his testimony. He wouldn’t answer questions as per Schiff’s instruction (which should tell you something), and has been exposed as having a deep bias against Trump.

  11. War hero lol.

  12. I am sure many did not know riding in a Hum-Vee constitutes a “war hero”.

  13. Trumpbots: How come you’re not talking about

  14. You are all so biased it isn’t even funny!

  15. Great story and I see the Trump trolls are out in force.

  16. This guy is another dead skunk , stinking to high , high heaven

  17. Vindman is connected to Lex Wexner the Epstein financier.

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