Trump Niece: Dangerous White House Audience Helps Trump Pretend 2020 Never Happened | MSNBC 1

Trump Niece: Dangerous White House Audience Helps Trump Pretend 2020 Never Happened | MSNBC


Mary Trump, niece of Donald Trump, reacts to the large, densely packed audience the Trump campaign has assembled on the South Lawn of the White House for Donald Trump's speech, explaining that coronavirus concerns come second to an image of winning and pretending 2020 never happened. Aired on 08/27/2020.
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Trump Niece: Dangerous White House Audience Helps Trump Pretend 2020 Never Happened | MSNBC


    1. @Mournstar you call.that massive! Fkn Republicans have been caught with far worse and found guilty. Where is the follow up story where they are found guilty. And if they did commit this crime. It was caught. Y’all are.desperate. Remember how Trump got help from Russia. Remember how Trump tried to blackmail Ukraine for help just last year. That little local New Jersey bit doesn’t bother me so much as you trying to use it to help that lying POS in the White House

    1. @Lawrence Holst ”He’s not I’ll” = He is not I will ? … If you want to sound smart , learn English first.

    1. Arlene Secrist Sooo they had a rapid COVID test before they were allowed in, but ordinary citizens have to wait over a week for test results.

    2. @Raqia Malak Since when do Democrat TERRORIST wait for anything? Just go out and LOOT it like you normally do.

    3. At a less than 1% mortality rate, I’d say the odds are good they be voting President Trump 2020. MAGA!

    4. Mournstar you are really an ignorant racist, Talking about America citizens waiting for test results, not what political party they are associated with. And as Americans we have a right to peacefully protest, btw most of the looters you are talking about are your kind.

    1. Amen!! But when you are up against the ANTICHRIST, what can you do but pray? God’s Word must be fulfilled. And it is. But Trump is an evil, vile demon that will pay for his crimes!

    1. Please explain, didi they force you to go through democratic run public school system and end up working the drive thru at McDonald’s and can’t afford nice things.

    1. Why do we have laws if he breaks them left and right and nothing happens to him? It kind of makes you wonder about the justice system with the Republicans in charge!

    2. Remember when the GOP blew a gasket when Obama wore a tan suit ? Trump breaks laws every day without a peep from the GOP.

  1. Why does this president require human sacrifice, just to satisfy his ego? It’s just another sickening site.

    1. @The Blade I don’t recall Jim Jones or David Koresh ever asking people to embrace their country and be proud, to respect the rule of law, etc. They did the opposite, Jim moved his cult to another country and murdered everyone once outsiders showed up, while David moved his cult into a compound that claimed the U.S. government had no say on the property. So please, intelligently describe to me how a President defending the laws from the Constitution on down has anything to do with that? I never recall Obama ever getting heat like this when H1N1 happened (60,000,000 positive tests), or when Feguson happened. The Democrats are the ones who have fueled these fires over the past two years and turned their back on minorities for decades while only worrying about their political structure, so it is hypocritical for them to point fingers now and expect everyone to really swallow any of it.

    2. @Russell Berwick There is no “cult leader.” When did everyone lose their minds and accept that the Democrats should have the power to remove freedom of choice and tell everyone exactly what they can or cannot do? 320,000,000 people in this country, and the best they could come up with is a pathological liar and plagiarist in Joe Biden? Seriously, breathe…

    1. in march and april, the demotards said on msnbc over and over that covid was no big deal and travel ban is stupid. no one believes anything on msnbc

    2. Steve C just like most trump followers, you are making stuff up. I just checked on all this through various sources and you are absolutely wrong. Democrats took this more seriously than Republicans from the very start. And trump and trumpists still don’t take it seriously. I guessing you are a trump follower rather than a Republican since you make up words and like to call people names.

    3. @Debra Lambert Oh the virus will be available……..but will it work…????
      I got a feeling there is all ready a virus and he has taken it………

  2. and this is why the USA will be the last country on earth to get rid of covid

    1. The closer we get to November, the funnier it’ll get to see you CRY like the sheep you are for another 4 years 🙂

    1. doesnt.No POC hardly if any.No not America its a white mans fantasy They trying to wish us away. By 2030 brown and black will be the majority..

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