Trump ‘No Longer Has Power To Pardon’ To Protect Himself 1

Trump ‘No Longer Has Power To Pardon’ To Protect Himself


Former lead prosecutor for Robert Mueller’s special counsel Andrew Weissmann points out the difference between the special counsel’s investigation and the one underway by the Manhattan DA, which is that Trump no longer has the power of the presidency to protect himself.

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    1. Watching fox, with his fat little paw in a family bucket of KFC. Barron gets the coleslaw.

    2. He is the king of all the land, in the kingdom of the sand.
      Of a time……
      He rules the sandworms and the Fremen in a land amongst the stars in an age…. Tomorrow.
      He is destined to be a king,
      He will soon rule everything in a land called planet Dune.
      Body water is your life, and without it you will die in the desert of planet Dune.

    1. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel God bless you. Trump lost and he knows it. He’s gone and not even your God can help him. Why don’t you volunteer and go to prison for your cult leader. God will love you for it and you will go to heaven for it.

    2. @S G The same evidence that showed that your DEAR CULT LEADER won the 2020 elections, it’s mind boggling to know that people like you are breathing the same air as I am , you oxygen thief.

    3. @Myke McCormick Perfect comment, friend! You hit the nail squarely on the head!! These Trumpists are not Christians and will be swiftly dealt with when Christ returns and begins the painful process of separating the “wheat from the tares”… You see, they draw near to Him with their lips, but their hearts are far from him. They wouldn’t know Him if He was sitting across from them and would, most likely, turn their vain/racist noses up at his Jewish/Middle Eastern characteristics (bronze skin/texture of hair/ethnic features etc), label Him a terrorist or an illegal alien, and seek to have him immediately deported. Trump’s MAGA cult has much more in common with the hypocritical Pharasees then they do with the example taught by Christ or any of his righteous Disciples.

  1. Prior to homie serving prison, he will continue to say election was stolen, witch-hunt, blah blah blah!! Once in prison he will claim he’s president of the penitentiary!!

    1. Do you truly that just to question a vote is not a constitutional right. Cuz if you question someone’s doubt and question and decide it is wrong. You will never be able to question when you think your rights have been violated. To protect your liberties sometimes you need to accept that another has the same choice. You Deny that right to one and jump on a hate wagon. Trust me the day will come when it will happen to you. Right left red blue, we are all Americans and need to fight for the constitution and our liberties. Otherwise , we all lose!

    2. Yep in a cell right next to Hunter Biden. Must have got a hold of the year old fentanyl that old George was using

    3. I bet he will be Homecoming queen and Pence, Miss Lindsay, Jared
      will all be jealous. Don Jr. will miss all the fun he will be in rehab.

    1. @Casino Guy 075 At least he doesn’t wear diapers and
      Smell like a manure pile due
      to drugs we can’t even buy in the U.S.

    2. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel The will of God was fulfilled in November 2019. He knows all. He was as sick of
      tRumps hate, racism, greed,
      and blatant habitual lies.
      Get over it. We have moved past questioning Gods judgement. So should you,
      JOE BIDEN is your president, get over it, like you flakes told us.

    3. Trump doesn’t have the power to pardon. Let’s see… You know who does? Joe Biden. He’s currently occupying the Oval Office right now. And from what Trump knows about Biden (there’s a lot) Biden knows better than to let Trump go to prison. He’d sing like a canary. Sorry… anyway you look at this Trump comes out ahead.

  2. Every con has an expiration date. Bernie Madoff found this out the hard way.
    And Trump’s career long con is about to expire.

    1. @Chaos You said you live in U.K? Why do you care what happens here? I can
      tell you, we are sick of Conald and his top 1% tax club. He has alot of nerve claiming to be a millionaire
      and paying $750.00 in taxes.Bernie was right.
      What’s up with Brexit?

    2. @Rene’ P why are you moaning about Trump anyway? He’s irrelevant. Your fake news is only talking about him cos they don’t wanna talk about how bad Biden’s doing. Fact!

    3. @Chaos That’s funny, Biden has a 65% approval
      rating.Conald Never got close…lol. Too bad he can’t
      Pardon himself! Gop=Gross

  3. i love that he named his youngest son after his alias Baron…bet he felt all smug…he ain’t no more

    1. @Ganieda Morgan he just can’t spell.. He is arrogant enough to think he bestowed a royal title to his son.

    2. Back in the 1990’s Trump used to call radio shows and used the alias name “John Miller” and he would brag about Trump that being himself.

    3. @Bazooka Joe He also used the alias, John Barron. At least he seems to know he’s just another “john ” to some of his women friends.

    4. I’d be surprised if Dump even remembers his son’s birthday… or any of the other kids’ birthdays, or even their middle names. I doubt if he even cares.

  4. This is why Michael Cohen is redeeming himself: he speaks truth clearly, precisely, immediately. Yes. Yes. Names. All corroborated.

    1. @Kevin M You do realize he didn’t even start talking about Trump until last year and he was convicted in 2018.

    2. Knowing the way Cohen was before, when he worked for Trump, his new role being an in-your-face rat is quiet entertaining.

    3. @DJ Jones This investigation isn’t taking place in friggin’ Mayberry. The agencies involved have extensive resources, entire divisions dedicated to financial crimes and they take them very seriously; and yes I’m sure they can pull some strings to get someone on house arrest to come in for more questioning as new evidence is uncovered – all it takes is a call to his probation/ parole agent.. no need to even get a Judge involved.. You spew out inaccuracies faster than people can respond but that should address the top few.

    1. It is so sad all the lies and attempts to slander a person. May the tables turn on all of you evil bias people

  5. A Witch-hunt and facts are two different things. Cheating, lying and stealing isn’t a witch-hunt, it’s a straight con!

    1. @Ganieda Morgan Well, Dump acts like a girl, with his gloppy hair spray, heavy makeup, shoe lifts & girdle.

    2. Nomenclature aside, don’t underestimate the witch hunt – sometimes you find a witch.

    3. Trump doesn’t have the power to pardon. Let’s see… You know who does? Joe Biden. He’s currently occupying the Oval Office right now. And from what Trump knows about Biden (there’s a lot) Biden knows better than to let Trump go to prison. He’d sing like a canary. Sorry… anyway you look at this Trump comes out ahead.

  6. I bet that if Al Capone were here with us, he’d look at this and be like:
    “PFFT. Amature.”

    1. What’s “amateur” is being a life long killer, mobster, drug runner, and hustler all for it to come crashing down over tax fraud lol.

      Oh, by the way, “amature” and “amateur” are two very different things. Remember, clearing your search history every so often is important.

  7. it’s going to take YEARS to sort out all of the trump administration’s/family’s crimes…
    let’s get started!!!

    1. That’s what the AG has been doing for the past 3 years! The grand jury has a lot to go through! The accounting stuff alone is going to take a while to understand!

    2. @Natasha Jean Tou falando isso há 6 anos agora né .e venho alertando. Pra que um muro .em tem centido isso. Mas tem um plano no qual pega todos de surpresa .mas todos estão avisados por mim.agora se ouver todos vão ver e dizer . bem que o Lol disse.

    3. there are none …just like russian collusion. Enjoy your higher taxes but don’t worry, Trumps winning 2024.

  8. And Bill Barr needs to be prosecuted.
    I’m pretty sure we could still impeach him as well, for the record.

  9. With Bill Barr no longer running trump’s so-called “Justice” Department, and the American people no longer having to depend on the crooked, cowering, GOP Senate for justice, the decks no longer stacked in trump’s favor.

  10. “now he has to send something out through carrier pigeon” – oh Nikki, I am surprised the planet didn’t enter a new Ice-Age from all that shade. Well done!!!!!

  11. Well at least, Trump’s life will be an example for the greedy politicians: if your follow the money and power, here is what the consequences you could have.

    1. That don’t work, because crooked politicians have always existed. Each new one thinks he knows more than the others.

  12. If the charges are not federal, and he gets sent to prison, even a future republican president cannot intervene.

    1. he and his party are engaged in a literal coup. That is where this is going. “Steal back the election” is not just a slogan the republicans are throwing around….

    2. Whichever State puts him away, if he can get a supporter into the Governorship, then he could get a State pardon. I’d like to think several States will convict him, so a pardon from one State simply mean a change in the view from his cell window.

    1. He also needs to say publicly that he is Wrong and that he takes Responsibility for everything that he has done and the GOP has done in the last 4+ years, fat chance that will ever happen.. LOL

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