1. dumbo donald lost the election hundreds of times, if you count each recount in each state, each court case lost by all his dopey lawyers and each time it was claimed he won and he didn’t. Just totally beautiful how he is the WORST PRESIDENT EVER via numerical evidence, and by the fact he was impeached TWICE, and he only had ONE term; all these things just contribute to the metrics that history can never ignore.

    1. @Tsubadai Khan You definitely overestimate the rights abilities. They won’t last more then 6 months.

    2. @Kudana Vadmont
      Be aware, I’m not republican. I just remember a time when they were smarter, and more trustworthy. When, if they did have a racial flaw, it was at least partially based on an unwillingness to pay for something that they thought was doable without draining local budgets.
      This wasn’t always true. But many republicans could function ethically, and honestly. Although they needed to be more compassionate.

    1. It reminds me of that commercial back in 70’s and 80’s..

      A person puts a frying on the stove and say’s ” This is your Brain”. Pulls an egg out and puts it in the pan and says ” This is your Brain on Drugs”…

      Your Fried🤣🤣

    1. @Delightful Debi59 you have to go back farther. Johnny Mathis 12th of Never released 1958. Ah, yes, I remember it well. (From Gigi, duet sung by Hermione Gingold and Maurice Chevalier)

    2. @Sherry Telle
      With the twisted electoral collage one can never be sure my dear and that’s what rethuglicons count on more than anything else, but in any case there’s others in that so called party that is eagerly waiting to pick up where dump left off, so we have lots of reasons to worry Sherry.

    3. @Beverly Rhame you get no argument from me there. What is scary is the next narcissistic psychopath will also be intelligent. The end of democracy is perilously near.

    4. @Sherry Telle
      That my dear feels like prophecy because the American laws and Constitution didn’t put any real solid laws in place to protect the Country from Tyrants, it assumes that if you’re powerful you will do the right thing, laws in America assumes that only the weak and powerless need to be controlled 🙄


  1. The problem is that when there are enough kooks around, they elect another kook. Then we are FRIED.

    1. @Jake From GAS CITY Biden is doing a fine job.
      29% of the GOP voters are on crack for believing Orange would be “reinstated”. LOL 🤣

    2. When is the next date the lunatics will come up with that Orange will be “reinstated” again? Probably in the next couple of months. This is the umpteenth time already. LOL 😂

  2. Lindell is back on crack and he never “found” God or he wouldn’t be out there lying and contributing to Trump’s evil ways.

    1. @Smiff Mcsmiff It’s a good question that I wish more people would be devoting themselves to answering. I may not know the specific methods, but I think I know what maxims we will be using when we succeed:

      -Loving one another
      -Holding steadfast to objective, universal truths
      -Not giving into fear

      It is a long, dark, and winding road ahead, but we thankfully don’t need to walk it alone.

  3. Everything was improving for Mike until he found 45. Then his life took a nose dive, just like everything else that died from the not-Midas touch. They never learn.

    1. When you find yourself walking around with a file that says “let’s do martial law” you should really question what happened in your life

  4. I no longer find this particular cult
    to be laughable and harmless.
    Because They Are Not. Dangerous And Violent Is What They Are.

    1. Matthew Taylor Coleman of California MURDERED his 10 month old daughter and two year old son in Mexico. He told FBI investigators he believed in QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories and believed his children had Serpent DNA and would grow up to be monsters. NO, the QAnon cult isn’t laughable nor harmless.

    2. @AMERICA AMERICA “Nothing I would love more then a democrat trying to come after me.”
      the day a Democrat shows up at his door: “It’s not me! I never said that!” (while soiling his undies)

    3. Yes. One Qanon member went to Mexico with his two kids.Then he stabbed them to death because he believes the conspiracy theory that they possess abnormal DNAs.

  5. I guess Twūmp was right, indirectly:
    “we” ARE tired of winning. The Q & maga kooks keep on losing, and it’s getting old.

    1. @Saint Beloved you hire the best people, nothing but the best and then FIRE THEM supporters are the punch line!🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Saint Beloved Lmao, what freedom? We are slaves to corporations and banks, with government tying our hands through education and healthcare. Freedom? So delusional. Why would I die for others, when our own problems are here with corrupt politicians?

    1. @Tony M No. Crack is a different form of cocaine. Crack is able to be sold in smaller dosages and cheaper amounts so it’s able to be sold in impoverished areas.

      Coke is expensive. Crack is a hood drug. Most junkies start with coke and when they’re running out of money switch to crack.

    2. @Byron Morris Crack is commonly used by those who cant afford cocaine/people so deep in their habit they can no longer afford cocaine. That’s my point you missed.

    3. @Joseph V It’s a “different form” in the same way that Kraft singles differ from cheddar. They’re both cheese, one is just more processed.

  6. The best solution to all of this?
    VOTE DEMOCRAT by registering to vote, and going to the polls in person, and voting for every Democrat candidate on the ballot, regardless of the obstacles
    obstructing your right to vote.

    1. So what did you see in the Republican party that actually appealed to you?

      Unless you’re rich, I can’t imagine any benefits from voting R.

    2. There are good and principled Republicans out here who also hate what’s happened to their party. The RNC and GOP leadership in Congress continues to support Trump and his minions. They hold money and threats of being censured over them. And their big money donors are also to blame. Few GOPers are brave enough to take a stand against the rotten apple who spoiled the barrel (only Cheney, Kinzinger, Murkowski and occasionally Romney and Collins). RNC has its head up the butt of Trump and doesn’t recognize how many voters out here rejected Trump regardless of party affiliation. They think they will win if they “rig” elections by regulating who votes. No way that’s gonna happen. We won’t let them regardless of party affiliation. For the people by the people. Vote all of the scum out.

    3. @chavezedrums so, your ‘best solution’ is to throw your vote away?
      *brilliant* solution……….. *NOT*

    4. @Diabla del Sol don’t be so ready to forgive Kinzinger. *before* 1/6/21, he was a willing and loyal Trump supporter who never, ever questioned Trump’s actions.

  7. All those poor Charlie Browns, sitting in their Qanon pumpkin patches, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to rise out of the pumpkin patch.
    Go home Charlies. Go home…

  8. My favorite line from pillow man’s symposium: “CNN needs to start reporting and stop fact checking!”

    1. Yes, those pesky facts do tend to get in the way. As for me, I’m waiting for the sale of dead Florida republicans’ homes. There’s going to be a glut of homes and condos when covid wipes a majority of them out.

    2. @Sara’s Smile also the original “fake news” was Russian propaganda on Facebook that helped drumpf get elected. Then drumpf reappropriate the term to rile up you Qtards.

    1. “Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Lindell. It’s a boy. But I’m afraid I have some bad news. We can’t detect any brain functon.”

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