Trump, Now Just A Citizen, Could Be Criminally Exposed 1

Trump, Now Just A Citizen, Could Be Criminally Exposed


Rachel Maddow looks at a newly released transcript of last week's testimony by former Trump White House counsel Don McGahn that affirms findings in the Mueller report that could expose Donald Trump to criminal liability that couldn't be prosecuted when Trump was president but could be now if a prosecutor was willing to look at the assembled evidence and give the matter honest consideration. 
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    1. @Augie Rockero sad! Undocumented arrivals are NOT DISENFRANCHISING MILLIONS OF VOTERS! Nor are they taking your jobs, dummies! They do not receive welfare and THEY DO NOT SET WAGES!!!!!! You are dumb as sewage if you believe that crap!

    2. if you bought into some of twitter’s “tell liberals what they want to hear” accounts, then that’s on you. trump hasn’t been the subject of a grand jury before. he hasn’t been indicted before (presumably in the next 6 months).

    3. @Augie Rockero he can’t secretly pardon himself. That would be on record. Plus he can’t do that to cover up crimes that implicate him. Otherwise he would have assassinated Biden when he realized he was gonna lose then say nope! It’s OK I pardoned myself.

    1. Let’s hope someone brings this criminal ex president to justice! ..or IT MAY HAPPEN AGAIN!

    2. @Peter Wainwright : “May happen again?” . . . After the violence of Jan 6th, the oath breaking ex president makes a Seditious video, announcing he’ll be back in the White House by August and tells America he is, “still the president,” just as he’s begun a new Rally Tour, and you don’t see the coming violence as inevitable? . . . The GOP has no ground to retreat to, after being outed as the totalitarians they are (at best) and as far as they see it, their Coup began on Jan 6th and has only gathered strength and pace since! Not only is it going to happen again, but that’s their plan! And they’ll be better organised this time too. You are in the midst of a Coup, America . . .

    3. lol Moscow Maddow is spewing the propaganda. This time it’s not even new propaganda. Recycling old BS!

  1. Don Mcgahn refused to testify to Congress, if Don Mcgahn wanted to testify to the u.s intelligence committee, no one has the power to stop him.

    1. @Jay Gray Obama’s first US Attorney General was arguably the most corrupt AG in US history.  He was the only AG ever held in contempt of Congress charges.  This was for refusing to address the concerns of Congress related to the Fast and Furious campaign.

    2. @Jay Gray Judge Amy Berman Jackson says it all. A Democrat judge saves holder’s skin. And acknowledged he broke the law by withholding fast a furious documents.

    3. @Drought Tolerant Like a crooked republican senate saved trump’s skin – but they won’t be there to save him from a judge.

    4. @Drought Tolerant Give it a rest – he was found not guilty by a judge, a real judge – not a biased congress or senate.

  2. All the money and time wasted just to give him a pass. Mueller pulled the fire alarm 2 years ago and the democrats still haven’t picked up the extinguisher. It’s getting hot in here!!!!

    1. @Chad Lietz They need to set up a committee consisting of Democrats. Republicans, spineless Trump serfs that they are, stopped a bipartisan committee out of fear Donny would disown them. Screw them. Get on with it!

    2. The entire Mueller team in under criminal investigation by Durham along with the coup plotters. Will xiden call for Durhams firing?

    3. @H K S Why is it always “Corporate Dems”? Let’s consider the “Corrupt, Putin Loving Corporate Repubs” who voted for ludicrous tax cuts for corporate billionaires.

    4. @astev52 I agree! If the GOP can replace Liz Cheney, why can’t Democrats oust Manchin and Sinema?

    1. He’s a coward. Talk of swords would make him drive away in a golf buggy faster than talk of war draft!

  3. Why then is the DOJ moving to protect Don the Con in the lawsuit that a victim has brought against Don the Con, for Don the Con sexually assaulting the victim?

    1. And she has DNA evidence to back up her claim, Trump has been subpoenaed to provide a DNA sample and refused his entire time in office, now that he’s out of office, he’s filed a delay in the case, and now the DOJ is going to help defend the POS?

      Just compel him to give the DNA sample and put the case to rest. If he’s innocent, he shouldn’t be fighting so hard to not turn over evidence.

    2. The government protects workers when they are sued while performing their prescribed duties but since he was not in office until many years later this seems like a bridge too far for the
      Justice Dept. Hopefully, a judge will tell them that when it comes to trial. On the other side, it will mean extra expense for the plaintiff

    3. Maybe Garland’s getting some “back end” from all this. Maybe a payoff. What other reason could there be?

    1. Try on the truth and take off the cloak of indoctrination that has been fed to us by the billionaires and narcissists who are profiting from those who choose to parrot their opinions and NOT research the facts. The USA suffers when fools fail to care!

    2. @Tadster Trolley And what do you suggest americans do about it? Are you attempting to incite violent rebellion or is there something else you are trying to suggest?

    3. @Steven L Emerson violence definitely isn’t the answer. Isn’t it true the majority of Americans want fair elections, to rid trump, his sycophant congressmen and their big lies, everyone needs to get out and vote. You seem to protest about everything else, why doesn’t the world see protests about what republicans are trying to do to your country? Why the DOJ isn’t taking action? Pressure the Biden Administration into taking action.

  4. Do it already!! Prosecute that orange diaper man! He is to be blamed for inciting a riot!! And he refuses to take responsibility!!

    1. BLM and Antifa caused over $2billion in damages and over 25 citizens were murdered during the 2020 riots, all while being supported by Democrat leaders, Democrat district attorney’s and celebrity establishment shills. When are we going to get a commission on that?

    1. @david hale Let’s just go with 5 counts of obstruction of justice at 5 years each and round it out so that Trump gets out of prison on his… let’s say 100th birthday?

    2. @anthony cudahy BS! Mueller agreed with Barr’s findings. The report states “possible obstruction of justice”. What a crock! Either he did or didn’t l! More fake news for you libs to feed on.

    3. @Rod at no point during Muellers testimony, did he say “I agree with bill Barr’s assessment. ” what a crock. More fake news from your ilk of lies.

    4. @Rod Quite the opposite. Mueller, a man who abhors the spotlight and why no one has heard peep from him after the investigation, came out publicly and stated that Barr misquoted him.

  5. I’ll take back all the disparaging remarks I’ve made about Garland, calling him Nowhere Man and Milquetoast Merrick, if he indicts the disgraced ex-president for obstruction of justice.

    1. It ain’t gonna happen, Miki Mouse. If Joe ‘Happy Days Are Here Again” Biden wanted a prosecutor, he’d have hired one.

    2. The criminal Durham investigation can not be stopped. Xiden used the power of the federal government to spy in the Trump Campaign and later his presidency. Xiden, the Obama administration and the entire Mueller team, crimes against the USA.

  6. I’ve never met me, I’m probably just a guy who served coffee to me. Nope, never knew me.

    1. @Rod What’s even more pathetic, are the nut jobs defending Trump’s Treason and attacking those for pointing out the evidence of his actions.

    2. Most conservative Christian voters are sick of the nightly racist bias news and cancel culture. Could be why I don’t watch ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS lying liberal bias Fake News.

    3. @David R. Stone “Everyone that says things I don’t want to hear is lying regardless of where their information is coming from or how easily verifiable it is.” -morons

      “I’m not wrong, the whole world is wrong except me and my anti-vax conspiracy Facebook group.” -those same morons

    4. I know you are being facetious….but when he says things like that……70 million Americans believe him! How does America come back from that?

  7. Mueller: YES – This one word spoke a volume, clearly expressing his conclusion that Trump as a citizen can be prosecuted for his crimes. But Bill Barr and Republicans closed the eyes, letting Trump continue abusing the power.

    1. But it’s GARLAND’S DOJ that’s hitting the mute button now and refuses to hold him accountable.

    2. Mueller agreed with Barr’s conclusions. “Possible” obstruction of justice? What a crock. Either he did or he didn’t!

    1. You shouldn’t use the force of the government to go after your political opponents.
      You shouldn’t because that would make you a fcken nazi!

    2. @86 commies I thought that Gitmo was going to be filled with prison badges full of hundreds of thousands of people eating pedophiles all with “sealed inditements, ready to drop any moment now,” years later?

    3. @Ben Frank I’m concerned about my president, walking around with poop on his hands the poor Whitehouse workers have to clean the poop off the silverware, chairs, doorknobs,….,

    4. Correct, along with all the BS about covid coming from bats, vaccine safety and years of lies and wealthy domination.

  8. Maybe they’re having trouble getting a grand jury that doesn’t have one of the 70 million Fox-guzzling chowderheads on it, who refuses to indict their idol.

    1. @Drought Tolerant Because splunk analytics are probably not integrated to work with the design of the system. Like water and oil.

    2. @Drought Tolerant Have you ever read the federal and state laws mandating elections? If you have you would waste time posting such nonsense about these dog and pony show audits. The moment the cyber ninjas touched those ballots they tainted them.

    3. One two or a few of those wouldn’t be a problem. “In New York, as in most states, there are no more than 23, 12 needed to decide whether to issue an indictment” So 23 on the grand jury but only 12 needed, a simple majority, to indict.

    1. Have you forgotten, dem party got them out of prison and paid their fines, paid them to partake in the riots to destroy Trumps booming economy. Releasng a bioweapon was a nice touch too, to add to the Democrats list of terrorist attacks on the USA. They showed you what they are capable of and liberals still cannot se the writing on the wall. When will they wake up?

    1. nancy wutzke
      Our Federal Government has been doing that with the national Debt since 2001. Come back every November and you will get the same
      response to it. Raise the debt limit and we will worry about it next year.

    2. That’s true, Fat Hitler got away with everything up till now. He was by far the most lawless president in history, he needs to be subpoenaed for obstruction of justice.

    1. I wonder if the DOJ will investigate Rachel Madcow and MSDNC for leaking and showing a copy of Trump’s tax returns. If she is found innocent then it will only reinforce what everyone already knows. Her reporting is as fake as the eyelashes.

  9. The Justice Department is in desperate need of the Surgeon General’s Department’s help & expertise to sew a pair of balls on everyone in the Justice Department.

  10. We can talk all we want here , if there’s no conviction, it’s just “ blank “ talk only .

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