Trump Now Says He Doesn’t Know Lev Parnas. He’s Pulled This Trick Before. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Gees he’s the biggest lair ever. His nose would be around the world 6 or 7 times by now with all the lies he tells. It would be a shock if he actually told the truth for once. He’s in denial about all of this and maybe he needs a good dose of reality.

  2. Can’t we just remove this human garbage from the oval office on the ground that his medical condition is not good enough to conduct his job ? As he clearly tend to forget just too much stuff ?

    1. @Hans Hoerdemann Are you out of your mind? He’s a fat slob that wears a girdle. You mean out tweets everybody. He couldn’t run for a block. He’d drop dead.

    2. yamato DJT is a psycho liar and founder of the largest political cult in the Republican Party. He has literally hijacked the Republicans and brainwashed them.🙄 Lincoln is probably rolling over in his grave…🙀God, Please Bless America. We need it now more than ever, imho🙏☮️🌞

    3. MrPurpleHoops – The Purple Hooppot I hope things get better soon. Please don’t disenfranchise yourself. We need to have every voice heard and every person to vote.

    1. Are y’all getting a lots of Ads of Trump..? Saying investigate Joe Biden..I don’t understand why YouTube allow it because we all know it’s propaganda from Russia.

  3. “I know so many people that I don’t remember knowing most of them.” – Trump’s defense in a nutshell

    1. I think i know him, well i took a picture with him, but i dont really know him either hes suffering from memory loss or he playing games

  4. .After listening to Lef Parnas Im convinced President Pinocchio had a hit out on Marie. Even though he denied it, what else iwas he going to say. You don’t have someone surveilled 24/7 so you can fire them. Make sense?? Of course it does!! I wonder how long Khashoggi, Epstein and Soloimani were surveilled.

  5. Trump’s corruption and criminality is like a highly infectious and deadly pathogen. He will contaminate and destroy anyone and anything he comes into contact with. His corrosive and insidious nature is a full blown epidemic, with no known inoculation.

    Cohen, Manafort, Papadopoulos, Gates, Flynn, Stone,  Igor Fruman, Lev Parnas….
    When are people finally going to learn?

  6. Just a matter of time before he says “Giuliani? Barely know him. Maybe there’s a picture of me with him somewhere. Eric Trump? Never met him.”

  7. I love how he said “I don’t know those gentleman” then takes a couple steps back. That was hilarious.

    1. That one was pretty unforgettable. It began to make me feel that Americans are kind of D students when it comes to choosing leaders.

  8. Since tRump is such a joke he might as well be like an old lawyer joke: “My dog didn’t bite you. My dog doesn’t bite. You’re lying. I don’t own a dog.”

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